How to Fix a Sagging Recliner Seat? Apply These Simple Steps (Guide 2022) 

Whenever we use recliners, they become more saggy and can’t provide the same level of comfort they did initially. The reason behind the sagging is the loosening of the springs and the recliner cushions. You can restore its functionality and make it as effective as new recliners by applying easy techniques. 

 In this simple guide, you can learn how to fix a sagging recliner seat in a few simple steps. First of all, you will need to find out about the reason behind sagging. It could be due to the loosening of springs or cushions, or upholstery a bit displaced.  

Different recliners have different building mechanisms and therefore require a different technique for restoring their effectiveness back. In this guide, each and every method is provided for you to pick the one that best suits you.

How to Fix a Sagging Recliner Seat

Below are the Steps Mentioned About How to Fix a Sagging Recliner Seat? 

 Add Cushions Or Cotton as a Support:

This method works best for recliners that are a little saggy. It will save you from replacing the materials such as springs or upholstery. Simply add the cushions in the sagging area of the recliner and adjust the seat in a comfortable position for you.

Also, you can insert some cotton inside the cushions directly by opening up the zip or cutting the cover and stretching it back after the filling. This is the simplest, easiest, and cheapest way of solving the problem of sagging recliners.  

Springs Fixture: 

A variety of tools are necessary for carrying out this procedure as the requirement for different built-ups of recliners. A screwdriver is needed if the recliner is fixed in place.

But, you may only require some pliers and glue as the essential tools. Using both ways, one thing that is commonly used by both is the use of new springs. Locate the springs by turning the recliner to a position in which springs are visible.

Get access to the base of the recliner by removing the cushion where springs are located. If the base is disconnected from the springs, use glue to reconnect them.

If the springs have become less elastic, you need to replace them. Find out about the type of springs from the recliner manual and easily order the exact model online. 

Adding Plywood:

 Plywood is an elastic material that can give support to the recliner. Measure the required size of the recliner’s cushion and mark them on the plywood using a pen.

Cut plywood according to the measurements taken. Place the piece of plywood underneath the cushion. Now, the body weight is supported by the cushion as well as the plywood. This way, the elasticity of the recliner is restored and lessens the burden on the springs.  

Straightening Seat Frame:  

The recliner’s frame impacts the recliners’ elasticity. If it gets a little displaced, it can contribute to the sagginess of the recliner.

You can restore the effectiveness of the frame by tightening up the screws, which will straighten up the frame of the recliner back to its original position and get rid of the sagginess of the recliner. 

FAQ’s About How To Fix a Sagging Recliner Seat? 

What is Sagging Caused By? 

Sagging happens due to applying more weight than mentioned in the chair’s weight limit and the rough use of the chair. It could also occur if the material used in the chair is not of good quality. 

How Can We Prevent the Sagging of a Recliner? 

If you have a warranty on your recliner, you could use it to get a replacement, which is always helpful. Secondly, you can follow the guidelines mentioned in the manual to avoid the over-limit use of the chair.  

How Does the Recliner Mechanism Function? 

 The pressure of the weight is absorbed by the springs providing a comfortable recline. The opposite happens when the weight pressure is released, putting the chair back in the original position. 


Recliners often get saggy and not in good shape after usage. Spending money on a new recliner is not affordable for everyone. Therefore a simple way to restore the effectiveness of the recliner back is needed.

Follow a few steps and get rid of the sagginess of the recliner. The sagging could be due to cushions losing their mass, springs getting loosened up, or the frame is slightly displaced.

Apply the techniques where needed. If the recliner is slightly sagging, you could just add a cushion or cotton to the existing cushions to regain the volume.

If the chair is severely sagging, you will need to replace the springs you can buy easily online. You can also add an elastic material such as plywood underneath the cushion that will help restore the elasticity.

The burden on springs reduces, making the recliner more durable. You can also straighten up the upholstery, which straightens up the recliner again.

 Following these guidelines, quickly learn how to fix a sagging recliner seat? 

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