Best Recliner for Edema Patients | Proper Guide With Top 9 Picks Reviews

Symptoms such as swollen legs can indicate the presence of medical conditions such as lymphedema/edema, the meager flow of the blood, etc.

Resting your body in a specific position can reduce fluid retention and provide comfort to the patient. The best recliner for edema patients must have the feature of offering the experience of weightlessness to the user lifting the legs above the heart’s position.

Resting in this position can help in the treatment of diseases such as edema and other diseases caused by fluid retention.

It helps reduce the venous pressure, increase blood flow, lighten fluid retention, help reduce stress on the spine and increase relaxation. 

In order to buy the best recliner for edema patients, you need to look for the recliner that is the perfect match for your requirements.

We have carried out extensive research to find matches for people of different needs in order to save your money, time and get you the best deal possible. You can check these products below. 

best recliner for edema

Quick Look of Best Recliner for Edema / Top 9 Picks

ImageProductDetails  Price
Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair
Material: Faux Leather

121 pounds

37 x 33.5 x 39.4 inches

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backpacHallstrung Zero Wall Power Wide ReclinerMaterial: Leather, Faux Leather

136.2 pounds

40 x 54 x 44 inches

Ashley Furniture Industries
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cordlessblowerCHRISTOPHER KNIGHT Faux Leather Glider ReclinerMaterial: Faux Leather

‎101.4 pounds

‎39.25 x 40.25 x 40.25 inches

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cordlessblowerBladen Contemporary Plush Upholstered ReclinerMaterial: Faux Leather Upholstery

‎115.7 pounds

‎40 x 42 x 40 inches

Ashley Furniture
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cordlessblowerAustere Contemporary Zero Wall ReclinerMaterial: Polyester

‎114 pounds

‎40 x 55 x 42 inches

Ashley Furniture
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cordlessblowerHomelegance Pecos Leather Gel Power ReclinerMaterial: 90% Polyester, 10%polyurethane

‎120 pounds

‎42 x 40 x 39 inches

Home Elegance
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cordlessblowerClonmel Contemporary Oversized Zero Wall ReclinerMaterial: Polyester Microfiber Upholstery

‎129 pounds

‎39 x 57 x 40 inches

Signature Design by Ashley
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cordlessblowerWarnerton Faux Leather Power ReclinerMaterial: Foam cushions wrapped in a polyester/polyurethane blend

‎134 pounds

‎39 x 36.75 x 43.5 inches

Ashley Furniture
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cordlessblowerSureFit Stretch Morgan 1-Piece – ReclinerMaterial: Polyester

‎36 x 28 x 40 inches

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1. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

best recliner for edemaBest Recliner for Edema Patients | Proper Guide With Top 9 Picks Reviews

As we know that edema is a disease of the legs, so to overcome this problem, Mcombo is the first and best recliner for edema on our list.

Its back and seat are highly padded from a mild form, and the overstuffed armrest makes it more reliable and comfortable.

Moreover, it has two USB ports for easy charging, cup holders for drinking, and side pockets for easy access.

Besides its above quality, this recliner has different positions at different angles, which is helpful for edema patients.

Key Features

  • The power lift quality of this recliner makes you able to come out from the recliner without damaging your leg.
  • You can control the leaning and flipping of this recliner with two buttons, and you can manage your desired and prescribed position.
  • Furthermore, the faux leather of this recliner is easy to clean, and durable upholstery gives you a long-time recliner.
  • Power lift quality
  • Easy to control
  • Highly stable
  • Well-padded upholstery
  • Overstuffed armrest
  • Side pockets
  • Little heavy recliner
  • A bit of short power cord

2. Hallstrung Zero Wall Power Wide Recliner

best recliner for edemaBest Recliner for Edema Patients | Proper Guide With Top 9 Picks Reviews

Edema patients always required ample space for their sitting, so Ashely Company assigned this recliner as a wide and best recliner for edema.

This recliner provides a vast area for sitting, and its backside gives a soothing quality due to being well padded.

Furthermore, the armrest and footrest are spongy, which give relief to arms and legs, respectively. The easily adjustable headrest of this recliner elevates a person, which is helpful for swollen legs.

You can also check the datails about power headrest of a recliner and how does it work?

Moreover, this recliner can be easily power lifted with the touch of a button, and its wide footrest flip legs at ease.

