Why Are Massage Chairs So Expensive? Get All The Points (Proper Guide)

If you want to know the reason and answer, why are massage chairs so expensive? Then you are at the right place at the right time because I’m writing a detailed guide about the factors and things that make it expensive. So let’s get to it.

As the rich people say that luxury is an expensive choice, and that fits really nicely with recliners and massage chairs.

Because there is nothing more important than getting back from a hard day of work to your smooth massage chair and releasing all your stress away.

A recliner is one of the best comfortable furniture, and comfort comes at a high price. The comfort and luxury of a massage chair are related to its price.

Why Are Massage Chairs So Expensive

A massage chair is expensive because it has more features than a cheap massage chair, and people like those features that is why they pay for them.

If you want to buy a normal recliner or massage chair, you will be able to buy it at a low price, but if you’re going to buy a comfortable and luxury massage chair, it’s definitely spent more than that.

There are some features normally found in an expensive massage chair, which is why they are costly.

Why Are Massage Chairs So Expensive?

A recliner is actually a long-term investment in your health. But does your health really need that high price tag? Yes, because there is no compromise in health, and it shouldn’t be for anyone.

There are some important features that make a massage chair more expensive than a normal massage chair.

Multiple Programming Option:

A massage chair is expensive for many things, and one of them is a multiprogramming feature. You won’t find this feature in a normal recliner chair. You also make your own customizable setting because it also has customizable features.

Zero Gravity:

Zero gravity is not a household term, but massage and recliner chairs made it a household term. Basically, it is a term used by astronauts, which means weightlessness.

A zero gravity is a massage recliner chair that can provide you with that feeling in your room in your own house. But you need to be aware that it’s well with a higher price tag.

The zero-gravity sounds hard to understand, but actually, it’s not that hard, and in fact, you will understand it in a couple of uses.

A zero gravity massage chair doesn’t only have zero gravity but also a reclining mechanism with wireless charging, Alexa compatibility, etc.

Yoga Stretching:

If you are a Yoga fan, you really need to invest in a massage chair with yoga stretching. Normally the massage chair uses airbag movements that properly compress and decompress your body, similar to what you perform in yoga.

This keeps your body in good shape and promotes blood circulation. You well found relief in tired muscles which are tired and also better flexibility without even doing yoga practically.

Price Depending Factor of Massage Chairs:

A massage chair is more expensive than a normal recliner because of many factors, and the main factor is its features. A massage chair has many features as compared to a normal recliner.

Many factors make a massage chair more expensive than a normal recliner, and those factors are given below.


Rollers are basically found in every massage chair, but it’s not the same in every wheelchair. A normal massage chair with nodules is normally delivered in uniform limited motion and only 2D.

While in the most expensive massage chair, they have spring-loaded rollers that dynamically offer 3D and also 4D massage, which is way better than a normal massage chair.


Then the mechanism gets better and better as you increase the budget. The lower price tag massage chair has a static mechanism that is not suitable for adopting different bodies and their pressure points and shapes. It also has a gap between rollers or nodules.

The expensive massage recliner has an intelligent mechanism that basically scans your body and then adapts itself to it. When it scans your body, then it doesn’t leave any gaps.

Check all types of recliner mechanisms with proper details and explanations.


As you probably know, when someone buys a product for 100$ instead of 400$ because they used cheap parts to make that product.

A normal massage chair has parts usually made of plywood and cheap plastic that likely break easily compared to others.

While if you buy a massage chair for 500 $ instead of 100$, it’s only because it has amazing features and durable, amazing metal and wooden components. Even the roller is made of really soft and durable rubber.

Massage Modes:

One of the things that people mostly talk about is its massage nodes. A massage chair needs to have different massage options because people want other massage options in different situations.

A normal massage chair has limited massage options and limited massage modes. Usually, a cheap or basic massage chair has one mode which you will use in different situations no matter what your mood is.

While if you go with an expensive massage chair, you will end up with a more comfortable massage chair with different massage modes and much more.

Usually, a costly massage chair has four different massage options, and you can even customize it according to your needs.


A massage chair is available in different types and various price ranges, and its price starts from a hundred and reaches thousands of dollars.

As you go from lower to higher rates in price, the features and comfort level also increase.

I hope I have provided you with enough details about why are massage chairs so expensive, but if you have any questions, then let me know, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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