How to Add Wheels to a Recliner? – Recliner Wheels Installation (Proper Guide)

Adding wheels to your recliner will make it much easier to move. Most people are unaware of the query “how to add wheels to a recliner?” although it can be done in a few simple steps if you follow the proper method.

This step-by-step process will guide you to efficiently add wheels to a recliner, about the different types of wheels, and other needed materials. 

People move recliners inside their rooms and all over the house, and this becomes a tedious task due to the heavy weight of the recliners.

Adding wheels to the recliner will help you enjoy the complete comfort a recliner can provide. If you are using the recliner for office work, you can quickly move it around with the help of wheels to relax for a short break.

If you are shifting a recliner from room to room or house to house, the weight of the recliner will not be a hurdle. 

In this guide, you are going to learn about the installment of the wheels to a recliner as well as different types of wheels for recliners and their installation methods. 

How to Add Wheels to a Recliner

How to Add Wheels to a Recliner? Easy Steps To Follow:

Unplug the Electrical Cords:

Detach the electrical cord from the switch before starting the work. This safety measure eliminates the risk of you getting electrocuted. Also, turn the power switch off on the recliner to start it again only when completely ready.                                                                                                     

Detach the Screws:  

Take out the screws attached to the caster and disconnect them from the base of the chair. You will now be able to see the screws attached to the bottom of the chair’s base. 

Remove the Caster from the Axle:

Use a pen-like tool to remove the caster off the axel from one end. This requires a little push from one end of the axle to the other. Make sure to put all the elements in a plastic bag in order to avoid losing them. 

Attach the New Caster:  

Fixate the new caster on the axle from one of its ends, and slide it to the correct position. Tight up the screws to make sure the caster does not come off. 

Use for Testing: 

When testing, use the recliner in a different position. Make sure that the wheels move freely and synchronize in motion. 

Types of Recliner Wheels and Their Installation Process:

Wheels on the recliner provide the ease of moving from place to place. Sitting in your office or home, you can quickly move your recliner without putting much effort.

Many different wheel options are available, having various features to look for. Check out some of the types of wheels for the recliner and how to put wheels on a recliner below. 

Grip-Ring Wheels Installation: 

For the wooden-legged recliners, grip-ring wheels are suitable. The wheels have a stem made from metal with a grip-ring that gets out of the metal.

This metal is put inside a hole in the chair. The leg you want to attach the wheels to must be able to sustain an 11 inches deep hole.

Use a drill to put a hole in the base of the recliner. Detach the sleeve to put it in the spot. Put the wheels in the sleeve. Your grip-ring wheels are ready to use. 

Threaded Stem Wheels Installation:

These wheels have a threaded rod and require the nut sleeve to be matched to it to be kept in its place. The installation process of threaded stem wheels is similar to that of grip-ring wheels.

First, you need to drill holes in the recliner’s legs. Use a rubber mallet to place the nut sleeve. Put the wheels in the nut sleeve and rotate it to connect the threads. 

Screw-On Plate Wheels Installation:

Screw-on plate wheels have a metal plate that is linked to the mounting made from metal. Screws are used to tightly put the plate in its place, making the installation process more manageable.

Start with turning the chair upside down and fixing the wheels on each corner of the item. Use the screwdriver to attach screws to the holes. The recliner is ready to be used with wheels. 


You can learn “how to add wheels to a recliner” in a few simple steps. First, find the suitable type of wheels and mechanism according to the type of recliner you have.

Begin with unplugging the electrical cord of the recliner, then turn the recliner upside down and find the base.

Remove the screws and detach the caster from the axle, attach the new caster, and fix the screws again. Test the recliner with the wheels moving it around the room. Your recliner is ready to move freely.

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