How to Fix a Squeaky Recliner? | Do it in Few Steps (Guide 2022)

When you initially purchase one for your house, a decent recliner can be rather costly. Even though you use this chair on a daily basis, you expect it to last a lifetime.

Even the most excellent chair, after a while, will begin to show its age. This can cause obnoxious squeaks when you sit or move in your chair.

There is a far easier solution than having it professionally repaired or discarding it and purchasing a new one. You can learn how to fix a squeaky recliner? right in your living room with very little time and effort.

It’s easier than you might think, and taking care of this problem yourself can save you some money. Your chair will be a calm and comfy place to sit once more once you’ve finished. 

How to Fix a Squeaky Recliner

Why Recliners Squeak?

Even the most admirable chair might begin to squeak for a variety of reasons. Some people use their recliners on a regular basis without contemplating the wear and tear that occurs on the recliner’s parts and mechanics.

Your chair may begin to crack if it is not properly lubricated and cared for. As you utilize the reclining feature, the joints can loosen up, resulting in squeaking. 

Fix Recliner Squeaks – a DIY (do-it-yourself)

If you have a noisy recliner at home and want to fix it, follow the methods below. You will get to know how to fix a squeaky recliner. This should help you get rid of those annoying noises.

Turn it over and recline. Next to the chair, place a tarp or a sheet on the floor. Then take a seat in the chair, pull the handle, and stretch out until fully reclined.

Flip the recliner over gently so that the arms and back are on the ground. It should be sitting on the tarp to keep it clean and safe from the floor, and the mechanics should be visible and accessible.

Remove The Covers 

Remove the coverings with care. Some coverings allow you to do this by hand, but you may require a screwdriver or claw hammer. In the procedure, take care not to damage the cover or the mechanisms beneath it.

Rid The Mechanism of Dust 

To properly repair your chair, make sure it is clean first. Wipe up all of the dust and debris that has accumulated on the inside metal parts with a clean, wet cotton cloth. The locking metal arm, the reclining mechanism of the chair, springs, and all the various nooks and crannies in this area are among these components.

Diagnose The Squeaks Origin

After you’ve cleaned all of the mechanisms, it’s time to look for the squeaky portion. To do so, examine all of the mechanical components for any signs of damage. Metal scrapings or black runs on the mechanism will indicate this.

This will reveal where the pieces are rubbing against each other, resulting in squeaky noises and damage to the parts. This is very crucial and painstaking to find out how to fix a squeaky recliner.

Loose or Dry Parts Squeak 

Keep an eye out for any loose pieces while inspecting the reclining mechanism. All of the nuts, bolts, and screws that hold all of those internal parts together are included in this category.

Tighten all of the loose ones with an adjustable wrench or a screwdriver in a clockwise direction. Tighten them up as much as you can without endangering the small components and pieces they’re keeping together.

Damaging these will make you suffer a loss and unable to understand how to fix a squeaky rocker recliner.

Lubricate Properly

You can apply lubricant after you’ve double-checked that all of the nuts and screws are tightened and that all of the pieces are securely fastened as they should be. Spray all of the metal components with care, paying particular attention to the regions where the metal parts are attached.

All moving pieces, as well as nuts, bolts, screws, and hinges, are included. When applying lubricant beneath the metal parts, use a towel or rag to protect the fabrics of the recliner from the greasy liquid. This is possibly a significant solution step towards how to fix a squeaky recliner chair.

Swab Off The Excess Lubricant 

After you’ve greased the metal parts, pat them dry to remove any extra lubricant. If you don’t, the liquid may drip onto the fabric or the floor when you turn the recliner over.

Check The Success of The Effort. 

When all is done, test your effort to solve how to fix a squeaky rocker recliner. Overturn the recliner. Pull the handle to recline and then close it a few times to test the reclining mechanism, listening for squeaks as the chair moves.

If there are any squeaks, flip it over and double-check for loose nuts or screws before lubricating it again, wiping away any excess lubricant. The reclining test should then be repeated.

Reassemble The Recliner 

It’s time to put the recliner back together after you’ve tried it a few times and fixed all of the creaking concerns. Return the chair to its original position on the tarp. Then, by hand or with whatever tools are required, restore the covering.

Make sure it’s firmly in place. The chair should then be flipped back to its original upright position. Carefully remove the tarp or sheet to avoid getting oil or dirt on your recliner, floor, or anything else around.

You can sit back in your recliner and relax when you’ve removed it from the area. You should now have no worries about how to fix a squeaky recliner.

Some Extras 

Don’t use too much lubricant. When you try to alter the reclining position, too much can influence the mechanism, causing the chair to shift and dropdown. If the chair still squeaks after tightening and lubricating all parts, you may be dealing with a malfunctioning or broken part.

When you cannot find out how to fix a squeaky recliner chair, you may need to call a qualified recliner repair person. They can cure your problem by replacing any parts that you might not be able to replace yourself.


Recliners are the excellent furniture for watching movies, playing video games, reading a good book, or napping. If your chair begins to create noise as you move, it will interfere with all of these activities, making them less enjoyable.

That’s why it’s essential to know how to fix a squeaky recliner? The sooner you do it, the less wear there will be under the chair, and sitting down after a long day will be more enjoyable.

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