Top 9 Best Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall People – Big & Tall Recliners in 2022 (Buing Guide)

A recliner is a chair with a footrest, a reclining mechanism, and an adjustable back. Tall-friendly reclining chairs are hard to come by, and power lift recliners for big and tall are not common.

Any tall person can tell you that finding the perfect recliner can be difficult, and these seats offer relaxation and relief. Recliners have a long and exciting history of need, comfort, and style.

A recliner is considered suitable if it provides the required comfort to its user, whether they are big or tall. A standard recliner has a weight capacity of 250lbs, but these recliners can support you no matter how big you are.

Just like the weight capacity, there are different recliners according to the user height. The height of your start from 35 up to 45 inches. If you have an average height, I suggest getting the medium height recliner, but if you have a height of 6 to 7 feet, you should go for a taller recliner of 42 to 45 inches.

This buyer’s guide will help taller and bigger folks comprehend everything there is to know about the top tall recliners on the market today.

It will highlight some of the most notable recliners as well as provide information on the elements to consider while shopping for the ideal chair for your larger frame.

Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall

Best Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall People / Top 9 Picks

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacMcombo Large Electric Power Lift Recliner with Extended FootrestMaterial: Textile Material

 125 pounds

39.4 x 33.9 x 44.1 inches

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Big And Tall Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair
Material: Faux Leather

 ‎85 pounds

36 x 33.1 x 40.1 inches

Comfort Stretch
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cordlessblowerLane Home Furnishings Wallsaver ReclinerMaterial: 100% Polyester, Wood

 ‎85 pounds

36 x 33.1 x 40.1 inches

Comfort Stretch
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cordlessblowerLane Home Soft Touch Chaps Rocker ReclinerMaterial: Soft Leather, Wood

‎ 92 pounds

42 x 41 x 44 inches

Comfort Stretch
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cordlessblowerPearington Recliner Chair with OttomanMaterial: Faux Leather

 ‎‎48.5 pounds

‎33.07 x 28.54 x 43.3 inches

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cordlessblowerHydeline Logan Power Head Rest Leather ReclinerMaterial:  Top-Grain leather

 ‎110 pounds

36 x 33 x 41.5 inches

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cordlessblowerVicluke Power Lift Recliner ChairMaterial: Faux Leather

 ‎123.2 pounds

30″ x 34.5″ x 42″

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J&L Furniture Power Lift Chair with Three OKIN Motor
Material:  Wood, Leather

Weight Capacity:
 300 lbs

38 x 37 x 43 inches

J&L Furniture
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Flash Furniture Brown LeatherSoft Rocker Recliner
Material: Soft and durable Leather

‎95 pounds

66 x 43 x 39 inches

Flash Furniture
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1. Mcombo Large Electric Power Lift Recliner with Extended Footrest

Power Lift Recliners for Big and TallTop 9 Best Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall People - Big & Tall Recliners in 2022 (Buing Guide)

Recliners recline to give you a perfect position for your comfort and health, and the Mcombo power lift recliner is one of them.

It is the first recliner in our list of power lift recliners for a tall and big person who has a remote controller with two buttons to get three different positions: elevated, average, and lift.

It possesses a lumbar pillow for support, two cup holders for drinking, two USB ports for charging mobile, and side and front pockets.

Moreover, the anti-falling rope of the recliner will help you quickly access and with no danger of falling your remote. It exists in eight colors Beige, Brown, Dark Gray, and much more available in store.

Key Features

  • It will power lift you if you are tall and big and suffer from mobility issues or recover from surgery.
  • Its unique design and structure make it more reliable, and you can quickly assemble it within fifteen minutes or less.
  • Pressing two lighted buttons of the new design hand remote will help you extend the footrest and backrest.
  • It comes in two boxes for safety
  • Easy to charge mobile
  • Two cup holders
  • Soothing upholstery
  • Easy to assemble
  • Drinking facility
  • Making little noise when too much use
  • A bit large in size

2. Big And Tall Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

Big And Tall Electric Power Lift Recliner ChairTop 9 Best Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall People - Big & Tall Recliners in 2022 (Buing Guide)

The second recliner in the above power lift recliners for big and tall has different functions at different angles, just like napping at 150 degrees.

