Top 9 Best Petite Electric Recliner Chairs | Latest Petite Recliners (Buyer’s Guide)

A petite is a person who is usually 5’4 or smaller, considering that does not have any perks, but they actually have really good perks when it comes to small sizes.

They have extra-large space in seats, whether it is train or flight. That’s why they also have large space in their recliners.

This is also one of the downsides of finding a piece of furniture which is suitable for you, the reason in which we have written a very good article about the best petite electric recliner chairs.

This is really tough to find a power recliner that works for you as expected. But as I mentioned, the options are very limited when you want to buy a recliner that fits you nicely and is also comfortable enough to feel relaxed in it.

But don’t worry, I have compiled a list of the best petite electric recliner chairs.

Petite Electric Recliner Chairs

Quick Look of Top 9 Best Petite Electric Recliner Chairs

ImageProductDetails  Price
Esright Electric Power Lift Petite Recliner
Material: Composite Material

105 pounds

LxWxH: ‎
35 x 36.25 x 41.75 inches

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backpacMcombo Small Electric Power Lift ReclinerMaterial: Faux Leather

125 pounds

LxWxH: ‎
30 x 32 x 42.5 inches

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cordlessblowerPride Mobility LC-358PW 3-Position Lift Chair ReclinerMaterial: Textile

125 pounds

LxWxH: ‎
30 x 32 x 42.5 inches

Pride Mobility
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Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair Recliner
Material: Breather Leather

126.5 pounds

LxWxH: ‎
37.6 x 31.3 x 42.52 inches

Irene House
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cordlessblowerPower Lift Petite Recliner Chair with Massage and HeatMaterial: Textile

72 pounds

22 x 31.5 x 40.9 inches

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cordlessblowerMecor Power Lift Petite Chair Lift ReclinerMaterial: Waterproof PU Leather

Weight Support: 
330 lbs

LxWxH: ‎
33.5 x 35.8 x 41.3 inches

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cordlessblowerMerax Electric Power Lift Recliner ChairMaterial: Short Plush, Spring Pack + New Foam

117.6 pounds

LxWxH: ‎
‎39 x 41 x 40 inches

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1. Esright Electric Power Lift Petite Recliner – Our Pick

Petite power lift or Electric Recliner Chairs

Recliners are highly famous and familiar these days as they offer you a very comfortable spot to unwind toward the end of a long tiring day.

They will, in general, be more agreeable than standard chair seats. Since Recliners can change their point or angle to whatever is generally suitable for you, they will normally have more customization and characteristics.

For instance, a few chairs can turn around, have a controller rather than manual activity, and even have warming and back rub capacities.

Different chairs are standard as far as with their own features yet are basic and agreeable, with practically no type of complexity. 

Today, we will be going over the best petite electric recliner chairs that are specifically designed for petite or small persons.

Having comfortable features of modest size and space covering style, the ‘Esright Electric power Recliner’ will be best for you if you need a small recliner. 

Key Features:

● It has fantastic massage points through vibration and a remote-controlled lumbar heat system. 

● It is made of high quality and durable upholstery that makes it convenient. 

● Besides, this fantastic recliner also has a USB port, side pockets, and cup- holders that add a lot to its services.

  • Easy installation
  • Super convenient assembly
  • Modest size
  • Standard height
  • Supportive steel frame
  • Stylish design
  • Maybe there will be a bit of delay in shipping.
  • A little bit small in size(suitable for 5’1 to 5’9)

2. Mcombo Small Electric Power Lift Recliner – Excellent Performance

petite or small Electric Power Lift Recliner

Our Macomb small-sized Electric power Lift, Recliner Chair Sofa, will help the petite persons stand up or rest effortlessly. Electric-controlled lift instruments could lift you quickly and securely.

The controller initiates changes between leanings back, sitting, and lifting and can stop at any situation in the middle with the control button.

You will have limitless leaning back positions with this excellent quiet engine.

It will give its best services as a petite electric recliner chair with a customizable backrest; our lift seat is helpful for ideal solace, ideal for perusing, sitting in front of the TV.

Adjusting to the reclining mechanism, the back rub chair seat upholds your neck, back, thigh, and legs in right points to offer the most extreme solace.

Key Features:

● It has a counter-controlled lifting mechanism for secure and convenient up and down lifting. 

● It is wisely kept in small size, keeping the physical traits of petite persons in mind.

● It is made up of super comfortable faux leather that makes it easy to clean.

  • USB charging port
  • Cup holders on both sides
  • Dual side pockets
  • Easy to maintain
  • Convenient assembly
  • Handy to clean
  • A little bit big for those who want its height less than 5 feet.
  • A little bit expensive.

3. Pride Mobility LC-358PW 3-Position Lift Chair Recliner – Easy To Use

Petite Electric Recliner Chairs

Following up, we have the position of Lift Chair Recliner, which is the meaning of basic yet practical and agreeable. No warming, no rubbing, no complexity at all.

