How To Replace D-Ring Recliner Handle? | Do It In Few Steps

Are you tired and frustrated with your recliner’s broken D-ring handle, and do you want to know how to replace the D-ring recliner handle and fix it? Well, it only is fixed by replacing it.

If you are looking away to fix this problem by yourself at home, then you are at the right place because I’m going to tell you how to do it the right and easy way.

It’s really simple, but you need a little effort so you can fix the handle of your comfortable recliner all by yourself, just like professionals. All you need is some tools along the way and some easy steps to follow.

So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into it.

How To Replace D-Ring Recliner Handle? | Do It In Few Steps

How To Replace D-Ring Recliner Handle:

The D-Ring handle in a recliner is very crucial, which may tear and sometimes wear over time. It may also get stripped or broken over time.

When a cable is broken and damaged, it makes your recliner malfunction, and it doesn’t work accordingly, so you need to fix it.

Material And Tools You’ll Need.

• A screwdriver (you can also use manual or electric).

• A pair of needle-nose pliers.

• Replacement cable and handle.

Step By Step Instruction:

Most of the flappers and D-pulls have the same style function, but they are only different in their location. The Flapper style mostly mounts on the outside arm while the D pull-type mounts in the cushions.

Step 1: Check The Handle:

First, you need to check the handle, which is under the ottoman. It would be best if you pulled the d-pull or lever on the handle.

Step 2: Remove the Screws of the Handle

After removing the cushion, you would see that two wood screws hold the handle in the flapper-style handle. Those screws are only located on the outside arm.

Screws for the D-pull handle are usually in between the cushions, and those screws are usually positioned at the bottom of the lever most of the time.

Now you have to remove those screws with the help of a screwdriver, but you need to do this carefully and not take out the cable and handle yet. Let them have a hand. Please don’t overdo it because it may rip the leather or fabric of your recliner.

Most of the time, the screw doesn’t come with the replacement handle, so you should keep it safe because you need to place it back.

Step 3: Find The Cables and Bottom End.

After that step, you will need to find the cable in the bottom end where it comes from and where it connects to the chair itself. For this purpose, you will need to flip the entire recliner upside down.

If you want, you can put a protective sheet on the floor for that to avoid any additional damage to the recliner.

After standing the recliner on its back, you will see the bottom end where the existing cable is shown. The cable is attached to the mechanism that releases the trigger in two main places. At the mechanism, release the clip and s-shaped tip.

Step 4: Remove Trigger Mechanism

Once you need to find the piece, then you need to release the locking mechanism on the recliner. There is a small hook shape, which is usually connected to the chair. You can also release it by hand but need to remember it for later.

It would help if you also released the tension of your recliner cables by simply removing the s-tip, and for that, you need to release the trigger toward you.

Now you have to squeeze that clip that is attached to the lever and that plastic cover cable of the recliner.

Now just use a needle-nose or the flat screwdriver to pull the clip so that it can come out easily from where it is connected. If the clip broke, then don’t worry because you are not using it.

After removing the tip and releasing the clip mechanism, you pull the entire mechanism out of the hole-level side. This step is a little hard, but it uses little determination and patience.

Step 5: Insert the Replacement Cable:

This step is the reverse step of the procedure, as mentioned above. Now you have to take that new mechanism and gently give feedback to that replacement cable back through that side of the recliner where you took it and remove the old broken ones.

Place the clip into the slot where you remove the old clip. Now clear fully fix it by rocking the recliner back and forth and keep doing it until it snaps into the required place.

Now gently pull that trigger toward you and now insert the s-tip into the hole of the trigger. You can also push that lever down to do it accordingly.

Step 6: Fix the Handle Back.

For this step, make sure that the recliner is in the upright position now, fix the handle into the empty slot, and you need to be careful to up the holes.

Now take those screws back to their position from where you unscrewed them in the first place. After putting the screws on the handle, it’s time to put them back in the right position. Also, insert those other screws which have been removed earlier.

Step 7: Testing:

This is the final step of the query “how to replace D-ring recliner handle”, and it needs to be checked and make sure that the recliner handles and cable work properly.

If it doesn’t work properly, then you will be missing something or have done something wrong, and to fix this, you need to re-trace those steps and make sure you did it accordingly.

Final Thoughts on How To Replace D-Ring Recliner Handle:

How to replace the D-ring recliner handle is the question that most people looking for and want to find the answer to, and that’s why this article is here for you and which also will get the job done.

In the above article, we completely describe the full procedure for changing and replacing the D-ring in the recliner and sure will help you, but if you have any additional questions, let me know in the comment section. In the end, I just want to say that please clean your country and your planet.

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