The strengthened metal mechanism and UL certificated quiet motor provide you with an excellent experience to let you stand up quickly and steadily without any effort on your knees and lumber.

Two years of quality motors and a five-year quality mechanism provide you with four zones and an eight-point massage system. It serves your lumbar by providing a heating system and is available in two colors, black and gray.

An indoor recliner for the bedroom and living room that quickly assembled its accessories in fifteen minutes without using any tool and treated polyester fabric surface will bring a warm and soft tactile impression.

Key feature

  • Its eight powerful vibration motors will help you in body-wise massage when you are tired or feeling uncomfortable.
  • Its dimension will provide you with enough space if you are a big person.
  • The side pockets help you quickly access remote books, or newspapers. 
  • Most comfortable
  • Easy to get together
  • Highly stable
  • Certified motors support
  • Five vibration massage modes
  • Power lifting feature
  • Limited mechanism quality

3. Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver Recliner

power lift recliner for big and tall personTop 9 Best Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall People - Big & Tall Recliners in 2022 (Buing Guide)

Lane home recliner is one of the best power lift recliners for tall and big, having a maximum weight of about five hundred, which is available in many different colors.

Its outer surface is made up of leather, and the inner frame is made of highly qualified and sturdy wood, making it usable for an extended period.

Highly padded upholstery makes its armrest and backrest most comfortable and provides more space to a big and tall person. Over and above that, seven gauge steel is used in this recliner for reliable and durable use.

Key Features

  • Most of the time, we search for a durable product, and this recliner is one of them that provides you long service.
  • Even if you are a big and tall person, it will support you by providing vast space and a mild form.
  • Its footrest is stuff, so you will not fall at our footrest.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Support your back, arm and foot
  • Durable usage
  • Sturdy frame design
  • Support big and tall
  • Go down slowly and gradually
  • Need energy
  • Little costly

4. Lane Home Soft Touch Chaps Rocker Recliner

rocker recliner for big and tall personTop 9 Best Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall People - Big & Tall Recliners in 2022 (Buing Guide)

A handmade Lane Home recliner fills out the high-density foam and provides friendly fiber and industrial glue for structural support and durable use. 

Gauge Sinuous back springs, engineered lumber, and reinforced frame keep the recliner sturdy and smooth. It is the fourth recliner in the above best power lift recliners for tall and big, containing a metal seat box for more outstanding durability.

Perfect Pitch supports your body leg in locking footrest three inches higher than any other recliner—furthermore, hands-free closure and infinite positions with exclusive zero gravity reclining mechanism.

Key Features

  • It is higher than another recliner to float on air for supreme comfort to your whole body.
  • Coil seating unit for constant support to your hips and no sagging occurs in the back and lower side when too much used.
  • It provides more extension for full recline, which is very reasonable for big and tall people.

5. Pearington Recliner Chair with Ottoman

Recliner Chair with Ottoman for tall personTop 9 Best Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall People - Big & Tall Recliners in 2022 (Buing Guide)

Pearington recliner is not only a recliner in the above power lift recliners for a tall and big person and also a swivel recliner that rotates about its axes. A reclining rocking chair with an ottoman for good support.

A comprehensive long back that is soft and plump padded, seat cushion, and site swing lock provide stable sliding and rocking motion for a more relaxing time. Being a swivel and power recliner, it can rotate at any angle of your desire.

A sturdy iron frame base that supports a 300 lbs person and a curved handrail for hand rest and faux leather is easy to clean. Its structure is based upon three layers; Polyester Fiber, Soft Sponge, and High-Density Sponge.

Key Features

  • An extra-cushioned backrest to support your back and bring a relaxing seating solution.
  • The recliner’s seat cushion perfectly supports your knees, and you can adjust its back at your desired position.
  • If you are a tall person, its ottoman will help you stretch your body in any situation.
  • Position stability
  • Leaning quality
  • Separate footrest
  • Easy to clean
  • The glider is easy to assemble
  • Segmented body
  • Take little time to assemble
  • May be a bit expensive for you

6. Hydeline Logan Power Head Rest Leather Recliner

leather power recliner for big and tall personTop 9 Best Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall People - Big & Tall Recliners in 2022 (Buing Guide)

Hydeline Logan recliner is one of the best power recliners for tall and big with remarkable brown and ice white color and leather’s surface material.