All there is a somewhat straightforward mechanical framework to permit it to move as a chair. 

In the event that you don’t need anything touchy, assuming you need something simple but functional, which would most likely fix yourself with a touch of skill and the devices to do it, something solid and handily set, this is the best chair for you.

What’s more, as we referenced, it is very agreeable, without any stunts to it. It is specially designed as a Petite electric recliner chair.

It utilizes delicate fabrics as its material of decision, with a customizable stool and thick cushioning for sure.

The armrests are comprehensive for your solace, and the footrest is thoroughly cushioned to guarantee ease over significant unbend of utilization.

Key Features:

● It has a very smooth reclining mechanism; with a single button push, you can lift yourself up or down as per your comfort. 

● It has a soft eye-catching fabric that is beautiful and useful at the same time. 

● It has a very convenient mechanism of mobility.

  • Eye-catching fabric
  • Contemporary design
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to recline
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Strong hardwood frame
  • A little more space covering
  • A little bit expensive

4. Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair Recliner – Leather Pick

dual motor Petite Electric Recliner Chairs

The electric and double-engine controls irene House lift seat, high-quality engine OKIN engines are incredible, efficient, and autonomously operating.

The backrest and stool can be flexible and independent.

You can get any position you need effectively, lifting this chair by the 4 buttons hand regulator. Push the whole seat up to assist seniors or petite people with standing up effectively.

It’s excellent for individuals who have leg/back issues or individuals who face problems after a medical procedure.

It is also helpful for petite people because it is designed explicitly as a petite electric recliner chair. 

The backrest can be worked from 105°to 180°, and the ottoman can be performed from 90° to 180°. The position lock of the lift seat is limitless.

You can lean back to practice even out or any degree over that (with or without raising the footstool), and the seat lift―which can be raised and brought down to an ideal degree―is a remarkable component.

Expanding the ottoman and leaning back highlight permits you to extend and unwind completely, such as perusing, resting, staring at the TV, etc. 

 It has a solid wood frame. Side pocket configuration makes a perfect spot for you to put small and other little belongings. Two additional widespread back tires make it simple to move.

Key Features:

● It has high-quality cushioned and thick seating or armrests that adds a lot to its comfort. 

● It has a smooth and comfortable cover of high-quality leather. 

● It has waterproof skin covering that makes it easy to clean.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Durable upholstery
  • Top-quality metal casing
  • Great design
  • Stylish layout
  • Easy to move
  • A bit pricey
  • It is a little big in size

5. Power Lift Petite Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat – Affordable

small Electric Recliner Chairs

Recliner chair seats have a quality of extreme comfort in them. Sitting on petite electric recliner chairs gives a pleasant, loosened-up feeling, unlike different seats because it is designed with the latest design and upgraded features, especially for petite people.

In any case, recliners are not simply a chair but are unlikely they have numerous substantial advantages. In the event that you are considering buying one, there are a lot of benefits to claiming a leaning back seat. 

Any individual who works for extended periods realizes that sitting long influences the bloodstream and can leave one inclination tired. It’s undesirable and can prompt unexpected problems.

A chair seat manages issues that an individual faces after a tiring routine since it permits them to lean back the seat and rest their back and feet.

It is the ideal way of remaining sound while at work. It wisely increases productivity and enhances blood circulation. 

If you are looking for an ideal recline for petite people, then please have a look at the fantastic features of this available product as follows:

Key Features:

● It can give a smooth massage through fabric heated vibration that will add to your comfort. 

● This living room recliner chair has a USB port for your convenience in recharging your gadget while watching TV. 

● It has two attached side pockets that help you keep your required things like remote or magazine at your hand distance.

  • Soothing look
  • Smooth reclining motion
  • Super comfortable
  • Easy to move
  • Handy to operate
  • Convenient in cleaning
  • It may be slightly different from the picture in appearance features like colour.
  • Little expensive

6. Mecor Power Lift Petite Chair Lift Recliner – Lay Flate Option

Power Lift Petite Chair Lift Recliner

There are many recliners available on the market. Most of them have the same quality and features, but some are specially or specifically designed.

Mecor Power Recliner is one of these specially designed recliners. It is designed explicitly as a petite electric recliner chair. It can help in improving the quality of life for petite people. 

More established individuals, people like our elders, typically have mobility issues, which can influence their satisfaction.

Recliners are ideal for them because they can help a more established grown-up go here and there, permitting them to rest, and do different nuts and bolts, for example, will eat without issues.

Best of all, a recliner for the petite can give old individuals freedom, which can be an extraordinary wellspring of satisfaction.

They don’t have to have somebody lift them each time they need to do essential undertakings like rests or stretching their legs. 

Key Features:

● It has two motors two assist you in lifting and reclining. 

● It can give you massage through vibration and has a heating lumber 

● It is comfortable because of its high-quality leather and delightful composition.

