What Are The Pros and Cons of Sleeping in a Recliner? Use Your Recliner More Efficiently

The feeling is unexplainable when you dive into your comfortable recliner, and it feels like floating on comfy pillowy clouds. In fact, it’s so pleasing that you sleep in a recliner sooner than you might expect.

But the essential wait is sleeping in a recliner, whether it is good or not, especially every night.

Well, sleeping in a recliner is not harmful and does not have any problem as long as you sleep on your back and the recliner is completely reclined. Some pros and cons of sleeping in a recliner are entirely defined in the article below.

Pros and cons of Sleeping in a Recliner

Pros and Cons of Sleeping in a Recliner: Let’s Discuss Briefly

As you know and mentioned above, the recliner is a comfortable piece of furniture, and there is a lot of reason to prove that.

Recliners are also best for sleeping because you will find yourself rejuvenated and refreshed after waking up from sleep in a recliner which will also solve your query which is “why do I sleep better in a recliner“.

With all of these excellent pros, there are also some cons of sleeping in a recliner which are given below.

Pros of Sleeping in a Recliner / Benefits:

1. Relieves Back Pain.

The recliner can be best for back pain, and that is also one of the reasons people use it in the first place because when you have a nice recliner with excellent lumbar support, it will help you improve back pain.

Most of the time, people get tired of sitting and working constantly, and that’s also putting a lot of stress on your back and needs to be relieved.

One of the reasons is sleeping in a recliner which does not only help to take pressure from your back and decompress your spine.

2. Improve Blood Circulation:

One of the fantastic things about a recliner is that it will improve the blood circulation in your body. Whenever you sleep in a fully reclined recliner, it allows gravity to reduce stress and inflammation naturally.

According to a study which is conducted on hospital patients who use a recliner in their recovering phase, well-achieved comfort and readiness sooner than those patients who use traditional and regular beds.

A recliner chair is not only best for back pain and back pain, but it can also help you with nausea, delayed voiding, and severe pain. Sleeping in a recliner can help the patient in many ways.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Sleeping in a Recliner? Use Your Recliner More Efficiently

3. Helps in Better Breathing:

Breathing can also be a problem for most patients and people; sleeping in a recliner can help you with that because it can help you open your diaphragm, which is the reason for easy breathing. 

Better breathing does not only help you sleep better, but it can avoid problems like sleep apnea, beat burn acid reflux, and snoring.

Some of these things can embarrass you when you are at your friend’s, but they wouldn’t embarrass you when you sleep in your recliner.

4. Boost Better Digestion:

Most of the time, breathing problems go hand in hand with better digestion. Sleeping in a proper place like a recliner will help you better digestion, but when you are lying curled on a mattress, it won’t help you digest your food the way it is meant to be.

When you fully recline your recliner, it provides a chance for your body to digest everything inside your body system fully. 

Cons of Sleeping in a Recliner:

There are some of the cons of sleeping in a recliner but not that as its pros.

1. Limited Sleeping Positions:

You can call it one of the main cons of sleeping in a recliner because you can’t change the position of sleeping in a recliner.

If you are a person who changes and switches position in their sleep more often than ordinary people, then a recliner is not for you.

Sleeping in a recliner has only one sleeping position, and that is on your backside. But this is not a significant health issue, and most people don’t change their position at all.

You only consider when comfort is something essential to consider.

2. Risk of Blood Clots:

Sleeping in a recliner may have the risk of blood clots, and it can only happen to you when you are not using it correctly, especially when you are sleeping in a recliner. That recliner is reclined in a semi-reclined position.

Actually, you need to avoid sitting in these positions for a very long time. Sleeping in that position can only develop blood clots.

This not only happens with a recliner but also can happen when you sit in an airplane for a long time. The recliner is not a device that causes this to your body.

3. Risk of Shallow Sleep / Side Effects:

Whenever you use a recliner and don’t find a comfortable sleeping position, the recliner may cause you a shallow position. A shallow sleep is like when you don’t get enough sleep, but you feel groggy and exhausted when you get up.

Shallow sleep also develops muscle soreness and laziness. If you don’t find a recliner comfortable, then you should sleep on the mattress. You can also call these points as dangers of sleeping in a recliner chair.

By the way, if you are still confused to sleep well in a regular recliner, then you can visit my article based on how to sleep relax, and be comfortable in a recliner? Where you will get all the essential points which would help you more to sleep comfortably in your recliner.


When you think of using a recliner for sleep, you need to know the pros and cons of sleeping in a recliner because most of the time, people don’t have any ideas about what they are getting themself into.

But don’t worry, we provide you with a complete list of the pros and cons of sleeping in a recliner, and if you have anything in your mind, let me know, and I will answer that. In the end, I just want to say that please clean your country clean and your planet cleaner.

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