A USB port at the side of the recliner, Okin electric motors, and its mechanism offer long-lasting, noiseless and stable power reclining.

The seat cushion is made from memory foam, the back is segmented, and the soft armrest provides a good look and support. It flips up from zero to ninety angles, a wide straight angle for your foot.

Key Features  

  • Okin motors will help you maintain a straight and comfortable position which is very useful for health.
  • The USB port will help you charge your mobile while suffering from a knee or joint problem.
  • Its back is made up of memory foam for your usual back problem, and the armrest is padded from foam for more soothing and reliable use.
  • Recliner straight
  • Smooth surface
  • Steel frame
  • Charging feature
  • Bear huge weight
  • Two motors support
  • Taking time in delivery
  • No sag spring base

7. Vicluke Power Lift Recliner Chair

comfortable power lift recliner for big and tall peopleTop 9 Best Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall People - Big & Tall Recliners in 2022 (Buing Guide)

Vicluke power lift recliner is simple to recline up and down by clicking the left and right buttons and also can be power lifted through these buttons.

Two side pockets with a USB port, two cup holders, and eight massage motors based on vibration. Lumbar heater for lumbar support, powerlifting for leg support, and leaning for sleeping support.

Vicluke recliner is added in the above power lift recliners for a tall and big person due to its extended footrest and backrest, and highly padded to better support.

Key Features

  • You can get any position quickly through this recliner, only by pressing the side button and side pocket for easy access to newspapers, remote or books.
  • It is stable due to its metal base and has no danger of falling while reclining.
  • It is a guaranteed item that gives you a one-year warranty and comes in two boxes for more safety.
  • Drinking feature
  • Warranted item
  • Sturdy frame
  • Soft foam
  • Easy to operate
  • Excellent Massage feature
  • A slight delay in work for back pain
  • Oversized for small person

8. J&L Furniture Power Lift Chair with Three OKIN Motor

power lift recliners for big and tall Top 9 Best Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall People - Big & Tall Recliners in 2022 (Buing Guide)

J&L is the best power recliner for a big and tall person because of its new and fantastic quality. It can be operated independently with three Okin motors, upward back, lumbar, and footrest.

Lumbar motor design is rare in the market, and it is available in seven colors; furthermore, the lift function pushes the whole chair up.

It has different positions and usage at different angles, a side pocket, and a hanging remote for easy access. Leaning down and flipping the footrest with a small pillow helps the lumbar.

Key Features  

  • Three motors support your upper back, lumbar and footrest, working independently.
  • A fabric surface padded with soft foam and a small pillow provides you more comfort to your body.
  • Its flat leaning quality helps you sleep, and with an extra feature, it can rock to give a good feeling.
  • Rocking feature
  • Three motors support
  • Soft and cozy
  • Control through remote
  • Side pocket
  • Steel base
  • A bit of wobbly
  • Large length

9. Flash Furniture Brown LeatherSoft Rocker Recliner

Brown Leather Soft Rocker Recliner for big and tall people personTop 9 Best Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall People - Big & Tall Recliners in 2022 (Buing Guide)

Flash Recline is one of the soft, cozy, and lever recliners for a tall and big person, which is available in two colors, black and brown.

A black and brown soft leather upholstery with plush arms and pillow back cushions, lever part this recliner helps in quickly reclining.

Overall, its style and comfort are due to elements added to the space of this recliner, and the furniture base movement is rock.

Key Features

  • It is a soft and soothing recliner for your body, even helpful in back pain or knee pain.
  • It is the best recliner for your living room and nursery and is recommended for relaxation and comfort.
  • It is vast due to its best dimensions which are very reliable for a big person and more enjoyable.
  • Soft surface
  • Lever recliner
  • Highly stable
  • Health care
  • Full relaxation
  • Densely padded
  • Little down
  • Little expensive

Best Power Lift Recliners for Big and Tall People, Considerations

When purchasing power lift recliners for big and tall that will fit your height and provide you with the most comfort for your weight, there are a few factors to keep in mind. These include the following:

Weight Endurance

To determine the suggested weight capacity, look up the information on the manufacturer’s website or in the product handbook. From one chair to the next, the weight capacity is varied. It’s critical to find a model that can sustain your entire body weight.

