Best Recliner for Post Surgery – Buying Guide with Top 7 Picks

Getting surgery is scary, but even the worst and most difficult part is that medical interventions are recovering from that surgery afterwards.

Surgery is very painful, and painkillers never seem to fully work and diminish the pain you feel after those surgical procedures.

It takes weeks and sometimes months to complete recovery from that surgery. In this difficult time living with pain, you need to stay comfortable despite the pain being like a nightmare.

In those difficult times, you need to invest in the best recliner for post-surgery.

The main reason for the recliner is for sleeping after surgery is because your muscles tense up when you sleep. Whenever you wake up, those muscles become cold, and making them move becomes very painful.

Getting up from the bed is going to be the biggest and worst experience after surgery.

That’s why a recliner is the best solution and best option to go in this case and this scenario. But not every recliner is an excellent choice for post-surgery. That is why we have searched and compiled a good list of the best post surgery recliners.

Best Recliner for Post Surgery

Postoperative care is the type of care that you receive after any surgical procedure. According to Healthline, Postoperative care depends upon the type of surgery you did and depends upon your previous health history.

Most of the time, it depends upon the pain management and wound care of your surgery. According to your medical situation, you need a recliner for your postoperative care, and that’s why the post surgery recliner is very much recommended.

Now I would get you to list the top-rated products; you can check each recliner through the list and pick one for yourself.

But if you have enough time, then I would recommend you read the detailed description of each recliner that would help you make a better decision and select an excellent choice for yourself.

Quick Look of Best Recliner for Post Surgery / Top 7 Picks

ImageProductDetails  Price
Irene House Power Lift Chair
Material: Textile

Weight: 125.7 Pounds

LxWxH: 34.5 x 38.5 x 43.7 inches

Brand: Irene House
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backpacBonzy Home Power Recliner ChairMaterial: Air Suede, Pine, Alloy Steel

125.7 Pounds

38 x 38 x 41.3 inches

Bonzy Home
Check Price
cordlessblowerDomesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair ReclinerMaterial: Faux Leather, Leather

125.7 Pounds

37.5 x 34 x 42.5 inches

Check Price
cordlessblowerMAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage ReclinerMaterial: Leather

125.7 Pounds

31 x 33.5 x 41.3 inches

Check Price
cordlessblowerMcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair SofaMaterial: Textile

115 Pounds

37 x 33.5 x 40 inches

Check Price
cordlessblowerEVER ADVANCED Massage Lift ReclinerMaterial: PVC

126 Pounds

29.1 x 34 x 40.5 inches

Check Price
cordlessblowerBallister Contemporary Power Lift ReclinerMaterial: Polyester

154 Pounds

41 x 36 x 42 inches

Signature Design by Ashley
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1. Irene House Power Lift Chair – Our Pick

best recliner for post surgery

Irene house power recliner is one of the classic recliners with a stable performance. It has a very sturdy construction and durable cover.

The lift feature in this recliner is good for seniors and those who have mobility issues. That’s why this is the best recliner that you can use after surgery.

The overall recliner is very soft and has an overstuffed pillow for the backrest, seat, and armrest. These pillows provide a comfortable seat to relax and comfort. This pillow is so soft that you may fall in love with it.

The recliner has a compact size which is best for any seating solution and can fit anywhere in your house. This is the best piece of furniture, and you will love bringing it home. It has an affordable price.

This recliner has a German motor which does its job great. The motor has two functions. The first is the lifting function, which is best for elders and patients for surgery.

That’s why this is the best recliner for post-surgery. The second one that is can be used as a recliner sofa because it can recline very smoothly.

  • Powerful German Motor.
  • Stable lift function.
  • Support up to 300lbs of weight.
  • Extendable footrest.
  • Small side pockets.
  • Soft and comfortable seat and armrest cushions.
  • Best choice for the elder.
  • A bit short back for the large patient
  • Narrow seating area

2. Bonzy Home Power Recliner Chair – Runner Up

 best recliner for post surgery

The best piece of furniture for relaxing, this recliner will provide you with a lot of free and private space. The cushions are high-density sponge-like clouds, soft air leather, and are way more comfortable than another recliner.

You can get the recliner on a budget because it is affordable. The recliner has the finest material, which is used to craft it very beautifully. This recliner has many features like epitomizing style with comfort and endurance.

This recliner has a wall hugger design best for people who did surgery or some sort of operation; that’s why this is the best recliner for post surgery.

You need to place the recliner 1 to 2 inches away from the wall in-wall hugger situation, then recline just fine.

