How to keep Recliner from Sliding on Wood Floor?  Few Useful Techniques To Follow

The sliding of the recliner on the wooden floor does not only decrease the comfort level but also damages the wooden floor. However, You can learn how to keep recliner from sliding on wood floor very easily from our guide. 

Due to very minimum friction between the chair and floor, the recliner slides whenever the force of the body is applied on the recliner in the opposite direction.

Increasing the friction of the firm due to which the recliner does not slide on the floor. We will need a tool that stops the sliding and does not leave marks on the floor. 

Many tools and techniques are used to tackle this problem, but different types of floors and recliners require various tools.

You will need to pick the method that best suits your combination of floor and recliner. In the guide below, we have presented different ways you can solve this problem. 

How to keep Recliner from Sliding on Wood Floor

How to keep Recliner from Sliding on Wood Floor? Let’s Dive Inside:

Below are the useful techniques that you need to follow.

 Apply Cork Pads:

Implementing this method is simple. Put the round-shaped cork pads underneath the four corners of the recliner’s base.

The size of the cork pads should be slightly more significant than the metal frame in order to make the grip firm.

This is the most commonly used solution because of its low price and environmental friendliness. Although, it could not be a permanent solution due to its less durability time frame. A replacement of the pads is necessary after a few months. 

You can also stop the recliner from sliding on the carpet check the guide and get all the points.

Apply Non-Slipping Furniture Grippers:  

This method is considered to be the most efficient when it comes to longevity, provided that the furniture is not moved frequently.

It is applied to any piece of furniture to stop them from sliding on the wooden floor. Made out of a rubber material available in different shapes such as round and squared.

The furniture sits on top of these rubber grippers, and the friction increases between the two edges. These rubber grippers are low in cost and easy to install but not highly aesthetic.

Another limitation it has is its usability on recliners having feet and not the frame base. 

Apply Thick Rug:

  A thick rug is the most expensive yet most reliable and long-lasting solution in regards to solving how to keep the recliner from sliding on the wood floor.

This solution works best for metal base recliners and small-size rugs; however, they are challenging to find.

However, Thin rugs end up rolling on the sides and don’t look aesthetically pleasing; therefore, thick rugs are the best option.

The bigger advantage of this material is that it does not allow the recliner to leave scratch marks on the floor, no matter how heavy the recliner gets.   

Apply Floor Mat: 

Placing a high friction floor mat underneath the furniture to solve the problem of sliding works remarkably with the recliners having non-visible legs and a wide base frame.

This mat provides a firm grip which helps keep the recliner intact in its place. For clients holding aesthetics, a higher priority should look for small-sized mats. A small-sized mat covers only the metal base and doesn’t affect the aesthetics of the recliner. 

Apply Stopping Blocks:  

Stopping blocks are basically wooden blocks or any other rigid material which can be placed behind the frame or feet of the recliner.

This block stops the recliner from sliding in the backward direction. To install stopping blocks, you will need to measure the length between the recliner and the wall.

Cut the block in the measured distance and place it before the recliner. Stopping blocks have an aesthetic look as they match the floor, but they can leave scratch marks.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How to move a heavy recliner on the wooden floor and prevent scratches? 

You can avoid the scratches on the wooden floor while moving the furniture from one place to another by placing cardboard underneath the recliner while moving it. 

Can the heavy recliner damage the wood floor? 

A Heavy recliner can dent, scratch, and cause permanent damage to the wood floors if proper measures are not taken.

What are some of the best recliner pads for wooden floors? 

 A variety of options are available in the recliner pads for the wooden floor. But “felt” is the most commonly used, and it not only provides safety to the floor and has good grip and pleasing aesthetics. 


If you want to know how to keep recliner from sliding on the wood floor and get rid of this problem effortlessly, you have come to the right place.

Multiple factors need to be checked before choosing which way is best for your specific situation. A combination of factors such as less expensive, durable, and suitable aesthetics should be prioritized when picked from these products.

Recliners with legs and recliners with a metal base should have different protective materials, so confirm the recliner type before the order. 

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