What is a Power Headrest on a Recliner? Features & Usage (2022)

It is common knowledge that recliners are the most versatile furniture items. The recliners come with many options; a headrest is one of them. Continue reading to find out what is a power headrest on a recliner?

As the name suggests, a headrest is a cushion or pillow attached to the back of a recliner. These headrests are in a variety of styles and shapes.

Power Headrest

Let us find out what is a power headrest on a recliner. Power headrests work on electric power and durable motors to move the support for your neck on a recliner chair. A power headrest moves in a smooth arch, and it lifts and lowers the head in a natural curve.

Some recliners which do not have a power headrest do not provide proper ergonomic support to your head and neck. A power headrest on a recliner gives the appropriate support for a comfortable and healthy neck.

It saves your neck from that pinching sensation that arises when the head is not at a relaxing angle.

What is a Power Headrest on a Recliner

Features of a Suitable Power Headrest

Let’s guide you through a detailed description of a power headrest on a recliner.


A power headrest is adjustable to fulfill all your neck and head support needs. You can adjust its angle by rotating it with a button. You can also slide it up or down to adjust to your stature. You can change it when you are seated on it without moving, and you can control it through some special buttons on the remote.


A power headrest is more stylish, luxurious, and comfortable than a manual headrest. All the adjustments are made by power motors and are very easy to adjust. On the contrary, a manual headrest will need muscle power and levers to adjust.

This headrest has fixed positions regardless whether these positions suit well to the user or not. A power recliner has no such limitations, and you can change it as you want.


A suitable power headrest on a recliner is thick, soft, and plush. A hard headrest will give a hard feeling to your head. So, the headrest needs to be ergonomically comfortable.

Recliner With a Power Headrest

Some recliners have a bland backrest without any headrest. Some of these come with a fixed cushion or pillow to support the neck, and few have adjustable headrests. A recliner with a power headrest is one step farther in this race, and it is the ultimate comfort and luxury.

Power Headrest

A power headrest on a recliner is a support or cushion that can be adjusted by electric power. There are smooth motors to operate the headrest’s adjustment angles and position. 

Adjustable or fixed

Headrests are either adjustable or fixed, and it is your choice to choose what you want. The most suggested recliners are the ones with power headrests that are adjustable.

Manual or Powered

Adjustment of a headrest is either manual or power, and a manually operated headrest has fewer adjustment positions. Besides it, a power headrest has virtually unlimited options for adjustment. You can raise or lower it, and you can rotate it in an arch to adjust to your neck and head.


Rigid, less soft, and plush options are available on power headrests. It depends upon your aesthetics and budget what option you choose, and a plush soft headrest is the comfiest thing for your head and neck.

Backrest and Footrest

Recliners are known for their support to feet, legs, and back. When you seek what is a power headrest on a recliner, you must add neck and head to this list. So to speak, the backrest supports your tired back, and the footrest soothes your feet and legs.

Some recliners adjust backrest and footrest positions simultaneously; others independently. You have to choose according to your needs.

Recliners offer you a place to sit actively and work, recline and read a book, or lie and take a nap. There are lots of adjustment options on these recliner chairs.

Some recliners come with manual adjustments that are made through levers and spiral wheels. More comfortable recliners have powerful motors to make all the adjustments, and these are controlled by remotes.

An ergonomic backrest supports your back to the maximum level of peace and comfort. 


The upholstery of a recliner needs to be very durable. You can choose leather or cloth for durability, comfort, and affordability. Leather is easily cleanable. You can use a wet cloth to wipe it off.

The fabric material is the trickier option as it is hard to clean. You can’t risk it to clean with water. The cloth is more prone to absorb sweat and odors. It tends to get stinky. Leather is more breathable, and it stays odor-free. Leather upholstery is a more comfortable side when compared to cloth. Yes! It also costs more.


The structure of a good recliner stands on wood and steel. These two materials are known for their sturdiness and strength, which last long. The recliner stays stable in all conditions, and as a result, the routine wear-and-tear does not make the recliner tilt. The recliners stay on solid and anti-slip feet, and that’s why they remain where you keep them.


There are two mechanisms for adjustment on recliners. A manual recliner works on muscle power; you have to use levers and wheels to adjust the reclining position, the footrest, and the headrest. A power recliner is a costlier but more accessible and more comfortable option.

You use an electrically operated mechanism to adjust it to your needs. All the control rests on the remote in your hand, which you operate with your fingertips.


There are several accessories on recliners, and the most demanded accessories are cup holders, consoles, and pockets. Cupholders are located on arms or next to consoles. You may enjoy your beverages when reclining and watching your favorite show on Netflix.

Consoles are boxes with a lid to store your everyday items, which you use on a recliner. Newspaper, remote, pens, writing pads, and tissue rolls are widespread items that consoles can store. Some recliners come with pockets on the sides or at the front. These pockets are used the same way a console is used. 


Here we conclude the answer to the question, “what is a power headrest on a recliner?” A good recliner comes with a strong structure, smooth mechanism, beautiful accessories, comfy upholstery, and ergonomic backrest and footrest.

A power headrest is a cherry on the topping. This recliner is worthy of staying in your lounge. Such a chair will make you feel classy and luxuriously comfortable.

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