What Are The Different Types of Recliner Mechanisms? | Check All The Types in Details.

What are the different types of recliner mechanisms is a question asked by many. In addition to sofas, sofa-cum-beds, and bedding systems, there is another sibling to the family: super favourite recliner.

There are many designs of recliners. Some are traditional, some mechanical and motorized. Recliners range from wood-to-the-floor, metal-to-the-floor to lounge recliners.

There is a wide variety of mechanisms. Some need wiring, which is required in order to activate the recliner’s built-in controllers. There are actuators also.

Types of Recliner Mechanism

Types of Recliner Mechanisms? Let’s Div Inside:

Relaxing Recliner Mechanism:

Wood to the Floor:

The construction of the recliner base is linked to the wood to floor mechanism. The mechanism is created and installed in the recliner couch or chair’s wooden box. There are numerous options for the mechanism.

There are two types of recliners:

  1. High Leg
  2. Lower Leg.

This may include additional manual features that you can control with your muscles. It is also possible to motorize the functions, which is handier but may cost you more money.

The recliner could also be enhanced with other features. These are a few examples. Mechanism of the Recliner, The phrase “from the floor to the wood” refers to the mechanism’s construction. The couch or chair’s wooden box houses the reclining mechanism.

High or low leg recliner actions, manual or motorized, can be used depending on your design. Look through our other areas to find a headrest or lumbar support, as well as a variety of other features to complement your recliner.

Metal to the Floor:

The self-supporting metal-to-the-floor device. This mechanism is fundamental to the rest of the recliner’s design. Low-leg versions are included in this collection.

There aren’t any high-leg choices. In many cases, the recliner’s reclining positions are controlled by a motorized mechanism.

There are additional headrest and lumbar support options. Mechanisms of Recliner The phrase “metal to the floor” refers to the mechanism’s integration into the sofa or chair.

The mechanism is supported by itself and the upholstery made around it because it is metal to the floor.

The entire sofa glides along with the recline position in some designs. All of the models have short legs. Add-ons such as headrest alternatives and lumbar support can be found in our other areas.

Lift Recliner:

The “metal to the floor” motions of lift recliner systems assist the user in getting out of his pleasant chair.

There are a variety of motorized recliners with lifts for different functions and user weights. Independent recline and backrest positions are available with single or double actuator mechanisms. In the relaxed posture, the user benefits from zero gravity and a tilt in space.


You’re seeking a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. The Lounge collection features a motion-activated furniture system that is designed to be adaptable.

A finished chair or seat with a reclining mechanism, headrest, armrest, and other features can be assembled from various components.

Many of these systems are available in manual and motorized versions and have modern high-leg sitting styles.

What are the different types of recliner mechanisms are answered in detail in the following section?

More recliner possibilities are as follows:-

Traditional Recliner:

In living rooms all across the world, the typical two-position recliner is a must-have. The recliner works by releasing the seat back into the down position and the footrest into the up position when a lever or button is pressed.

This sort of recliner is better suited for larger rooms, as it requires roughly 3 feet of space behind it to recline the seatback fully.

Electric Recliner:

Instead of a lever or button that releases the seat back and footrest, the power recliner has a power button that electrically reclines the chair to your preferred angle. Because the user has control over the recline, the chair can be significantly more versatile.

The user asks what the different types of recliner mechanisms are, and the electric recliner is the shortest possible answer.

Rocker Recliner:

Nursing mothers and adults with young children have long favoured rocker recliners. Rocker recliners do precisely what their name suggests: they recline on arching tracks and rock back and forth.

Because the rocking action is pleasant and relaxing, these chairs are especially beneficial for folks who have difficulties falling asleep at night. 

Glider Recliner:

Glider recliners are similar to rocker recliners, but instead of moving in an arched pattern like a rocking chair, they glide in a straight line.

Push-Back Recliner:

Push-back recliners recline without the use of a lever or button, requiring the user to lean back and press on the chair’s back.

Because of its sleek appearance, this chair is the latest popular design. When not in the reclined position, the lack of a button or a lever makes these recliners appear to be conventional armchairs.

Swivel Recliner:

Swivel recliners have a circular base and can swivel left and right as well as recline rearward. Many customers prefer this recliner’s complete range of motion versus other recliners’ limited mobility.

Lift Recliner:

The elderly and those who have difficulties getting out of a deeper recliner to choose lift recliners. The lift mechanism leads the person into a standing position by pushing the chair from a flat sat position to a more upright inclined one. Patients with weak knees, legs, or hips are frequently advised to use lift recliners by their doctors. 

Wall-Hugger Recliner:

People who want to save space prefer wall-hugger recliners. Wall-hugger recliners sit up straighter and hence take up less room when pressed against a wall. They also have a restricted range of motion and a more uncomplicated resting position to enter and exit. 


The answer to the famous question of what are the different types of recliner mechanisms is concluded here. The recliner mechanism is referred to as the mechanical functionality of the specified recliners.

Some are simple with only the backrest and headrest moving, and some are complex with many motorized and robotic parts. They are in a wide variety. Some are structural; some, are mechanically varying.

They are rocking to and fro. They are moving in a circular path too. The recliner is the name of comfort and satisfaction, so choose wisely.

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