And if you need to get a recliner that can consume less space, visit one of my articles based on the best wall hugger loveseat recliners.

Furthermore, you can place it anywhere in your home because it can fit anywhere. It has a sturdy pine and steel frame, which can be maintained easily and provide stability and durability to the recliner.

  • Provide private, comfortable space.
  • High-density sponge pillows.
  • Affordable price.
  • Crafted from the finest material.
  • Cozy and fit in any place.
  • Easily to assembled.
  • Solid and sturdy frame.
  • Support up to 300lbs of weight.
  • Overstuffed leader recliner.
  • Little bit short
  • The power lift function is a bit slow

3. Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner – Also Great

 best power lift recliner for post surgery

Domesis recliner has a classic design that can work with any design and fit in any type of interior. It can be styled according to your needs and requirements.

Its comfortable finish and rugged construction make it the best spot for resting after a long day of work.

The Domesis recliner has a clever design and can be taken apart easily, and can be assembled very quickly and easily. The recliner has a very innovative design which lets it fit through any doorways.

Renu recliner has leather upholstery covered with a durable finish that is durable, comfortable, and breathable. The leather of upholstery looks like a top grain that can support up to 300 pounds of weight.

The recliner has a solid base of laminated hardwood with the support of a steel frame that can withstand the powerful lift feature and is very durable.

  • Assembled very fast.
  • Laminated hardwood and steel frame.
  • Support up to 300lbs of weight.
  • Controlled by two buttons.
  • Complete ergonomic support.
  • Soft and comfortable pads.
  • Durable and comfortable upholstery.
  • Not for those who have wide hips
  • Smell bad when newly arrived

4. MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner – Massage Recliner for Post Surgery

best massage recliner for post surgery

The MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner is the best massage recliner with eight massage points and four areas: leg, tight, lumbar, and back. It also has five modes that are pulse, wave, press, normal, and auto. So, choose whichever is your need.

Some of the modes can create a sensory experience. There is a heat function for your lumber part that provides total relaxation.

This recliner is completely padded, so that’s why this is the best recliner for post surgery. 

The thick padded armrest, headrest, and backrest can give you the most comfortable feeling that you don’t even want to get up.

It also has a cup holder in its design for both of its armrests and is very handy with it.

It has the most robust frame construction with a durable metal structure, making this recliner better for supporting the body and stabilizing it.

It is stable even for the cupholders. The recliner is worked from its remote and can pretty much do all the things like lifting, reclining and massage etc.

  • Eight massage points with four focus areas.
  • Elementary modes that can create a sensory experience.
  • The lumber part has a heat function.
  • Thick and comfortable pads.
  • Two cup holders in the armrest.
  • Solid and durable steel frame.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Operatable from a remote.
  • High-quality Faux leather.
  • A bit hard seat on back side
  • Does not recline fully

5. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa – Budget Pick

 best recliner for post surgery

The Mcombo is an electric power recliner that can be used as a conventional recliner, but it can also be used as an upright position. This is a power recliner which means that it can operate on electricity.

This recliner can operate on a remote, and you can literally recline it just by the press of a button. This is the best solution for anyone who has mobility issues or recovering from surgery, and that’s why this is the best recliner for post surgery.

This recliner can also be best for those who have chronic back pain or get comfortable in the typical chair. This recliner also has a counterbalance lift mechanism which helps the user to stand on his own.

The recliner is made of durable and comfortable cloth material with overstuffed padding. It also has simple lines sketched on the backrest, which look very nice. It has springs in its seat and back which give absolute comfort to the user.

  • Power lift assistance.
  • Counter-balanced lift mechanism.
  • TUV certified actuator.
  • Comfortable and durable cloth material.
  • Overstuffed padding pillows.
  • Cupholders in the armrest.
  • USB Charging ports.
  • Powerful motor with a longer lifespan.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Small in size
  • Short leg rest

6. EVER ADVANCED Massage Lift Recliner

best recliner for post surgery

This lift massage recliner is the best comfort setting and assistance for those who may need help getting out of the recliner seat due to the weak back, knees, and even surgery. That’s why this is the best recliner for post surgery.

The recliner can be adjusted according to any position you want and need very smoothly and quickly with the press of a button. It has a sturdy wooden frame with a heavy-duty steel mechanism that can support up to 350lbs of weight. 

The upholstery material is very smooth and has innovative PVC leather that can provide a touch of gram leather at a very significant value. The assembly of the chair is rapid and can be ready just in a couple of mins.

This recliner has cupholders in the armrest in which you can place your cup, and they will hold for you if you are doing something else.