Key Features

  • The power control of this recliner is straightforward because you can control this recliner with one touch.
  • It is so spongy that if your body touches it, it will surround your body and relax your body.
  • This recliner will protect your legs and increase blood circulation, which helps decrease fluid accumulation.
  • Protected delivery
  • Comfortable backrest and footrest
  • Provide a wide area for sitting
  • Well-padded armrest
  • Sturdy frame
  • Nice color
  • Take time in assembling
  • Little hard to move

3. CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT Faux Leather Glider Recliner

best leather glider recliner for edemaBest Recliner for Edema Patients | Proper Guide With Top 9 Picks Reviews

Merit recliner is our third and best recliner for edema in our list because of its outlook and structure design.

Its body upholstery is designed as segmented and spongy that supports an edema person for a long time.

It is a living room recliner that glides on the room’s surface and makes you able to move it quickly. Furthermore, the dark brown color adds beauty to the recliner’s outer surface.

Besides its color, this recliner has a metal base that provides gliding, flipping, and leaning quality. Moreover, it provides enough space to its users and edema people.

Key Features

  • It is a relaxation recliner that relaxes your whole body even if you suffer from edema.
  • This recliner has a highly padded backrest and armrest, providing a soothing effect.
  • It is not too hard to assemble because you can make it in a few minutes.
  • Support your body
  • Easy to assemble
  • Provide Metal base
  • Gliding feature
  • Sturdy frame
  • Durable upholstery
  • Little difficult to get out of the recliner
  • Do not support too much tall person

4. Bladen Contemporary Plush Upholstered Recliner

best recliner for edemaBest Recliner for Edema Patients | Proper Guide With Top 9 Picks Reviews

Bladen recliner is one of the best recliners for edema because of its cushion comfort, which relieves the legs of an edema patient.

The comfy foam cushion of the whole recliner is wrapped in supple faux leather upholstery.

Moreover, this recliner is most suitable for the living room and available in two colors, Coffee and Slate. Both colors are good, but the coffee color is better than the second one.

Besides its color, this recliner has a rocking feature that improves balance and blood circulation and reduces muscle pain and depression.

Key Features

  • This recliner is smooth and rocking that boosts your blood circulation, which automatically decreases accumulated fluid in your legs.
  • Furthermore, this recliner is supported by a corner-blocked frame, giving you a long-time recliner.
  • Over and above that, it has a double folded armrest that gives you relief and can power lift you without harming the knee.
  • Comfy cushion
  • Well wrapped upholstery
  • Rocking feature
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Long time supported frame
  • Powerlifting quality
  • A little jerky
  • Little tricky in assembling

5. Austere Contemporary Zero Wall Recliner

best zero wall recliner for edemaBest Recliner for Edema Patients | Proper Guide With Top 9 Picks Reviews

An austere recliner provides its users with good qualities and features, like saving space and reclining back in ultra-modern style with comfy seating.

The high-resilience polyurethane foam provides relaxation and smoothly eases the back and footrest. Moreover, it is an indoor recliner present in Gray and Brown colors.

Furthermore, the back of this recliner is segmented into two highly padded parts, and the armrest is tightly bound and padded with foam.

Key Features 

  • The back of this recliner gives relief to your back because of its highly padded and segmented body surface.
  • It is the best recliner for you if you have edema because it has the best leaning and flipping quality, stimulating your blood circulation and decreasing fluid in your legs.
  • Besides its above quality, this recliner has polyester or polyurethane foam, which resists wrinkling.
  • Provide relaxation
  • Available in best colors
  • Use of polyester form
  • Show resistance to wrinkling
  • Highly rigid frame
  • Easy controllable
  • Take time in delivery
  • Little heavy

6. Homelegance Pecos Leather Gel Power Recliner

best power recliner for edemaBest Recliner for Edema Patients | Proper Guide With Top 9 Picks Reviews

Homelegance Pecos recliner is the best recliner for its best service providing a sturdy frame, three different leather colors, and wide dimensions for sitting.

Moreover, it has durable and high-performance smooth leather that is easy to clean. Over and above that, it comes in three boxes for its safety.

It is an indoor recliner, and the frame structure of this recliner is based on sturdy and durable wood.

The base of this recliner is made from hard metal, which supports your powerlifting function.

