How To Sit In Recliner With Sciatica? | Complete Guide & Tips

If you are suffering and falling into sciatica while sitting, do you need to know how to sit in recliner with sciatica? It is very hard to deal with and especially during your working days. We all know that our most common activity is sitting.

We sit in the car, at the office, and at dinner because standing all the time all day is not a good or viable solution. You can relieve your pain by sitting properly in a power lift recliner or any other chair.

If you ever have sciatica, you know how difficult and painful it is to sit for a long time and even more harsh while sleeping in a recliner. In sciatica, it is very painful for a person to do the simplest task of the day like sitting, standing, driving and eating, etc.

sitting with the pain of sciatica can be wrought with and very discomfort. The pain from sciatica is so painful, and it is becoming very difficult to eat with your family at the dining table.

How To Sit In Recliner With Sciatica

How To Sit In Recliner With Sciatica? Let’s Div Inside:

Reason for Getting Sciatica:

Sciatica is basically happening from sitting for a very long time. Most of our day time passes by sitting and that is the main reason for getting Sciatica.

Most people spend the busy day sitting in the office doing work while others sit in recliner chairs just to chill and relax.

The sciatica nerve is made from the nerve root of your lower body (the L4, L5, L1, L2, and S3 nerve roots). These nerves are joined together to form and make the sciatica nerve.

That sciatica nerve comes out of your buttock near to your site bones which are the bones people sit on.

Whenever you are sitting for a very long time, you put a lot of pressure on your buttock and put pressure on your sciatica nerve, and as a result, it enters your buttock. You feel pain in your lower back, and you can’t even sit properly.

There is also another reason in which you can get sciatic. When you use a couch, sofa, or recliner; also, you are sitting in a way that your back does not support properly. As a result, your back is not well supported, and that creates a lot of arch for your back. 

Sitting in that way makes too many arches for your back, which narrows the space, making the nerve root make up the sciatic nerve exit from your spine, which potentially irritates the nerve. Combine it with the fact that your back is not supplied by the recliner. 

As a result, your back muscles can’t even relax, and this regular and constant tension of your muscles creates compression on your spine, which furthermore irritates the nerve root and makes up your sciatic nerve.

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Make Some Changes in your Sitting Position:

You should need to make small changes in your sitting because it makes a very big difference in your daily life and symptoms. Here we have some basic sitting positions to relieve sciatica.

It would be best if you learned some essential tips and precautions while sitting in a recliner, couch, or sofa for a long time to avoid getting sciatica. Given below, we explain in detail how to sit in a recliner with sciatica and how to sit on a sofa with sciatica.

How to Sit in a Recliner with Sciatica; Essential Tips:

There are tips on how you can sit in a recliner without getting Sciatica.

  • Slide all the way back into your recliner chair and get into a place on the recliner where you can really rest your back on the back of the recliner.
  • The second thing you need to do is ensure that your back is not arched while you are in the recliner.
  • After the third step, you need to keep your legs and knees bent instead of keeping them straight while you are reclining in your chair. Flat and straight legs cause an arch in the lower part of your back. Keeping your legs bent while you are reclining gives the best position to your back and prevents you from getting Sciatica.

You need to follow the basic step if you don’t want to get Sciatica while sitting. There are some rules for couch sitting and avoiding Sciatica while sitting in it. Maybe a little bit of difference from the recliner.

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How to Sit on a Couch with Sciatica?

Whenever you are sitting on a couch, you need to make sure that your back and butt should hit the couch seat, which is very important.

Below are the tips and precautions to avoid Sciatica while sitting on a couch.

  • Whenever you sit on a couch, try to apply equal pressure on both sides of your body to the couch. If you apply more pressure on one side, then the pressure distribution will be disturbed, leading you to some serious problems.
  • After that, make sure that you scoot your back to the backrest of the couch, so your back gets flat with the backrest of the couch.
  • The third step is about legs. If your feet can’t touch the ground, you need to put them on the ottoman. Also, you can use to put a pillow under your knees or put your feet flat on the extra seat of the couch but make sure your knees need to be bent.

These are the basic tips and precautions you need to apply whenever you sit in a recliner a sofa, or any other chair to avoid Sciatica because it is a very painful experience.

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This article was all about avoiding sciatica pain while sitting in a recliner, couch, and a normal chair. Here, we discussed some basic tips and precautions for avoiding sciatica while sitting in a recliner, and we also gave some basic tips about avoiding it while sitting on a couch.

We hope you found these tips and precautions helpful, which will help you relieve your sciatica problem whenever you sit in a recliner. We hope your search about “How To Sit In Recliner With Sciatica.” would end here.

Besides this, if you have any queries call us in the comment section. Keep your county clean and keep planet EARTH clean.

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