  • Waterproof soft leather
  • Easy to clean
  • Automatic reclining
  • Comfortable footrest
  • Easily adjustable
  • Ideally designed
  • It may be slightly oversized.
  • Little expensive

7. Merax Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

Power Lift Petite Chair Lift Recliner

A recliner is a thing that you want after a long tiring day. Suppose how you feel when you sit on it with your back loose in a leaning back position and your feet raised.

This is the thing that we as a whole love to do after spending a long, fatiguing day paying little consideration to what work we have.

While purchasing a chair seat, you really wanted to think about the design, style, and material according to your plan and way of life.

This is the motivation behind why the advanced chair seat accompanies a variety of shading, style, and design. 

Usually, recliner chairs offer two positions: upstanding and leaning back. It might have either a switch that you push or a straightforward push to the rear of the seat to make it lean back. 

Recliners are incredible to have at any home. Some recliners like petite electric recliner chairs have even had additional elements or features like flexible headrests, a backrest, cup holders, heating lumbar, and a massage system. 

These recliner chairs are designed for petite people but can give comfort to all adults with their unique features. Comfort is the most certifiable justification behind having a chair seat. 

On sitting on this fantastic recliner, all your strain, stress, and work pressure will be released. One more advantage of utilizing a recliner is, it can ease the heat off your joints and makes you agreeable the time you sit on it.

As the seat can be moved at the button’s dash, you can pick the most appropriate position.

Key Features:

• It is available in a variety of color schemes so that you can enjoy the facility compatible with your taste

• It has an automatic reclining system that will allow you to relax efficiently.

• It is soft and super comfortable for you to permit yourself to unwind conveniently.

  • High-quality leather
  • Strong and hardwood frame
  • Smooth reclining
  • Easy lifting
  • Extra stuffed cushions
  • Stylish layout
  • Maybe a bit delay in shipping
  • A bit different from the picture in colour traits due to the presence of light at the time of the photoshoot.

How to Pick Up Recliner for a Petite Person, Buying Guide

There are many types of recliners right now in the market, and choosing from them is easy, but sometimes it gets really hard.

For example, the recliner is normally designed for normal height people and very few for different types of people.

And also, choose the form that may give you a headache because you don’t know what you are going for and what your recliner needs to have.

But don’t worry, I will provide a list of factors you need to have in your petite electric recliner chairs.


The height is really important in this recliner category because when you have to recline, then it’s really hard to get off from your recliner.

That’s why you need to have at least three inches of height of your recliner from your height because it’s really hard to get off a normal recliner if you are petite.

If your height is 60 inches, you should go for a recliner that is less than 63 inches, and you also need to avoid that recliner that does not support headrest or neck support.

This is all you need to know when some tell you about the height of a recliner for a petite. It would be best if you forgot everything else.

Weight Capacity:

This is an essential feature that you need to consider before ordering a recliner. When you are a small and short person, you don’t need a very heavy recliner that you can’t even move.

A recliner is a comfortable piece of furniture, and you need to avoid damaging your back or yourself. We mention the weights of each recliner in the details of each recliner so you can choose and select a recliner that can suit your weight.

It also includes a frame that is not that heavy but durable enough to support your weight easily.

You also need to keep an eye on the width of your recliner because if you buy a recliner that is not wide enough, then maybe it does not sound comfortable for you.

That is why you need to keep track of the width and height of the recliner.

Rocking Feature:

As I mentioned above, a recliner is a very comfortable piece of furniture, and if you want to buy a recliner for comfort, then you need to have a Rocking feature.

It is really comfortable, and it also helps your baby put him into sleep and put you into sleep.

I also recommend that when you are looking for a rocking feature, you need to confirm that it has lumbar support and a padded armrest because it gives you comfort.

Reclining Mechanism:

There is a different mechanism in a recliner. The main types of recliners are manual recliner and power recliner, which is also known as electric recliners.

A manual recliner is a recliner that can be relined manually by pulling a lever on its side. The other type is an electric recliner which can be reclined just by the press of a button.

In both of the mechanisms, there is a difference in its recline mechanism.

A manual recliner needs you to pull that lever to activate your recliner in that recliner, and in electricity, it can be activated only by the press of a button.

If you are lazy and don’t want to pull the lever again, you need to go with a recliner with an electric mechanism; otherwise, you can choose a manual recliner.

I recommend that you need to go with a power recliner because it is really comfortable and easy to recline.


The recliner is a piece of furniture that is recommended as comfortable, and most people use it to relax after getting home from a hard and long day. That’s why most people use it and like it.

That is also the reason every kind of person wants to buy a recliner which is also petite people want to have. A petite means short people who have a height of 5’4 are less.

In the above article, I first provide you with a buying guide that will help you choose a suitable recliner.

Then we give you a list of the best petite electric recliner chairs in which you can choose from different types of recliners and select the one you like the most.

In the end, I want to say, please clean your country and your planet cleaner.

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