What is a Dual Power Recliner? Check out its Usage and Features

Are you still confused about the types of power recliners, or maybe you have a query in your mind: What is a Dual Power Recliner? Then you are at the right place where I will explain everything about the recliner, power recliner, its different types, and features. 

So keep reading the article and get to know all the details about the dual power recliner and its essential features.

A recliner is a sofa or armchair that reclines when the occupant sitting on the chair lowers the chair’s back and raises its front. Its backrest can be tilted back.

A recliner has usual a footrest which is on the level on the side of the chair and can be extended when the chair is reclined. 

A recliner is known for its multiple names a lounger, armchair, and reclining chair.

What is a Dual Power Recliner?

What is a Dual Power Recliner? Let’s Dig Inside:

Nowadays, recliners are in great demand due to their valuable features. It has lumbar support to provide better support to the back, an attached or independent footrest, and an adjustable footrest. All those parts are customizable, and you can adjust them as you want them.

Some of the recliners have unique additional features, which are heat, vibration, and massage. If you need to have a power recliner with all these valuable features then visit one of my articles based on the best power recliner for elderly women.

There are different types of recliners available in the market. They are divided into two main types

  1. Manual Recliners.
  2. Power recliners.

Manual are those who do not need any electricity to work. This means they work without power and can recline just by a bit of push while the power can work with the energy.

That’s why it is called power recliners. The power recliner can recline just by the press of a button.

Types of Power Recliners:

The recliner basically has three classes, and those are given below.

  1. Single Power Recliner.
  2. Double Power Recliner.
  3. Triple Power Recliner.

Single Power Recliners: 

These are the basic recliner that uses only one motor to active or archive reclining in the furniture. Its head and feet are reclined simultaneously as the basic traditional recliners and give you the best support to relax your whole body in a few minutes.

The single-power recliner is worked on electricity and can operate with just a button. The single-power recliner is very easy to operate because it can be used just by pressuring a button that increases comfort in your life.

The power recliner has many features. It has a USB port form which you can charge your phone or tablet while relaxing.

Dual Power Recliners:

A dual-power recliner is the best option for those who want to relax up to a notch. The dual-power recliner has two motors for optimal comfort. One of the motors controls the recliner’s headrest, and the other controls the footrest of that recliner.

This recliner motion allows you to find the best optimal position rocker recliner for nursery with baby, for the big game, or just a movie night.

These recliners are only worked with power (Electricity) and can recline just by pressing a button. You can easily find the control button on the armrest, or it has its own remote, which can easily be operatable.

Triple Power Recliner:

One of the best recliner chairs on the market is the triple recliner. This recliner has three motors which, as usual, work on power. The three motors in this recliner have different work.

One is used to control the footrest, another for the control of the headrest, and the third and last one to provide the lumber support.

The triple recliner can give you the complete comfort level and feel that you are sitting on the best seat in the house.

Like the other, this recliner also works and operates just by a button, and the buttons are on the armrest. When it comes to the latest model of the power recliner, they have an extra remote to control the chair. 

How to choose the Best Recliner:

There is nothing more satisfying and relaxing than coming from a long and hard day of work, getting something to drink or something to eat, and sitting down and relaxing in the comfortable recline. As you sit in the recliner, your body sinks into the soft and comfortable cushions.

This is the perfect definition of relaxation, and that’s maybe the main reason that recliner couches and chairs are getting very popular if they are wall hugger loveseat recliners or power recliners for the elderly.

Nowadays, everyone demands and wants comfort and comfort alongside their lifestyle.

It’s now upon you what type of recliner you want. If you want a recliner that does not require power and just operates manually, then you have to get a manual recliner chair.

Still, if you want a recliner that does not want you to put force on it and recline just by pressing a button, then a power recliner is your option.

There are three main types of power recliners. The one with one motor is called a simple or single power recliner, the one with two motors is called dual power recliner and is a little more comfortable and stable, and the third one with three motors is called a triple recliner stable, strong, and comfortable.

Features and Benefits of Power Recliner:

  • One of the features and benefits of a power recliner is that you can stop your reclining at any time you want.
  • Stopping or reclining does not require any force and getting up. It just is done by the press of a button.
  • The power recliner can be closed just by a press of a button.
  • A power recliner is best for those who have mobility issues and can not use much of their force. Because the press of a button can do it.

There are many other great features of the recliner, but these are enough for here and today. If you need to get more knowledge about the power recliner, check out one of my info articles based on how power recliners work?. There you will get complete info about the power recliner and all its valuable features.


There will be a lot of questions in different people’s minds like types of power recliners, what is a dual power recliner etc. But I wish I could answer all of them for you and I trying.

The recliner is a simple but very comfortable chair, or sometimes it could be a couch. There is a power recliner which can work only on power, and you need electricity.

There are three basic types of power recliners which are simple recliners that have one motor.

The dual recliner has two motors and a triple recliner which has three motors. All of them operate only on electricity.

At the end of this, I hope you satisfy with this article and wish you the best of luck. Be safe, clean your country, clean Planet EARTH.

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