When was the Recliner Invented? History of Recliners

The recliner has been through many changes from when was the recliner invented to this modern-day recliner.

The Modern recliner that we know has a very long and vast history. The history of recliners dates back to the 15th century in France, and it has been through many changes by different people in different eras.

In the long history of recliners, people with different backgrounds worked from time to time. Some earn their name in history, while others are lost in the pages of time. If you want to know about the history of recliners, let’s get to the ocean of history.

When was the Recliner Invented

When was the Recliner Invented?

The history of recliners is very old, and it started in the mid-15th century till this day. During this time, the recliner has gone through a lot of changes, some are good, and some are bad.

After inventing the recliner, people left their inventions while others took their works and made improvements and changes in work, leading them into the pages of history.

A Recliner:

A Recliner is one of the best forms of furniture. It is a chair, or you can call it a sofa with an armrest capable of reclining.

The backrest of the recliner can be reclined at a different angle to provide the user with the required amount of comfort and relaxation. Its armrest is padded along with a headrest and backrest.


The Origin of the Recliner dates back to 15-century directly to France. The word recliner derives from the reclinare, which is from Latin and means “to be bent back”.

Its basic purpose was to have something that could bend over or lay for rest. The term recline became famous later in 1660 in France.

Earliest Design:

The term recliner started in the sixteen century. The first and earliest design, the term “Reclining”, was used and published in 1813 by British newspapers called Ackermann Repository of Arts.

It’s a basic Model, and a proto-type recliner is made for others to follow.

 The British called the recliner Morris Chair. Later in 1855, George Henkels, a cabinetmaker for Philadelphia, made a recliner that could be run without a complicated mechanism.

The Basic Recliner:

The Basic recliner we know was born in 1850 and made by the French military. The purpose of making a recliner is to make a chair that can be transferred into a chaise lounge and a bed.

It has a portable steel frame and armrest.

Napoleon III was the first person in history to own a recliner. He was the nephew of French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. His recliner has a lot of similarities with today’s recliners.

The Recliner we know :

The 19th century started the era of the recliners, which we know today as manual recliners. In 1920 two Cushions, Known as Shoemaker and Knabush, were issued to patients with recliners made of wooden benches.

This Patient later led to a company known by the name La-Z-Boy recliner.

lazy boy recliner or La-Z-Boy recliner.

After ten years, they issued another patient upholstered recliner model, which features a mechanical lever to assist the user in leaning back on the recliner.

This recliner doesn’t have any footrest, and it is a cushioned chair with an armrest and can recline with the help of an integrated lever.

In the Mid 19th century, these two cousins patented a recliner chair with its footrest, which later became the standard manual recliner we know today.

These two cousins are not the maker or inventors of the recliner; they are just some of the ones who marketed the recliner and earned their name in the history of the recliner.

The Rocker Recliner:

In the year 1959, a patent for a recliner was filed by D.F Caldemeyer of National Furniture, which was manufactured in Indiana. They made a recliner which was dubbed the Name of Rocker Recliner.

It got the rocket name because it clademayer’s knowledge of kinetics. He is also one of those who served in the US Air Force and one of the designers who designed Gemini, Apollo, and Mercury.

The Rocker Recliner:

He was granted about 300 recliners with reclining technology.

He also included the massage and heat function in the recliner, but later, in 1968, a therapist named David Palmer introduced the Massage chair properly with the name Chair in Box.

The Modern Recliner:

This wasn’t the actual start of massage or robotic recliner. The Japanese started massage chairs in early 1954, and within some time, about 20% of the people owned recliners.

In 1969 The Knabush and shoemaker started introducing new furniture in the market after their upholstery recliner went up. That furniture also includes different variations of recliners.

After that, the recliner becomes a thing, and different companies introduce different variants of the recliner. Some variations include massage recliners, rocking recliners, swivel recliners, and much more.


The recliner has a very deep history, filled with famous and historical people. It started in the mid-15th century.

Due to people’s devotion, recliners face many changes throughout history and most of them are good changes. That is the reason why the recliners are still alive.

If you have any questions about when recliners were invented, let me know in the comment section, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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