What is a Rocker Recliner? Types & Features| Complete Guide

The recliner is a very old piece of furniture, and it is used for a long time. Napoleon Bonaparte was the first man in history who own the first recliner. 

The recliner has many types, but here I would clarify your views about the query “what is a rocker recliner?

We would discuss all the features and types of rocker recliners with complete details and explanations. Now scroll down and get access to the details of the rocker recliner.

What is a Rocker Recliner

What is a Rocker Recliner? Let’s Move Inside:

Rocker recliners are the perfect piece of furniture that completes your living room or maybe nursery. The Rocker recliner is basically based on the rocking chair, which will make a rocker forward and backwards.

The rocker recliner also moves forward and backwards, and you just need to sit in it and relax.

This is perfect for the living room and sits in for those movements when the only thing you want is to curl up with your best blacked and watch a very good movie. These are the only reasons sometimes with the luxury chairs.

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There you will find all the top-rated and multiple features of rocker recliners with complete details and explanations.

Features of Rocker Recliner.

The rocker recliner is one of the most famous recliners on the market and has a lot of features to discuss. We could discuss all of them but did not have that much time. Due to less time, we only discuss a few of them.

Removable Seats With a Quick Fix:

Most of the rocker recliners have a removable back so they can be easy to carry around from one room to another. Some of the other models have a completely customizable design in which you can remove the armrest and the footrest too.

All the necessary parts can only be removed to be transported easily. One can fix the rocker recliner easily and quickly than another recliner like wall hugger loveseat recliners or lazy boy power lift recliners.

Adjustable kick-out and Back Tensions:

The rocker recliner has a gravity-adjusted handle which enables the user to adjust the ease of operation. It can also help you with back tension.

Adjustable Pads:

The pads in the rocker recliner are very soft and comfortable and are the only reason for the comfortableness of the recliner.

The pads in most of the recline are attached with industrial strength, which is known as Velcro and can be adjusted according to your needs and requirements.

High-Density Foams and Cushions:

One of the main reasons that a rocker recliner is famous is its cushions. A good recliner needs to have a soft and comfortable cushion.

It does not matter that it’s made from foam, Nylon, or polyester because all of them are super soft and comfortable.

Superior Springs:

Most rocker recliner has springs in their seats and backrest. It has sinuous wire springs which are best in order to prevent sagging.

The springs are very strong and are coated with polypropylene to prevent them from squeaking.

Types of Rocker Recliner:

There are a lot of types of a recliner but the three main types of recliners are given below.

Power Rocker Recliner:

A power rocker recliner as suggested by its name power. It is a recliner that only works on electricity and it’s also called an electric recliner due to its use of power.

Most of its components work on electricity and can only operate on power as a motor. 

A power recliner has comfortable upholstery just like the rest of the recliner and can be reclined and has a smoothly rocking feature but not manual and it needs a remote to operate the recliner.

This type of recliner needs and requires power to work continually but you can also use a battery. You need to place it near the power outlet or you need to place a battery next to it.

What is a Rocker Recliner? Types & Features| Complete Guide

Manual Rocker Recliner:

It is the basic and oldest form of a recliner. It is manual, which means that you can operate it with any power or battery. You can use the lever if you want to recline it or just need a rocker feature.

Just like another recliner this also has very smooth and cosy upholstery which can be used anywhere in your house. It is perfect for your nursery or your living room or can give you the best theatre experience.

It has a liver through which you can recline and in reclining it brings the footrest upright which is very good for relaxing. 

Chaise Rocker Recliner:

A chaise rocker recliner is also known as a chaise lounge or a long chair. It has all the basic qualities and features of a basic recliner but it is extended.

It is an extended version of a normal recliner. It is an extended recliner that allows the user to extend their legs too.

It is the earlier versions of the rocker recliner which are basically a cross between two types of furniture. One is a daybed and the other is a couch. It is basically indoor furniture and is kept indoors normally in North America.

But when the culture expanded it started to be used outdoors in poolside loungers or deck chairs. It has fabric upholstery.

What is a Rocker Recliner? Types & Features| Complete Guide


In the above article, I discuss the basics of a rocker recliner: and give a brief explanation on the query “what is a rocker recliner?”. I give proper definitions and details about that rocker recliner.

The rocker recliner is a comfortable piece of furniture that is very soft and is recommended for people who have some sort of illness and need relaxation. A rocker recliner has three main types.

One is a power rocker recliner that has a recline feature alongside a rocking feature. It can only be reclined with power and has a remote to control it.

Another type is a manual rocker recliner which does not require any electricity to work with and can only be done manually. The rocking and reclining can be done only manually with the lever.

The third type is a chaise rocker recliner. Which is the extended version of a normal recliner. It is the cross between a couch and a daybed. 

In the end, I just want to say if you have anything in your mind, ask me in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please clean your country and planet Earth.

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