How Do Power Recliners Work? Usage and Features

A power recliner is also known as the electric version of conventional recliners. It has some additional features which make it different from a manual recliner. You will be answered the question which is how do power recliners work? in this article.

According to the user, the power recliner can adjust to archive maximum comfort and can make the adjustment just by pressing a button.

how do power recliners work

How Do Power Recliners Work? Let’s Dig Inside:

Learning how to use a power recliner is not that hard and complicated. I break down the whole process into three main steps to understand easily. The steps are explained in detail below.

Step: 1

As the power recliner suggests, these recliner works on power and required electricity to work. It removes the need for the user to adjust it manually. It is very popular and getting famous day today.

Categories of Power Recliner:

The power recliner can be divided into two main categories.

1. Direct Power supply:

In this type of power recliner, it is directly connected to a power supply by a power outlet. Usually, this power recliner can be placed close to the power outlet. Simply defined is that if it is directly connected to a power outlet and not a battery, it is a Direct power recliner.

2. Battery Pack:

If you do not have a close spot near the power outlet, you have to place the recliner somewhere away from the power supply. In this case, you need a battery that gives power to the recliner. Once the battery is fully charged, it will give you a backup for seven straight days.

It is easy to connect a recliner to a power supply through a power outlet than a battery because it became very tricky sometimes.

Guide to Connect a Battery to the Power Recliner:

Following are the points through which you can connect the battery to the power recliner:

  • Place the recliner in a way that its motor is accessible.
  • Disconnect the recliner to the existing power supply source, which is connected to the motor.
  • Now connect the battery to the motor of the recliner.
  • Now push or place the battery inside of the recliner.

That’s it now; you can use it.


Now it is time to adjust your recliner to your liking position. Most of the recliners, in fact, all of the power recliners, come with a button which is most of the time on the side of the armrest. From the button, you can control the entire recliner, like the recliner’s back, footrest, and head.

Once you are seated on the power recliner, you can do anything just by pressing the button, and you don’t need to move to do anything manually. All can be done just by pressing and holding buttons.

Adjusting Chair:

Now in the newer models of the recliner, it has a remote, which means that you even move around the armrest to make sure that you don’t press the wrong button while adjusting the position of the chair.

All those things for which you move to the armrest and make everything comfortable, now just be done by remote, and you don’t have to move anymore.

In the latest models, the recliner has both the external remote and the button on the armrest, which are very useful because sometimes the remote starts to malfunction. You can operate the recliner in an old-fashioned way, with the armrest.

How To Use Power Recliner Remote:

  • First, you need to find the footrest, backrest, and headrest panels on the remote.
  • To move a component of the recliner then you have to press and hold the arrow on the respective panel until it reaches the required position.
  • As same as above, if you want a component of the power recliner, you press and hold the down arrow button on the respective panel until it gets you to the desired position.

Step: 3

The third and final step is in which we discuss the additional feature of the recliner chair. The recliner chair provides many additional features for the customer (user) to make them comfortable. Some of the additional features are given below.

1. Massage Feature:

Some of the latest recliners are equipped with motor-driven “Massage Feature,” which you can activate just by the push of a button.

While some other power recliner models have advanced control, you can control and alter the speed and motion and set it to the desired speed and motion.

Having a recliner with a massage feature is a great idea when you come home after a long, hard, and tiring day of work.

2. USB Charging Port:

Another small but great feature of the recliner is very handy. This is a new feature, and now all the latest model has this feature.

You can use a USB port to charge your phone, tablet, or any other charging device with a USB port to charge.

This is a great feature for those homes in an area of the room in which there is only one outlet of power supply and uses the power recliner or by other electric deceive.


I hope I answer the question which is how do power recliners work? Because I did a lot of research on it and can’t satisfy you with my article, this will be for nothing. Some of the recliners are very complicated and need some tanning to handle.

It would help if you were very careful when setting up a recliner because a power recliner has electricity. You know it is not something you are messing with; taking extra precautions.

Most people often let the battery uncovered on the floor, which can be reachable by children, which is very dangerous.

Kicking back in a recliner, coming home after a long day of work, or after lunch will be amazing and relaxing.

Now you definitely know how to operate one, if you don’t have one then get one that suits you. Now, in the end, I just want to say be happy, clean your country. Clean Planet EARTH.

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