How Should a Recliner Fit your Body? Proper Guide and Tips

You finally decided to get a recliner chair; mean, who would not. But now you are confused about how should a recliner fit your body?

But don’t worry, you find it here that what you are looking for. There is no better way to unwind and relax by sinking back into the comfort of a recliner.

So take a decision that you want and need a recliner is easy, but finding the right one for your need and requirements is more complex and harder.

If you want a comfortable recliner and quality, then you need significant investment. All you want to be happy and comfortable with the recliner you purchase, then the investment is well worth it.

There is a lot of factors that go into when you are choosing a recliner chair. It has a wide range of recliners to choose from and select from. Whenever someone chooses a recliner, there is something to style, size, functionality, and customization.

But don’t worry, this article will help you in the process of finding a recliner chair that will best fit you.

How Should a Recliner Fit your Body
How should a recliner fit you?

How Should a Recliner Fit your Body? Let’s Dig Inside:

Main Functionality:

The foremost and first step is to think about what type of functionality you require for this recliner (chair). Who will actually use this recliner, and what is the purpose of what this chair will be used for?
While these questions are in mind, there are four main options to choose from when it comes to the functionality of the recliner.


The manual recliner is the simple and basic recliner chair of them all. It will maneuver into reclined position by just pulling a handle, or you can push back into the seats.


Power is the main thing in recliner chairs. So if you have some mobility issues or not enough strength, you definitely go with a power recliner with a motor associated with it and can recliner just by pressing a touch button.


If facing a problem or having problems moving from seated to standing, I suggest a lift recliner that helps you get in or get out of the recliner. The lift recliner does pretty much everything for you, from a completely standing up position to a fully reclined position with just a touch of the button.


A Rocking recliner chair means allowing the chair to rock while you are also in the reclined position. If you have a baby (newborn) at home, you should go for a rocker recliner chair.


After determining the purpose and the functionality of the recliner chair, it is time to talk and choose the style. There are many things included in the recliner style, like which room this recliner will fit in? is this a casual or formal room?

This is the style that is a crucial factor for you. There are many recliners in which they put style first, which is also comfortable but also stylish.

Choosing the Right Size:

After the functionality and style of the recliner, the third one is choosing the right size of your recliner.

This section will narrow the research to narrow it find how a recliner should fit your body. The most important part of this process is choosing a recliner for your needs and use.

Whether you have a different body, like tall, short, stalky, or thin, it is important to select a recliner that matches your unique physical body type, and you get maximum satisfaction.

There are some steps that you need to do for picking a recliner chair that fits you. The depth, height, and width of the chair must give you comfort and relaxation based on your physical body’s unique size and shape.

Step one:

Determined the height and select a recliner from with same as your height. This is the only and beginning way to find a recline that fits you.

Step Two:

Whenever you choose a recliner, sit in it and sit back into depth the recliner’s seat, then make sure that your knees are bent with the degree of 90o angle. And also, make sure that your feet must be reaching the floor when your knees are at the 90o, and you are comfortable.

Step Three:

When you are setting in the chair (recliner) your shoulder should be at the seam where the two back cushion meets when you lay back.

Step Four:

Another important thing in a recliner is that it well provides strong and good lumbar support. Relaxing and resting in your recliner, you need to make sure that the middle cushion of the chair provides enough lumbar support to your lower back.

In addition, the cushion needs to be supported by the natural curve in your back that it doesn’t cave inwards and cause tension.

Step Five:

When you are resting in your recliner chair, the cushion supports your neck and should not be stained forward or extended. In addition, your neck must be aligned with your spine when you are resting, and the head should be in the cushion when you are relaxing.

Step Six:

Whenever you are in the reclined position, you are not dangling too far that your over the edge of the chair that your heels should fall from the footrest.


A recliner that is completely customizable is the best option for you. Many models have complete customization, and it is the opportunity to choose a recliner on your personal preferences.

There is a lot of customization in recliners, from upholstery to handle. However, there are enough changes that you can make and make a recliner that is uniquely yours.


The above information in the article is about how should a recliner fit your body? and you will definitely choose by now. I researched this topic to get accurate information and the best product that satisfies you in every aspect.

It is not that hard to get a recliner that suits and fits your body perfectly. However, you need to keep in mind four main things when planning to get a recliner chair: style, size, functionality, and customization.

These are the basic things you have to look for in the recliner when you want to buy. So best of luck keep your city clean, keep Plant EARTH Clean.

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