Always choose a recliner that can support more weight than you have. This will allow for any future weight growth, allowing you to be as comfortable as possible.

Height Compatibility

A recliner’s overall length is calculated from the top of the backrest to the bottom of the footrest. Choose a model with a 6 inch longer length than you.

As you lie down, you will be able to fully stretch your legs, offering you the most comfort possible. Stretching in a chair might help you reduce tension as a tall person, especially if you’ve been sitting for long periods.

Seat Size

Choose a chair with a seat width that allows you to sit comfortably on your bottom. This crucial element is frequently missed. As a tall person, you want a wide enough seat to accommodate your back and hips without being too confining.

While recliner seats are available in a variety of widths, there are also giant recliners that can accommodate two persons.

Recliner’s Mechanism

In today’s market, there are two different sorts of reclining mechanisms. Choose between a manual and a power reclining chair. Electric recliners require a nearby outlet to function. You can recline your seat with the touch of a button rather than using a lever with this type of system.

If you choose a manual reclining mechanism, make sure the lever is simple to reach while sitting in the chair.

Room Coverage

Consider the size of your home or office. Choose power lift recliners for big and tall that fit the available area if your room is small. The majority of tall guy recliners open outward, which means they might run into a wall if there isn’t enough room.

As a precaution, measure the area as well as the recliner’s size before making your purchase. Make sure the chair is fully reclined before obtaining any measurements.

Ergonomics and Coziness

Make no concessions when it comes to comfort. The purpose of a recliner is to provide you with pleasant and restful moments. Some versions can recline up to 180 degrees, letting you customize your reclining angle to meet your specific requirements.


It would be best if you never neglected the importance of safety. Recliners might be dangerous due to their moving parts. Double-check that the chair doesn’t pinch you when placing the footrest down.

When your skin becomes trapped in the footrest mechanism, it can be a very uncomfortable experience. Avoid recliners with ample space between the seat and the extended footrest since children or dogs could fall through. Make sure the gap is filled in.

Constructing Material 

Select a seat with the appropriate cover material. This is because it has an impact on the longevity of your recliner. A suitable material is both easy to clean and breathable.

Leather and cotton are the most frequent materials available, and they have a lovely appearance and are low-maintenance.


Look for extra features and functionalities that come with the chair because they contribute to the overall value. Gliding and rocking are examples of this, and they can help you relax while also increasing the mobility of your chair. Some recliners offer a massaging function that helps to relax tired muscles and pressure points, boosting blood circulation. The power lift feature lets you get out of your chair more efficiently and pleasantly.

Pocket Friendly

The cost of purchasing some recliners can be pretty high, and consider your budget to choose a chair that suits your requirements. To get the ideal chair with the characteristics you desire at a reasonable price, conduct considerable research on the models offered by various manufacturers.

Buying A Chair Suitable to Your Height

While purchasing a reclining chair via the internet is becoming increasingly common, not everyone is willing to do so. It’s better to look for tall recliner chairs in your local furniture store for the most acceptable results.

Before purchasing, you can literally touch, feel, and even smell the chair in the store. This is the most accurate means of determining whether or not a chair will be large enough for your body.

However, enticing elements like extra padding, pushbuttons, and drink containers should not be overlooked. The game’s goal is to choose a recliner that is comfortable for your tall frame.

We are sometimes so taken with the chair’s comfort that we overlook that our feet are dangling over the end or our heads are not adequately supported.

This could result in you purchasing a too-small chair for you once the initial phase of comfort and wow appeal has worn off. As a result, always strive to buy a reclining chair that is ideal for someone tall.


You may read all you want about power lift recliners for big and tall on the internet, but until you sit in one and fully recline, it’s impossible to know if it’ll fit your body.

Nothing is more frustrating for a tall person than attempting to get comfortable in a chair that isn’t meant for someone over 6 feet tall.

So, to make your decision a little easier, watch this short video that highlights the key aspects to consider when purchasing tall person recliners.

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