How To Restuff Recliner Footrest? |Few Simple Steps to Follow

Have a query in your mind on how to restuff recliner footrest? then you are at the right article where you will find exact and straightforward steps to make your process easy.

Most people have affection for their recliners, and they prefer using their old manual recliner instead of a new power recliner.

But most of the time, old recliners have problems with their upholstery and especially their footrest, which is why they are the perfect way to restuff recliner footrest.

Restuffing your old recliner footrest allows you to use your old recliner and saves you money to buy a new recliner for your needs. Most users don’t give up the old recliner because they use it and are addicted to that recliner.

The process of restuffing is usually done by a professional, but you can also do it by yourself because it’s not that hard to do yourself. All you need is some basic stuff and know how to use it.

The restuffing recliner footrest material depends on recliner models, and you will need materials according to your recliner’s model.

The tools that would help you reupholster a recliner’s footrest are a stapler, wrench, new fabric, and screwdriver for unscrewing screws, now scroll down to the complete process.

How To Restuff Recliner Footrest

How To Restuff Recliner Footrest? Few Simple Steps Process.

The recliner is basically used for relaxation, and the things that make it comfortable are its smooth motion and upholstery. Upholstery really plays an essential role in its comfort.

The upholstery provides you comfort, whether it’s in the headrest, armrest, or footrest. Sometimes the upholstery gets wasted in the footrest and then no longer comfortable as it is meant to be then you need to restuff it.

The restuffing of the recliner is divided into a couple of steps, and you need to follow them in order to restuff a recliner’s footrest. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in.


The first step is to flip over the overall recliner in order to access the backside of the footrest. Now remove the footrest from the metal extender with the help of a screwdriver or a wrench.

If your recliner has a removable footrest, then you don’t have to flip over the entire recliner; just remove the footrest.


After flipping over the footrest, you will see its backside. It’s time to open it slowly because you don’t want to tear the footrest cover, then you have to buy that too.

Start opening the footrest backrest with the help of a screwdriver or wrench. Make sure you place the footrest on something soft.

This step is the same for both removable footrest and attached footrest.


Now it’s time to take out the fresh upholstery. Stretch out this new upholstery fabric and place it near the footrest. You can avoid this step if you have children around or someone else who can mess around with this new upholstery. You can also do it later when you put it inside of the footrest.


Now take out the old and damaged upholstery from the footrest and start placing new upholstery. Press the fabric in all the sides slowly and respectively to its edges. Slowly pushing the fabric taut in the result of which the material looks nice.

Take time with this step because some people let gaps while they are re-stuffing them most of the time.


After placing all the new fabric in the footrest, start stapling the fabric along the footrest boards’ edges an inch or two inches apart. If the material is excess, then trim some of it with the help of scissors, making it clear and nice looking.


After that, you need to check the corners of the footrest; sometimes, those corners have less fabric, so make sure you tuck corners neatly and appropriately. Staple the edge of the corner, too, with a backing board. In case you have excess fabric, then don’t forget to trim it.


After finishing with the fabric, it’s time to close the footrest the way you open it in the first place. It’s just the reverse of that step. If you have a removable footrest, you have to put it back in the recliner; otherwise, you have to reset the recliner, which you upside down for restuffing of its footrest.


Recliner footrest damage is one of the common problems which can be solved by proper procedure and which is why people ask about how to restuff recliner footrests? Most people think recliner footrest restuffing is complex, and you can’t do it yourself.

The above article will provide you with a complete and straightforward method to restuff your recliner footrest by yourself.

If you have any sort of question about the above article, let me know. In the end, I just want to say that please protect your mother nature from destruction.

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