How to Move a Recliner by Yourself? – 3 Easy Steps

If you are having a hard time moving your recliner and want to know how to move a recliner by yourself, you are at the right place.

Recliners are not only hard to move because of their heavyweight but also a significant risk that you might break the recliner if you don’t do it properly. 

Using a few easy steps, you can move the heavy recliners smoothly and in no time. The recliner has a different mechanism than other chairs and sofas; therefore, they need different approaches to be moved safely from place to place.

Following the right guide, you would not need a team to move your recliner; you can do it yourself. 

From this article, you can not only learn how to move a recliner safely but also avoid what not to do. Below is the guide we have precisely written to assist you in moving your recliner in the most efficient way possible.  

How to Move a Recliner by Yourself? - 3 Easy Steps

How to Move a Recliner by Yourself:

Use Sliders to Move your Recliner:

The slider, also referred to as a glider, is a small-sized protective material attached to the recliner to safeguard it from getting scratches while moving it.

You can have sliders which are made from different materials such as plastic, rubber, etc. This small material is cheap but can save you a lot of money.

If your recliner gets scratches during the shifting, its price will drop drastically. Sliders for recliners are available in various sizes and shapes.

Also, there are suiting slider materials for different types of materials used in a recliner. That’s why always mention the materials of your recliner and floor to the sellers. You will get the products that suit your recliner the most. 

Use Blankets to Move your Recliner:

Recliners most often have very fragile surfaces, such as fabric or leather upholstery. You can use blankets instead of sliders to avoid the scratches on the recliner while moving it.

Blankets have cotton and polyester that protects the surface of the recliner. You have a variety of moving blankets in different sizes and shapes.

Wrap the blanket around the recliner before moving and on top of it, wrap a plastic covering to solidify the protection of the recliner. Your recliner is ready to move safely. 

Use Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps: 

Shoulder dollies are straps that help you lift the weight with ease. During the use, you attach the dolly straps to your shoulders.

Dolly straps can be used while your hands are free. Instead of your hands, you will primarily use your leg muscles. Shoulder dolly moving straps has excellent ease of use.

You just attach the harness to your head and place the buckle in front. Tip the lifting strap under the recliner, or slide the belt under if your chair has legs. Move the strap to the recliner’s center to distribute the weight equally.

If someone is available to assist you, dolly moving straps are a great option. Also, these straps are the most efficient solution if you want to move the recliner to an upper portion.  

Fасtоrѕ to Consider When Moving Your Rесlinеr

This can assist you if you have hired professional movers to relocate your recliner safety. In case you are moving your recliner alone, you need to keep some dos and don’ts in mind that will increase the safety of your recliner. It would help if you kept the following factors in mind while moving your recliner. 


Wrap your recliner with a stainless material to protect it from stains and damage because no one wants to spend time in a recliner with stains on it.

Always use a large-sized cover that can safeguard the seat and leaves no gaps for the damage to take place. Make sure that you cover the recliner effectively.

The covers should stay intact throughout the shifting process. The cover should not lift off during the moving because it can cause a lot of damage to the recliner. 

Secure the Feet of the Recliner: 

The feet of the recliner are the most vulnerable while moving your recliner. Make sure to cover every foot with materials such as plastic, newspaper, or some kind of tape.

These items are easily available at your local stores. This approach is the cheapest and easiest to apply for moving your recliner to another place.  

Weight of the Recliner:

You should know about the weight limit of your recliner. Almost every recliner is too heavy to lift on your own. For moving a heavy recliner, consider moving it using the straps.

Also, if you want to secure the chair while moving, applying the dolly with the ropes on the moving track would be easy. Offloading can get you the most efficient results.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do all Recliners come apart? 

The back of the recliner can come off using different strategies based on the recliner’s mechanism.

Some recliners have levers within the seams, which separate the back of the recliner from the chair. A screwdriver can do well to take the lever of the recliner.  

Are Recliners easy to Move? 

The weight of the recliner can make it difficult to move the recliner. Also, the size of the recliner can play an important role in moving the recliner through the doorway.

If you take measurements before moving your recliner, it can move easily.  


We are hoping that you have solved your problem using our guide. We make sure to assist you with any problems regarding recliners.

If you have any queries related to recliners, you can find answers on our website. You are welcome to visit our site again.  

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