How Much Power Does An Electric Recliner Use?

If you’ve been regularly using an electric recliner in your living room, wondering how much electricity it uses is a perfectly valid question. The frequent usage of such a heavy piece of furniture probably worries you about how much of an impact it might have on your electricity bill.

To answer your question and fulfill your curiosity, electric recliners use 15W to 60W depending on the type of recliner and its uses. Its power consumption depends on its different types, features, and frequency of usage.

The problem facing most electric recliner users is its power consumption. People prefer electric recliners over manual ones due to their easy-to-use mechanism, but they need to keep in mind that it operates on electricity. While choosing a recliner, you not only choose material, design, matching interior, and upholstery but also pay attention to its motor power usage and how many watts does a lift chair use?

The excessive power consumption problem in a recliner only happens when you use it very roughly and don’t pay attention to its power usage. But don’t worry; we provide some of the factors and ways to minimize the overall power usage. So, without wasting any time, let’s get to it.

How Much Power Does An Electric Recliner Use

Let’s Dive into the Exact Power Usage

Usual recliners use about 14W on standby usage and 58W to complete a recline motion. Choosing a recliner can be challenging but there is a proper way to choose a recliner that will help you both ways financially and health-wise.

How to Save Electricity Using a Power Recliner?

A recliner is one of the most comfortable forms of furniture you can purchase. But, if you’re not careful, it might end up consuming a lot of electricity and have a significant effect on the overall electricity bill that month. But, it is possible for you to minimize electricity usage with a power recliner. Here are a few tips to do that.

Power Off When Not in Use

A power recliner, just like any electrical appliance, uses power even if it’s just plugged in and not in use. It’s not that significant. If you use a recliner on standby for 10 hours a day every day, your cost for running a recliner will still be less than $10 for the entire year. It’s not that much, but if you’re truly insistent on reducing the electricity bill, this is a fair start.

Look for an Efficient Motor

Finding a recliner with an efficient motor is always a good rule of thumb. Some recliners are advertised as energy efficient, and they’re a much better alternative for people interested in reducing the impact of their comfortable furniture on the utility bill.

Another point worth noting here is that we’d never suggest purchasing an old recliner. The thought might be tempting, especially since you could buy a 10-12-year-old recliner for a much cheaper price. However, older recliners are a lot less energy efficient and will make up for the cheap up-front cost by charging you more in the electricity bill.

Reclining as Less as Possible

The electricity consumption for standby is a lot less in comparison to the electricity consumed by the motor during reclining actions. So, it’s always advisable to limit reclining and use it as less as possible.

Additional Features

Sometimes when you order a recliner just for the lifting feature, then it’s not come only with a lifting feature.

Still, it also has other features like massage and vibration features, and these are additional features that can consume a lot of power.

Whenever you want to purchase a recliner, then choose a recliner that has all those features which you want and need and doesn’t have those features which you don’t need or require.

So by doing this you not only save energy but also a lot of money because those recliners can cost you a lot.


A recliner is a piece of furniture that provides comfort and relaxation to the user. A recliner should be perfect in all aspects like material, upholstery, design, and power consumption.

If facing high power consumption in your recliner, you should check the methods to control it and reduce it to a minimum.

Well, the question of “how much power does an electric recliner use?” ends here, but if you still have any related queries or doubts in your mind, then let me know in the comment section.

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