How to Hide Power Recliner Cords? | A Quick Cord Management Guide for Recliners

Cords lying here and there in a living room are just a huge no-no. This isn’t that big of a problem, but you will occasionally trip over them. But, it’s a major issue if you have pets or children in the house. Children will play with them, and pets will just outright chew through them. Even if you don’t have any of these issues, just the sheer look of wires covering the floor of your lounge is a pretty bad look for your house.

So, it’s very natural for you not to want wires on the ground. But, if you have a power recliner, that gets a little difficult. You have to give it power in some way, right? Well, you’re at just the right place. If you’re sick of that single wire ruining the aesthetic of your living room, we have just the thing for you. Here’s how you can cable manage your living room and hide power recliner cords.

How to Hide Power Recliner Cords

How To Hide Power Recliner Cords?

Getting a Mat or a Rug

Tucking your cable under a mat or a rug is one of the easiest solutions to power recliner cords. Just put your rugs over the recliner wire, and you should be good to go. However, you should keep in mind that positioning matters a lot here. You can’t just put a rug in any part of the room. The recliner wire needs to be in a spot that looks natural and does justice to the rest of your living room. Otherwise, having a wire sticking out is much prettier than an out-of-place rug.

Make a Rope or Shackle

In this, you need to be a little artist and have to create something. This is another unique and different way to hide the cord of a power recliner.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to be an extreme artist for this; you just need to know how to make a rope. Making a rope is easy and does not require being an artist.

All you need to know is that you have to make a rope or a shackle with the cord of the power recliner. All you need to create that shackle or a rope is some scissors, plastic tubes, masking tapes, and a creative brain.

You can also wrap the rope with a jute tube to protect it. It does not only hide the cord but also can save it. The tube also needs to be attractive to the surroundings, so do keep that in mind.


Foam can also be a choice and can hide the cord of the recliner. Whenever you place the recliner in your room, make sure to put it near the wall. The cord of your wall will be near the wall, and then use a piece of foam to hide it for you.

One of the most important things is that you need to get the foam the same color as the wall because it will blend in and hide in the spot.


Hooks are a great way of hiding the wire in a cost-efficient way. You can get a packet of transparent hooks from Amazon for just a few dollars. Once you have those ready, you can line them up against the wall and trap the wire in place. For this, you need the recliner to be placed next to a wall. Otherwise, it won’t work.

If you’re not too good with tools, it’s probably a good chance to get toolless hooks. This makes it super easy for you to install them. Just peel off a sticker and install the hooks next to your wall.


Most people wonder why and how some want to know how to hide power recliner cords? But it is pretty simple and easy, and it is for the safety of you and your kids.

Most people do not bother and do not see the problem created by the cord, but trust us; it makes a big difference once you hide it.

It will also make a big difference between before and after. Hiding the cord well also makes your room clear and less messy.

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