How to Put a Swivel Base on a Lazyboy Recliner? | Few Steps Process (2022)

A recliner has many features, and a swivel is one of them. Well, most recliners have this feature, but some don’t, and that is where this article comes in, which can teach you how to put a swivel base on a lazyboy recliner?

Well, the problem is that in most of the old recliners and even in the new recliners, you don’t have a swivel base, and you have to move the overall recliner from one side to another. But in a swivel base, you don’t have to constantly move the overall recliner and just move left to the right, and the recliner moves well.

We will provide you with a complete procedure on how to install a swivel base in a recliner, no matter what your reason and problem are for installing it.

Swivel Base on a Recliner:

We will describe to you how to put a swivel base on a lazyboy recliner, but first, you need to know what a swivel base on a recliner is. So let’s get to it.

A swivel base is one of the main parts of a recliner whose main feature is to move from left to right. In furniture, only a few have this feature, and a recliner is one of them. This also allows you to turn to either side, so you don’t have to move and constantly turn for both sides.

The regular cost of a swivel base recliner is about 150 to 250 dollars, which is not that expensive.

How to Put a Swivel Base on a Lazyboy Recliner

How to Put a Swivel Base on a Lazyboy Recliner?

The complete process of putting a swivel base on a lazy boy recliner is divided into a couple of primary steps, and that is defined down below. So, without wasting any time, let’s get to it.

Removing the Screws:

This step is all about removing the old base from the old lazy boy recliner. You can do it by removing the screws which hold the base. Unscrew the ones which are close to you and make your way to the additional screws.

Removing The Base:

After removing all the screws from the base, it is time to take off and remove that old base from the recliner, which should be easy. The base may be a little bit heavy, so be careful with that.

Head Cap:

In this step, you have to screw the head cap of the new swivel base onto the headboard. The cap can be held using bolts or wooden screws, and the number of screws depends upon the number of holes in the base.

These are very important because they increase the stability of your recliner. In this step, you also need to know and measure the height from the floor and decide the height of your recliner. Sometimes there are no holes in the headboard, so don’t worry about that and make some holes using a drill machine.

Installing Swivel Base:

In the final phase, you just need to install the swivel base into your lazy boy recliner. This part is not that hard but quite an easy one. You need some screws and some bolts through which you just hold the base with.

You need to install those screws to their points in the wheelbase and ensure that bolts and screws are tighter and don’t come off.

Caring the New Swivel Base:

After the installation is done, it’s time to take care of it. The swivel base recliner is made from different materials like leather, plastic, and metal. You need to know what swivel base recliner you are installing because they all have different clean and caring methods.

If your recliner has a metal swivel base, then you can clean it only with a clean and wipe it dry cloth. The plastic swivel base should be cleaned with a regular vacuum cleaner, and it will suck all the dust from the base.

The leather swivel can only be cleaned with professionals because you can clean it with cloth and even use water.


A question which is how to put a swivel base on a lazyboy recliner is arising by those who don’t have a swivel base recliner or have a swivel base recliner but need upgradation is answered in the article above.

Our team did a lot of research and provided you with the complete procedure of how to put a swivel base in a recliner. The process is straightforward, and all you have is some bolts, screws, and a drill machine.

If you have any sort of question or query, then let me know in the comment section. In the end, I just want some awareness about nature because it is our future.

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