What Are The Different Types of Recliner Handles? Proper Guide With Pictures

As you know, that recliner chair is one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture that has only one main feature: reclining. A recliner is reclined due to its handle mechanism, and there are different types of recliner handles.

A recliner doesn’t only have a handle, but it has different types that vary from one recliner to another.

The primary purpose of the recliner handle is to recline your chair, and it has a lot of types and designs. The different recliners have different handles.

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Types of Recliner Handles

Different Types of Recliner Handles:

The recliner is quite famous in the market nowadays because it can be replaced. Sometimes a recliner chair handles brakes from its chair, and you can get another one from the market and replace it with the old broken one.

You also need to know about the recliner handles in your planning to replace your old and broken recliner chair handle. There are basically three main types of recliner handles which are given below in very detail. The flapper D-Pull and lever.

All of these have different types of operations and can be used in other contexts. They can achieve the same thing in a recliner which is reclining a chair or putting back a recliner into its original place, which means declining. But all of them did it in different ways. So, let’s dive in.

Flapper Style Recliner Handles:

Flapper Style Recliner Handles / Flapper Style Recliner Handles:

This is the first one from the list and has a distinctive look. This one is excellent and can be found in the market quite expensive. The unique look of this handler seems like it can flap.

Your recliner can be relining very smoothly if you just flap this handler outwards. You can flap this handler with just your fingers, and a recliner has been reclined.

This recliner can not only be found in recliner chairs but is quite usable in automobiles nowadays. Most of the chairs that people use in the office also have this handler.

The flapper handles are very small and are significantly less noticeable. These handles are very recessed, and that is why it is less noticeable.

If you recline your chair, you need to flap the flapper with your finger, and your chair will recline.

It works the same way as it seems. Whenever you want to access the car door and open it, it works the same way. But it will recline your chair and not open your car’s door.

D-Pull Recliner Handles:

D-Pull Recliner Handles / Different Types of Recliner Handles:

This is the second type of recliner handle called the D-Pull recliner handle. This is also called a D-Ring style recliner handle.

As with the previous recliner, this can be differently operable. The clue is hidden in its name. That’s right, pull; all of these types of handles can work on pulling.

This is similar to the lawnmower and also to the chainsaw; a pull can start both. As for this, you just need to pull the recliner’s handle, and the chairs will start reclining very smoothly.

The D-Ring Handle is one of the handles which is shaped like the alphabet D. The D-Ring handle is connected to a cable from the recliner and can be used as a chainsaw, as discussed previously.

If you ever start a chainsaw or a gas engine, let’s say a gas power lawnmower, this can be operating the same primary way. You just need to pull the handle of the D-Ring handle and the chair will recline.

Lever Style Recliner Handles:

Lever Style Recliner Handles /  Types of Recliner Handles

This third type of recliner is famous and known as a lever-style recliner. This is one of the oldest recliner handles out there on the market.

Alongside the oldest, the lever-style recliner is also one of the most prominent recliners on the market.

This means that this most aging but very usable and solid recliner handle has been used in the market for a long time.

It is clear from its name that it has a lever system used to recline the chair smoothly. This lever is also the reason that you can put the chair back into its position.

The lever is usually made from wood, which might be in the older version of the recliner. The new version of lever handles is made from plastic.

Most recliners have a metal lever handle because it can be broken all the time, so they are made from plastic and metal, which prevent them from cracking. 

Most of the used handles in the recliner are the lever I already mentioned is made from wood, plastic, and metal in which the lever pulls the chair from the recline and reclines it in the first place.

These are usually one of the most common types of recliner handles and are mostly intuitive.


A recliner can give you a lot of features, and one of them is relaxation and comfort. If you take that form of the recliner, there is no difference between a regular chair and a recliner. And all those can be possible through a recliner handle.

There are three main types of recliner handles, which are discussed in the above article in every detail. The first one is the Flapper recliner handle, the second one is the D-Ring recliner handle, and the last one is the level recliner handle.

All of these are used by the recliner to recline the chair and work in different ways.

The flapper works with pull, and you have to pull the handle to recline your chair. The D-Ring has a cable, and you have to pull that to recline your chair.

The third one is a lever, and in the lever, you can put your recliner into the recline position and put it back to its original position.

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