How to Fix a Recliner that Leans to One Side? | Do it in a Few Steps (2022)

Often you would be coming home, totally exhausted and sweating from the day’s work and finding a place for a bit of a lie-down before carrying on the chores of the evening.

A recliner is an intelligent choice to rest for a shorter period or many hours till midnight. Recliners are among the most comfortable items of furniture. They have additional features and suit well in professional and domestic environments.

The recliner is a versatile cozy place, so several people may use it and use it frequently. Long-term usage may cause wear and tear in your chair. There can be many problems but leaning to a side is a great nuisance. 

Your brain raises an inquiry – how to fix a recliner that leans to one side? If your tilts to one side, it will ruin your comfort. You will be, then, needing a repair of the recliner. This repair doesn’t require very professional hands.

How to Fix a Recliner that Leans to One Side

Reasons for the Recliner that Leans On One Side:

You must be able to, at the advent, know how to fix a recliner that leans to one side? There are several reasons why your recliner can be tilting to one side. You’ll be able to remedy the problem if you can figure out why your recliner is leaning.

On the other hand, some difficulties may necessitate the assistance of a specialist. A leaning recliner can be caused by circumstances acting against it, as well as worn-out elements and components within it. 

A poor recliner design and quality are usually obvious after sitting in your recliner’s first few times. This is more of a concern with cheap versions that may have been constructed using less expensive materials.

Manufacturer warranties are usually available; therefore, taking advantage of them as soon as feasible is essential.

A movable mechanism in your reclining chair allows it to recline back and forth. A leaning recliner can occur if any sections of the sliding structure are broken or malfunctioning. This is frequently the most obvious cause. 

Over time, unequal weight distribution can result in a leaning recliner. Assume that one leg or section of the base is higher than the others.

In that situation, the weight will be distributed more favorably in one location than in another, putting additional strain on the components in that area.

Replacement parts are available; however, the best course of action is to relocate the chair as soon as possible. 

How to fix a recliner that leans to one side?

If you want to fix your recliner chair so that it doesn’t tilt to one side, you’ll need the right equipment for the job.

Some of these tools are likely already in your home, but if not, they may be acquired at your local hardware shop. It’s not as difficult as it appears to fix a chair that leans to one side. 


A screwdriver is a versatile household item you’re likely to already have in your home. You’ll use a screwdriver to remove screws that unlock panels and joints. 

White Glue:

Regular glue is less effective than white glue. So, white glue is commonly used in construction situations to keep items together as a strong adhesive. White glue can be utilized to reattach stiffening wooden joints and/or wooden panels.


Oil will be needed to lubricate rusty or aged joints, allowing them to come off / move around more freely. This can be applied as a drip or as a spray. As previously said, preventing your recliner chair from leaning to one side is rather simple.

Regardless, you’ll need to carefully follow specific directions to complete the work efficiently. If you follow the instructions below, you should be able to resolve your recliner’s learning issue in no time! The steps are as follows:

No. 1: Position the recliner so that you can easily reach the hidden wooden panel. Loosen the screws on the panel as you go. If the footrest is impacted as well, repeat the procedure.

No. 2: To better view the frame, remove any upholstery or coverings that are obscuring it.

No. 3: Add oil to any rusted or creaking springs and joints if necessary. Use a towel or newspaper on the ground to catch any oil drops. Excess oil should always be wiped away.

No. 4: Use your screwdriver to reattach any loose or missing joints that occurred during the operation. Joints near springs should be treated with great caution. The last thing you want is for the spring to lose tension and fly away from the coils.

No. 5: Look for hairline cracks or large cracks along the perimeters of your recliner’s frame and joints. If any of them appear to be cracked, you should replace them as soon as possible. It is a very important step in finding how to fix a recliner that leans to one side.

No. 6: Before removing any part from your recliner for replacement, make sure to clean out the area where the part was. After cleaning the area, consult the recliner’s manual/new part handbook for additional installation instructions.

No. 7: If any wooden parts break or get disconnected, white glue can be used to repair them. Metal bracing can be used to provide additional support.

No. 8: After all parts are in working order and secured, cover the machinery with wooden panels and replace the upholstery. When repairing a chair, there are a few basic guidelines to follow.

When attempting to repair your recliner, there are a few important guidelines to follow. These guidelines are intended to keep you safe while also assisting you in getting the task done.

Even though some of these guidelines may seem self-evident, they are nonetheless important to mention.

Precautions To Deal With A Leaning Recliner:

After you’ve unfastened or replaced a joint, make sure it’s properly secured. The chair’s components will last longer if the joints and screws are tight.

Rub them with oil to make them easier to unfasten and replace any rusted or creaking joints.

To complete the job more safely, enlist assistance. You may easily move the recliner around as needed with the assistance of others.

Always look for debris or stuck things that could be causing your chair to lean and not work properly.

Need Professional Help:

You’re completely stumped as to why you’re having trouble learning. You’ve already attempted to replace a component that you suspect is causing the issue. Taking matters into your own hands could lead to additional problems in the future.

You’ve looked up all of the possible causes online, but you still can’t figure out what’s wrong. You are unable to move around and inspect the recliner on your own due to physical limitations.

You might think you’ve tried everything yet can’t seem to solve the problem. As previously said, the cause of your recliner’s tilting is frequently simple, making it a quick fix. In other circumstances, the issue may be too severe for you to solve on your own.

Always inspect your recliner before contacting a professional to learn how to fix a recliner that is leaning to one side. If the situation is straightforward, it may save you money. 

Look Out Into The Future:

Assume you’re aware of the potential issues with your recliner after some use. If that’s the case, you can now take steps to prevent future issues. Keeping your chair in good shape is the key to extending its life. 

To ensure even weight distribution, keep your recliner on an elevated surface. Check your recliner’s structure and frame regularly.

It’s a good idea to keep track of your monthly check-ups. Invest in high-quality recliners from reputable manufacturers. Less expensive recliners will wear out faster than those that are more expensive. 

Final Verdict:

There are several reasons for the leaning of the recliner to one side. Broken parts, a bad design, poor structure, and cheap material are the leading causes. The first remedy is the manufacturer’s warranty, if available.

A simple screw tightening or lubrication may fix the leaning problem of your recliner. On the other hand, it might not be fixed despite professional help.

Generally, it is a much easier and simpler tip that works perfectly well. How to fix a recliner that leans to one side? is answered here professionally. So read entirely and act accordingly to avoid problems.

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