What is a Zero Gravity Recliner? How it Works & What are its Features (2022)

If you have a query in your mind about what is a zero gravity recliner? Then you are at the right spot because I’m going to describe it properly with its features and how zero gravity recliners work?

A zero-gravity recliner is one of the types of recliners that allow you to feel weightlessness by providing a fantastic seating position.

As you know that recliners are a comfortable piece of furniture, but alongside comfort, zero gravity recliners will help you to keep your posture right and reduce health stress issues.

Most doctors recommend a zero gravity recliner to people who have lower back issues or spine issues.

The term zero-gravity sounds new to most people but don’t worry. This article will teach you about zero gravity recliners and how they work with some of their main features. So without wasting any time, let’s get to it.

What is a Zero Gravity Recliner

What is a Zero Gravity Recliner? Let’s Dive Inside:

Zero gravity chairs are specially designed to provide the fantastic feeling of weightlessness by placing you in a zero-gravity position, just like NASA developed for their astronauts.

The zero gravity recliners are just like other recliners, but the way they position them is unique. In the zero-gravity recliner, your body will be weightless, which lets your legs elevated above your heart.

This will also relieve pressure from your empowering sores, spine, and tired muscles and let them relax and restore their strength and balance.

The zero-gravity recliner is very useful and famous from the medical point of view because of its unique position. Whenever your recliner is in your zero gravity recliner, your legs will be elevated, which helps the aching and swollen legs by improving venous circulation back to your heart.

Another great feature of gravity is that it can act on the user’s spine when they are in an upright and setting position to make the vertebral disk compress and make the muscles work continually.

The zero-gravity recliner is also best for relaxation. Whenever you recline in a zero gravity recliner, you feel weightlessness, which lets you dive deeply into the peace and release all the tension you have.

The zero-gravity recliner comes in various models and with different functions to pick according to your needs and choice. You can choose from indoor, outdoor, lawn, and even nursery.

How do a Zero Gravity Recliner Work?

The zero-gravity recliner works as if you were in space, but actually, you are not in space. Here gravity means anti-gravity.

Actually, the zero gravity works slightly differently than the usual recliner because of its position and reclining mechanism.

In zero gravity, you are well set in zero gravity and when you recliner, it will let your legs above your heart level and distribute the pressure and weight of your whole body and keep you calm.

The zero-gravity posture used in this recliner was developed by Nasa after observing many different resting positions and finally finding this position in which the Astronaut feels comfortable. This is also the reason why a recliner is called a zero gravity recliner.

Some Basic Features of Zero Gravity Recliner.

Just like another recliner, zero gravity recliners also have a lot of different and unique features. Some of them are necessary for most users, and some depend upon your needs and conditions. You can totally choose the recliner, depending on your needs and requirements.


The bolster is the little pillow that is usually at the headrest of the zero-gravity recliner to provide extra comfort and relaxation. This pillow is not permanently fixed on its position, and if you don’t want or don’t need it, you can easily remove it.

The bolster is connected to the recliner chair with a strap. The pillow is also washable, and you can wash it in the machine. All you have to do is remove it, wash it, and then put it back.


Most people fear that the recliner chair will fold on them but not the zero gravity recliner because they have locked it in.

Most of the zero gravity recliner comes with specific recliner locks, which help the user to prevent it from folding while someone is sitting in it.

All you have to do is just slide the lock as soon as you set it in the recliner, and it will be your safeguard for you, and you can unlock it when you don’t want to set it. These locks are also available in regular recliners.

Resilient Armrest:

Most of the recliners have armrests, but in the zero gravity recliner, most of them are solid and durable. The armrest is also comfortable because it has high quality and comfortable upholstery. They not only support you but also protect you.


Most people like customization, so don’t worry because most zero gravity recliners also have customization options to customize according to your needs and requirements. The adjustment you need in your recliner can be made with this zero gravity recliner.


As the name suggests, zero gravity is a recliner that provides you zero gravity position in which you will feel weightlessness. A physician also recommends a zero gravity recliner because it helps your body in the proper position.

I hope I have appropriately explained your query about what is a zero gravity recliner? but if you have any questions, then let me know. Till then, please keep your environment clean and planet Earth cleaner.

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