Can I Sit in a Recliner While Pregnant? Proper Sitting Guide for Pregnant Women

Throughout our blog site, we’ve recommended recliners for arthritis patients, scoliosis patients, people recovering from surgeries, overweight individuals, senior citizens, and so much more. Apart from all of these categories of folks, pregnant women are also people that can benefit a lot from this piece of furniture.

If you’re wondering whether or not recliners are allowed during pregnancies, you’re at just the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about using a recliner during your pregnancy.

Can I Sit in a Recliner While Pregnant

Is it Okay to Sit in a Recliner While Pregnant?

The question asked by a lot of people is, can I sit in a recliner while pregnant? Yes, you can sit and sleep in a recliner while pregnant. But, you have to make sure that your recliner is not fully relined all the way back.

Sitting in a recliner is not that bad for pregnant women, but you have to follow some tips to avoid causing problems for yourself. There are a few tips given below that every pregnant woman needs to know.

Avoid Crossing Legs

Sitting in a recliner is very comfortable, relaxing, and good for your health, even when pregnant. Sitting in a recliner can be good. But, there might be some complications if you’re sitting cross-legged.

This way of sitting can cause discomfort by poor circulation and swelling in joints, and some cause inflammation which also causes all problems and pain. Crossing the legs can also slow and restrict blood flow in your body, leading to high blood pressure.

A recliner is made to avoid sitting and crossing legs. However, there’s no telling what kind of position a pregnant woman might get comfort in. It would be best if you also reclined your recliner to a position that prevents the user from sitting cross-legged in the first place.

Back Support

Most pregnant women sit in a recliner but avoid using back support. Or, their recliner might not have adequate lumbar support to reinforce their back when they’re getting some rest. The back support of a recliner is essential and provides better support to your back posture, which is definitely needed during pregnancies

Sitting in a chair without proper back support can put a lot of pressure on your pelvic area and lower back which then causes back pain and may lead to sciatica pain and many other problems during pregnancy.

Sitting in the Same Position for Too Long

A recliner is a piece of furniture famously known for its relaxation. Pregnant women also use recliners for that same purpose, but it doesn’t mean that you spend hours in that one position. Pregnant women use recliners to relieve back pain and relax, but if you sit in a recliner for hours, it may lead to more of those problems.

People need to avoid sitting in the same position, no matter if they use a recliner or some regular chair, and it’s also not only for pregnant women. It would help if you change your sitting position every 10 to 15 minutes, and it will help you relax and avoid straining your pressure points.

Dangling Legs

When you are pregnant and sitting in a recliner, please avoid dangling your legs because it can lead to severe inflammation and joint pain.

The simplest way to fix this problem is by a recliner with a footrest. You really need to invest in a recliner with a footrest. It’s incredibly important and can increase the comfort provided by the recliner tenfold.

A recliner is essential for relief from this problem compared to other chairs or couches. If you don’t have a footrest in the recliner, you can recline your chair, which also minimizes the dangling of your legs at some level.


Sitting in a recliner is really good for pregnant women’s health because it provides the required comfort and relaxation that a pregnant woman needs. Sitting in a recliner, if done while keeping a few things in mind, can improve your mental and physical health.

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