Can Sitting in a Recliner Cause Back Pain? Causes & Solution

Can sitting in a recliner cause back pain? The answer is “NO“. After day-long work, your back may be full of pain or cramping due to fatigue. Lying in a recliner for half an hour can give you relief from back pain.

There are many factors pertaining to the question – can sit in a recliner cause back pain? Back pain is directly related to your routine, sitting habits, and body health. An uncomfortable chair is also a reason for the back pain. 

Can Sitting in a Recliner Cause Back Pain

Can Sitting in a Recliner Cause Back Pain?

Let’s dig deep into the truth of this question. A recliner is not the genuine culprit for back pain. Many conditions are causing back pain, e.g., pulled muscle or tendon, inflammation, arthritis, injured and ruptured discs, and stress.

For these reasons, you are advised to see a doctor. Apart from medical conditions, you may have back pain due to the following reasons.


If you have routines with very long sitting durations, it is unhealthful for your body, especially for your back. Your back muscles may cramp or tire from constant sitting. It would be best to leave your chair for a while to give your back some rest. 

Sitting Habits

Your sitting habits determine a lot about back pain. If you sit without resting your back against any support or backrest, you may get back pain.

If the chair’s seat is inclined or tilted aside, it will cause back pain. It would help if you had a balanced seat and excellent back support.

Body Health

Your body health says a lot about having back pain or not. If you have a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) rating, you are lean and weak and may tire too soon, and this situation can end in back pain.

Conversely, a higher BMI reading means you are obese. Extra muscle mass will cause more strain to your vertebral column and cause back pain and other medical conditions. 

The solution to Back Pain.

To find a solution, you can ask yourself another question: “Can sitting in a recliner cure/relieve back pain?” A recliner can, in several ways, minimize your chances of getting back pain.

You can use a recliner to support your back. The ergonomics of a recliner keep your back well enough to avoid back pain. Sitting for a very long time is not healthful in any condition.

So, you can lean back on the backrest of the recliner and rest as much as you want. An extended footrest adds extra support to your legs and ultimately supports your back muscles.

Hence, you may get a recliner to relieve your back from pain and tiredness. It will give a satisfactory answer to ‘is a recliner bad for your back?’ The use of orthopedically designed back pillows and seats will add comfort and relief to your hurting back.

Features of a Recliner for Back Pain

If you can convince yourself that a recliner can minimize your back pain, you would like to keep these features in mind when you are doing your homework to purchase a recliner for back pain.


Recliners are generally large chairs. They come in all sizes and shapes. Always choose a recliner according to your stature. A small recliner will not be able to provide ample support to your back and body.

This recliner may make you feel bogged down, and a too-tight seat can multiply your problems. A more oversized recliner always feels uncomfortable psychologically. So, you are advised to take special care about the size of a recliner chair.


The thicker the seat is, the cozier the recliner feels. So, choose a recliner with a luxurious seat. This type of seat will perfectly support your body weight, and a thinner or cheaper seat may add more trouble to your life.

If back pain persists over a long time, it leads to medical conditions which are harder to cure.

Backrest and Footrest

Recliners have moving backrests and footrests. A backrest should have an orthopedically approved shape and size, and it will support your back in the right area.

Movement of the backrest and footrest helps lie in a comfortable reclining position and rise from it. The footrest ensures that you leave your recliner without a great effort of spine and back muscles. 

Sturdy and Stable

A recliner that doesn’t tilt or squeak by constant use is sturdy and stable. It may be made of wood, or the structure may mix wood and steel. A sturdy recliner supports heavy bodies quickly and efficiently, and it does not tilt or fall apart.

Anti-slip feet keep it in its place and stable on glossy and slick floors. So, a sturdy and durable recliner will add to your comfort.


Upholstery should be durable and comfortable. Cloth upholstery is a cheaper and more durable option, and a leather cover is more pricy, more durable, and luxurious.

The most important aspect of the matter is choosing a covering that suits your comfort, and breathable and comfortable upholstery saves you from itchy and sweaty feelings.


Recliners are with two mechanisms, in general. A manual mechanism involves the manual effort of muscles to recline and adjust. Indeed, the action is not very hefty.

But you will need to move your muscles to recline in a manual recliner. So, you will need human help to use it.

On the other hand, power recliners have electric motors to adjust the backrest, footrest, and reclining angles. You need to push a button or two on the remote, and ta-da! It’s done.


Can sit in a recliner cause back pain? Indeed “NO.” And of course, sitting badly will hurt your back, and it is your health and habits that may cause back pain.

A recliner, rather we say, can relieve your back pain. A good recliner supports your back in a way that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

A recliner of suitable size to your stature, a thick and ergonomic seat, a back-supporting backrest, a footrest enabling you to sit or healthily leave the recliner, and a mechanism that suits your needs may cure your back pain. There is no sure way to say that a recliner will fill your back with pain.

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