Where to Put a Recliner in a Room? Proper Guide To Organize Your Room

The placement of the recliner in a room requires some measurements to be considered in order to get the most benefit of the chair, both aesthetic as well as comfort-wise. Therefore you have to know where to put a recliner in a room?

While putting a recliner in a room, first, you need to measure the size of the room and the size of other furniture that also has to be included in the room.

The room’s orientation, layout, doorways, and windows have to be perfectly utilized with the recliner.

A well-thought-out and implemented way have been learned by the users/makers of the recliners. These contain intricate details that can lead to bad misguided placement of the recliner in the room if avoided.

Below are the details about where to put the recliner in the room?

Where to Put a Recliner in a Room

Below are Know-Hows of Where to Put a Recliner in a Room:

Fixate the Focal Point

 The focal point of a room can be a television, a window, a fireplace, etc. The focal point is proportional to the size of the room.

If television is the focal point, the distance between it and the recliner should be 12 feet. The space between television and recliner allows the viewers not to get distracted whenever someone passes between the recliner and television.

As I mentioned Television in the above paragraph, if you are Televison lover and want to watch TV for long hours, then check out the article best recliner for watching TV.

If the focal point is a fireplace or a window, the distance is comparatively lower

Elements to be Balanced

The recliner is large and, if placed in the centre of the room, can leave a lot of space around the recliner, which weighs it down in appearance.

You can balance the weight by placing another piece of furniture in the opposite direction to the recliner at a distance.

The space behind the recliner can be used to utilize as a study area by placing a study table. If the table seems large, you can add a small chair, making it a reading area.

Convenience and Comfort Should be Top Priority

The family room should have both Comfort and convenience. The seats should be accessible to everyone without disturbing others sitting in the room.

If the recliner is placed in the centre of the room, it can be accessed from all sides of the room. This way, the recliner has a lot of space to recline back as well. You can add different accessories such as a side table, lamp, etc., to make it look more aesthetic.

Ease of Movement

 Walk around the entire room and notice if you face any difficulty because of a furniture element. The most important factor while installing a recliner is the freedom of movement in the room.

If you place a recliner against the wall, it will allow ease of movement around the room. But in order to maximize the Comfort of the recliner, you will need some space between the wall and the recliner.

You can also check the wall hugger recliners here, which can accupy less space while installing it in the room.

Therefore find a balanced space where you can achieve both Comfort and convenience simultaneously. 

Utilize Angles for Different Visual Interests

Start with whether you want the recliner to be the centre of attention or blend with the rest of the room. Placing the recliner 45 degrees to the wall breaks the room’s straight lines, giving it a more spacious look.

Downsizing of Furniture

If your recliner is large in contrast to the size of the room, you should exchange it with a small size recliner.

It would be best if you never compromised your Comfort over the looks of the recliner. Grouping of the small recliner with a few chairs makes a cozy spot to relax.

Where to Put a Recliner in a Room, FAQs

How Should I Organize My Furniture With a Recliner?

The best way to organize your recliner is by accurate measurements and calculating the space and elements. Always consider the usability aspect first. 

Can we Put the Recliner against the Wall?  

Placing a recliner against the wall will make the mobility of the people easy but reclining back is difficult. Therefore find a balanced space between the wall and recliner to avoid discomfort. 


So here, it was all about the recliner placement in the room where I have covered all the details about where to put a recliner in a room?

First of all, by placing the recliner in a perfect spot, you can achieve maximum comfort level and ease of mobility around the room.

Always look for the room’s focal point and place the recliner according to that. Measure the size of the room and buy the recliner accordingly.

You can maximize the comfort level by taking care of the angles of the recliner placed in the room. Always place the recliner in a place where eye contact with the people around is easily attainable.

The place of different furniture elements around the recliner can add an element of asthetic to it. If you place a recliner in the centre, it can be accessed from all directions.

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