What is a Motion Recliner Sofa? Usage and Features

Following the trends in furniture shopping, we must have heard about recliners, but often people do not know what is a motion recliner sofa.

We are going to explain the motion recliner sofa in the proceeding guide. Motion recliner sofa allows you to recline at many angles with a button. 

The most common uses of motion recliner sofas are in home theaters and other most casually used rooms. You can buy such recliners in sectional components and individual recliners.

Motion recliner sofas have captured the market because of their versatile customizing ability, while manual recliners provide few customization options. 

Our research team has created an in-depth analysis of the different traits and components that I composed for a motion recliner sofa. Let’s have a look at the explanation below.  

What is a Motion Recliner Sofa

What is a Motion Recliner Sofa? Let’s Div Inside:

Features of a Motion Recliner Sofa: 

Following are the features of the motion recliner sofa.

Highly Customizable Backrest:

The customizable seat backrest lets you move and handle the recliner with so much ease. You can customize the lumbar support according to the position you are most comfortable with.

The different angles of reclining allow you to sit or recline at any angle you find comfortable for your body. You can also detach the headrest as well to create more space.  

Customizable Chaise Pads: 

These pads are created from high-density foam or high loft polyester cushions. You can find and buy chaise pads made from specific materials according to your physical requirements.

Various materials that provide excellent comfort and are high in demand are liquid gel polyesters, etc. 

The Latest Technology Truss Plates: 

The latest technology truss plates make the recliner joints more robust and increase their strength. The increase in strength allows a 

recliner to bear heavy loads pretty quickly. Even when used heavily, these recliners’ sturdiness will not diminish, nor will the recliner start making squeaking sounds. 

 Highly Durable Springs:

The springs used in motion recliner sofas are cross-wired, which helps in preventing the slipping down or sagging of the recliner. Clips of the spring are covered in polypropylene, which does not allow the recliner to make any squeaking sound.

Sturdy Hardwood Frame: 

The part on which the weight of the whole recliner resides in the frame. If the frame is strong enough, it will ensure that the recliner has high longevity.

Frames of the recliners are made from different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. Wooden frames all are preferred and thought of as the most durable. Wooden frames are not only hard to break but also support huge weights.  

Most Comfortable Fabric:

Motion recliner sofas use a variety of premium quality fabrics made from cotton, leather, microfiber, etc. If you are looking for aesthetics, then pick the fabric made from cotton or microfiber.

Otherwise, you can select the leather with the most extended support.   

Differences between a Motion Recliner and a Traditional Recliner:

A variety of motion reclines is available, giving you the maximum facility customization just by using a remote controller.

For this very reason, motion recliners are the most famous and trending in the furniture world. The flexibility of a recliner is of great importance because people prefer sitting and laying in at multiple angles, which the manual cannot provide.

Let’s look at the comparison report we created of the differences between a motion recliner and a traditional recliner. 

Ease of Use:

First, a huge impact a recliner trait produces on the user is its usability. If the user can use the recliner easily and with fewer steps, the chances of selling that product rise.

Manual recliners use a lever for the motion of the recliner, alongside your body weight and the pressure you exert.

Contrary to that, a motion recliner requires just a press of the button on the remote controller, and you can adjust the position of your recliner at many angles with much ease.

Manual recliners are simple and use no electric motors. With the manual recliner, the maintenance is pretty cheap and easy.

Still, when it comes to the motion recliners, maintenance requires sound technical knowledge, and sometimes parts replacement is quite expensive. 

Various Uses:

This type of furniture has many features and traits which give you great comfort and satisfaction. 

Let’s say the massage feature gives you great relief after a stressful day. You just need to lay down, and the recliner does its job for you.

Another quality use of the motion recliner is that people utilize it for taking short or long naps and waking up fresh and stress relieved.

Just because of this feature, motion recliners are in high demand. The most important use of a recliner is for patients having back problems.

Moving a recliner from sitting to lying requires zero effort, which is why back pain patients prefer it. Not only does it give you temporary comfort, but it also helps in curing the medical condition you are suffering from.  

Cost Effectiveness: 

The cost has a significant impact on the user’s choice of product. Electric recliners are more expensive than manual recliners because they have much more sophisticated features.

The maintenance of an electric recliner is quite expensive as well. You will need to take it to a professional for fixtures, and the parts’ replacement will cost you double.

Motion recliners are heavier and more challenging to move compared to manual recliners.   


I hope you have found knowledge about what a motion recliner sofa is and can benefit from it. You can visit our website for any recliner inquiry, and we will get good articles on it. Thanks again for visiting our website. 

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