How to Hide the Back of a Reclining Couch? Hide it in Few Simple Steps

If you are looking for a query how to hide the back of a reclining couch? then you are at the right spot. Down below, we have different methods by which you can hide the back of your reclining couch properly.

Whenever you place your recliner or couch in the middle of your room, it creates a problem, and that problem is its back area. The back areas can create a lot of distraction from the interior and seem very odd.

To remove and fix that internal error, you need to hide and cover the space. The cover can be done by a little bit of decorating, which it’s not is not that easy, but at least you know how to decorate your own room.

You can also read where you can put your recliner sofa in a room whcih would make your sence more clear.

Hiding in that place can be done in a lot of different ways. Some of the best ideas to hide the back of the couch and recliner are given below, so choose whatever you suit.

How to Hide the Back of a Reclining Couch

How to Hide the Back of a Reclining Couch?

A recliner is basically known for its reclining, and whenever you recline it, it bends the décor behind them. Well, you can’t just sit and just relax while the back of your recliner makes the place uninspiring and empty.

You could do certain things to your recliner and the interior of your room to make the room good while hiding the recliner. Some of those things are given below.

Make a Home Office:

How about turning the back of your recliner into a home office? Usually, people think that they don’t need a home office, but it is a really usable place, and you will also cover that place adequately.

You don’t need any extra furniture, and all you need is a small desk and a normal office working chair to fill the space behind the recliner.

But it’s not only filling the place but also making sure that the desk has to have the same interior design as the rest of the room. Because you don’t want to break the aesthetic of the room.

This idea only works if you don’t have enough space to build your home office somewhere else. If you have another home in your house, you can let your children study here.

Putting Extra Seats:

The back of a recliner can also be covered and filled with some extra seats that also provide you with some extra setting areas.

It’s not that you have seating space, but it can be your reading space, or you and your partner can do your romantic talking or just normal talking here.

The seats that you put here depend on your choice and the need for the interior. Also, keep in mind that you need to put small seats or chairs depending on the backside of your recliner.

While having comfy seats in the back of your recliner, you can now enjoy taking your regular activities and relaxation. That place is also suitable for checking your emails and surfing on social media.

You can also re-organize that space and rearrange the seats and chairs. The rearranging also depends upon how many people are well set there.

Covering with a Bench:

Adding a bench to the back of the recliner couch is another way to cover it. This method will cover the area and provide you with an extra place to sit and relax. It’s very beneficial if it’s near the entrance.

People usually ask what type of bench would be good for the backspace of the recliner; well, it depends on the décor and also your choice. You can either use an upholstery bench or a regular bench.

Besides those, you can put a décor or storage bench on which you can put some decorator pieces and create the aesthetic look. The storage space can also be used, and you can store a lot of stuff in it.

Put a Console and Storage Table:

Getting a storage table or cabinet and putting it in the back of the recliner couch is the old way of covering that space. You can also put a console table which will also do the trick.

Console tables are available in different varieties, designs, and sizes. Putting a console table is a unique but old way to cover the areas and empty spaces.

The space is usually very small, so you have to get and put a console or storage table that can fit in that place properly. I recommend getting a console table which has more shelves rather than fewer shelves.

Note one thing the console table should be a few inches shorter than your recliner. It is because you don’t want your recliner to get touched by the table every time you recline it.

Place Near the Wall:

One of the best ways to cover the back of a recliner is to place it near the wall, so you don’t even have the backspace in the first place.

Actually, we placed a lot of stuff near the walls but we didn’t notice it, like the bed is always beside the wall and just like that you need to put your recliner and other couches near the wall.

Whenever you put your recliner near the wall, make sure that it’s not too close to reclining properly. A recliner needs some extra space behind it so it can be appropriately relined the way it was meant to be.


Covering the space behind your recliner can be done in many ways. The covering of that space should be done according to the need’s interior.

The method that you follow to cover that space should be according to your interior; otherwise, it will look bad.

I hope I have provided some details about the query “how to hide the back of a reclining couch?” but if you have anything in your mind, then let me know.

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