How to Fix Driver Seat Recliner? An Easy Step By Step Procedure

If you have problems with your driving seat not reclining or gotten loose, and you seek to learn “how to fix driver seat recliner?” you have come to the right place.

Driving seat recliners have a great chance of getting stuck or loose for many reasons. The main reasons could be excessive use, putting extra weight on it, and the improper use of the seat. 

You can solve this problem in a few steps by following our guide. Take the start by removing the seat of the car.

Once the seat is removed, you can use the lubricant oil on the nuts to make their movements smoother.

You can also use the movement of the seats in particular directions to be connected to the base. Most often, the cars’ seats are not appropriately connected to the base.

We have precisely written the procedure of how to fix the driving seat recliner to save your time and get you a helpful answer.

The elaborately explained guide below will help you step-by-step, following which you can quickly get your desired results. 

How to Fix Driver Seat Recliner

Method of How to Fix Driver Seat Recliner:

Detach the Screws from the Back:

Prior to the detachment of the whole seat, take a look at the backside of the seat first. Use a screwdriver to unbolt the nuts, which keep the seat attached.

Take out the two small screws first. Unscrewing the tiny bolt on the right will allow you to access the splined shaft.

Removing the right screw first will allow you to access the bar, which is only linked to the shaft and not the remaining element itself.

Avoid unscrewing the left screw at all costs, as it can cause the complete removal of the shaft. You will need to reattach the shaft again and start the whole process from the beginning.     

Glue the Spline Shaft: 

A casual factory glue is required to be used on the spline shaft. The purpose of putting glue on the spline shaft is to attach the spline shaft to the other shaft.

Position the shafts properly before the glue gets dried up to avoid misplacement of the seat. 

Attach the Nips:

Use a flat-headed screwdriver for screwing the nips stuck to the bar. Push the nips to the full extent but avoid blockage of the other components.

If not possible, try pushing it back from the front side of the seat while someone is holding the screws attached intact. Too much pushing of it can cause the seat to fall back again. 

Insert New Shaft:

After this, insert the new shaft into the seat. Measure the new shaft and confirm that the new shaft is greater in length than the previous one.

The reason behind the greater length of the new shaft is that the new shaft must level with the sides of the seat when pushed back.

If the size of the new shaft weren’t greater, it would fall on top of the bar, and you will face the same problem again. 

Test the Recliner Seat:

While testing the newly added shaft, try going back to the front and pushing the seat backward with your feet. If it produces a creak of metals gashing against each other, get up from the seat.

You might call a professional to assist you. If the front seat slides back and forth quickly, you should ensure that the shaft is attached correctly.

Tips and Rricks while Fixing the Driver Seat Recliner:

Rotate the Nuts: 

Before carrying out the changing process, try to rotate the bolts on the bar to confirm they move smoothly.

Avoid moving the bolt forcefully if they are not moving smoothly, as the movement is required to be free. The bolts need to be aligned with the brackets at the back of the seat in their slots. 

 Put Grease on the Shaft:  

The tip is unnecessary, but if you grease the shaft with oil, its motion on the bar will become smoother and easier.

Avoid greasing the entire shaft as only lubricating the ends will work fine, and also, the seat will not get oily. If the shaft doesn’t smoothly fit the bar, try fitting it back in a few times until adequately aligned. 

Frequently Asked Question:

How can we find Nuts on the Back of the Seat? 

People often find it hard to locate the bolts at the back of the seat rather than putting the recliner back in its original position.

The small-sized cars often have small bolts that are connected to the back of the recliner using the screws and which are difficult to find.

Put your fingers under the beneath compartment on the backside, and you can get an idea where they are and dislocate them.


Driver seat recliners often get displaced, and the owners of the cars have faced this problem once in their lives.

The fixture of a stuck or loosened recliner is pretty simple, and in a few steps, you can learn how to fix a driver seat recliner.

Hopefully, you have followed the guide and took the help to improve your driver’s seat.

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