This is a complete massage recliner with eight massage points in which four spots are on focus. It also has a heat feature which can be very handy in cold winter, which also has five different modes.

  • Excellent Power lift feature.
  • Smooth transition from reclining to lifting.
  • Can recline up to 150 degrees.
  • Amazing massage feature.
  • Five modes of the heating feature.
  • Cup holders in the armrest.
  • USB ports.
  • Eight massage points.
  • Soft and comfortable upholstery.
  • Hard while putting together.
  • The head cushion is small

7. Ballister Contemporary Power Lift Recliner

best recliner for post surgery

The power lift recliner has a very comfortable style which has all of its convenience. It has a total of four motors which allow the recliner to move and act independently to control the leg rest, headrest, backrest, and lumbar support.

The seat is very soft and cozy due to the comfy foam cushions wrapped in supple polyester. This is a power recliner, which means that it can only work electrically, and you need to place it near the electricity outlet.

The recliner has a remote control that can control the entire recliner by that remote. You can recline just by the press of a remote button and can adjust to any position.

This recliner looks amazing in gunmetal grey, and this shade so trends and can easily match your living room interior. It can be matched with any interior and any style of furniture you have.

It is easy to assemble; you just need a screwdriver, and you are good to go. You can assemble it according to the manual, which will be included in the package.

It has a powerful motor that can lift the whole recliner for people who did some sort of operation, surgery, or some elders who have a weak back or weak knees, and this is also why this is the best recliner for post surgery.

  • Powerful, power recliner.
  • Four powerful motors.
  • Cozy and comfy seats.
  • Comfortable foam wrapped in polyester.
  • Contemporary style.
  • Quickly assemble.
  • Strong and sturdy frame.
  • Match any sort of interior.
  • There is no battery backup
  • Hard to install, can take 30 minutes while installing

Best Recliner for Post Surgery, Considerations

Quality of Fabric:

The quality fabric means that it needs to be soft and smooth. It is also required to be free from any sort of toxic chemicals because that is what makes a good recliner.

It would be best not to use a recliner with such toxic material and fabric because it is unsuitable for your post-surgery situation. Usually, the recliner needs to be cleaned and detached.


The recliner is a type of furniture that can be very costly. Its price starts from medium and goes up. It can be even manageable because it has many types of recliners and different features.

Whenever you want to buy a recliner for your medical condition such as bad knees, weak back, and post-surgery or operation, you need to be within the budget.

You can also check my article based on “are recliners bad for your knees or not?” there you can get all the essential points about sitting in a recliner with bad knees.

The recliner is not just a piece of furniture that may suit and match your interior; it is the most important type of furniture used for good purposes.

It would be best if you bought a recliner that not only fits your medical condition but as well as your budget.


An ideal recliner should be one that can stand in any condition and to any type of supported weight without falling apart. One of the main features of the recliner is sturdiness, and it is essential in post-surgery situations.

Because in those situations, a patient spends most of the time in the recliner, and the sturdiness of the recliner only matters in those times.

A recliner should stand for a whole year without falling apart. Whenever you want to buy a recliner, you need to make sure that the recliner is durable, strong, and sturdy. Otherwise, you would come back to buy another one within the same year.

Ending Points:

There are a lot of types of furniture and for different purposes. The recliner is also a type of furniture and can be used for many purposes.

There is a recliner that is casual use and some or only designed for a nursery and is known as a rocker recliner for nursery. But we here only discussed recliners which are made for postoperative care.

Postoperative care starts right after the surgery, and it is very painful because, as we discussed above, the worst part of the surgery is bearing the pain.

And it would be best if you had something to bear the pain with, and there is nothing better than a comfortable recliner to spend almost all of the day in that recliner and maybe sleep in it too.

There are a lot of recliners but only select those which are the best recliner for post surgery. There are some primary key factors you need to consider before buying a recliner for your post-surgery.

The most important thing is comfort. A recliner should be comfortable when aiming to buy it for postoperative situations. 

The second one is the quality of the fabric, and it is also essential. Some sort of fabric is very rough and stinging when you sit for a long time. That is the reason you need soft and smooth quality fabric in your recliner.

The third one is the cost of the recliner. Cost is important to the factor of a recliner, and you need to get a recliner according to your budget.

The last one is sturdiness, and it is very important. The sturdiness of a recliner means how much weight it can support and withstand with it.

A recliner is sturdy and robust because of its frame, and if the frame is strong, the recliner will also be strong.

At the end of this article, I just want to say that we put a lot of effort into this article and hope that you find it helpful and my work went for nothing. So best of luck, keep your city clean and your planet cleaner.

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