Key Features

  • The form of this recliner is based on ninety percent polyester and ten percent polyurethane that provides high comfort and relaxation to your whole body.
  • Besides its relaxation, this recliner is easy to clean, and you can assemble it in a few minutes.
  • Furthermore, it is the best recliner for edema because It will power lift you in an easy way that you will not feel any difficulty and problem in your legs.
  • Best service providing recliner
  • Lightning feature in the base
  • Durable upholstery
  • Sturdy frame
  • Highly stable
  • Best powerlifting quality
  • Require time in assembling for old people
  • The cup holder feature is not available

7. Clonmel Contemporary Oversized Zero Wall Recliner

best oversized recliner for edemaBest Recliner for Edema Patients | Proper Guide With Top 9 Picks Reviews

Clonmel recliner is an Ashley company recliner that provides large-scale comfort and an ultra-comfy seat. It is the hero for ultimate relaxation because of the supremely padded back and arm cushions.

Furthermore, it is wrapped in polyester microfiber upholstery for a welcoming, soft, and luxurious seating experience, memorable for edema patients.

In addition to its coziness, this recliner has a soft pillow and armrest, making it extra cozy.

Besides its comfort, this recliner has zero wall reclining mechanism, which means that it requires less space for its reclining.

Key Features

  • This recliner will provide you with a rocking base movement that you can adjust and recline this recliner at your tiny home.
  • Moreover, this recliner’s Sleek Charcoal Gray shade adds beauty to your home.
  • In addition to the above statement, this recliner has a vast space that lets you lounge and relaxes effortlessly.
  • Required small space for its reclining
  • Rocking feature
  • Easy adjustable
  • Extra cozy seat
  • No assembly required
  • Easy reclining mechanism
  • It gets a bit lean when you sit
  • Feel a little slide when you sit

8. Warnerton Faux Leather Power Recliner

faux leather power recliner for edemaBest Recliner for Edema Patients | Proper Guide With Top 9 Picks Reviews

Ashley Warnerton recliner is the best recliner for edema due to its significant amount of features, like it provides two storage zones on every arm side and two cup holders on each side.

This recliner has a durable, high-performance fabric, and the diamond stitching gives it a new look and design.

Over and above that, this recliner has a power reclining seat and a power-adjustable HUD rest. In addition to its features, this recliner has a unique drop-down table, in which two more cup holders and USB charging ports are available.

Key Features

  • This recliner provides one-touch power, letting you lean back into an infinite comfortable position.
  • Moreover, it has four cup holders for easy drinking and two storage zones for easy access to your things.
  • You can easily adjust your head with an easy and power-adjustable headrest, and the armrest provides you with a cozy feeling.
  • Provide great comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • Do not lose your energy in relining
  • Provide AC feature
  • Drinking quality
  • Soft and cozy backrest
  • Little short
  • Little late delivery

9. SureFit Stretch Morgan 1-Piece – Recliner

best recliner for edemaBest Recliner for Edema Patients | Proper Guide With Top 9 Picks Reviews

The SureFit recliner material is based on polyester, which is highly spongy and is best for edema patients. It is available in gray, which provides an excellent look to its body.

In addition to its structure, this recliner has an elastic and spongy seat, and the seat’s foam maintains its design for a long time.

Besides its structure, this recliner has good flipping and leaning quality, considered the best recliner for edema.

Key features 

  • You can easily control this recliner through the lever and easily lean down at your comfort position.
  • The seat, armrest, and backrest provide comfort and coziness to your whole body.
  • It allows you to recline at any angle of your desire and stimulates blood circulation, which helps in swollen legs.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly stable
  • Provide comfort to legs
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Easy adjustable
  • Available in one color
  • A bit expensive

Best Recliner for Edema, Buying Guide: 

For the purpose of helping in the treatment of edema, the recliner is supposed to make sure the comfort is not only in the resting position but also provide the ease of getting in and out of the chair.

These recliners have electric motors that are controlled via a remote or through the touch screen embedded in the chair, making it effortless for users to change the position of the recliner according to their needs. 

The doctors recommend these recliners because they not only let the patients rest in a comfortable position but also help increase the pace of treatment, which is the best because it reduces the use of medications and lets the body heal naturally. 

In order to get the best recliner for edema, certain prerequisites have to be checked, such as the size of the recliner, the upholstery, material, ease of use, positioning angles and much more, are elaborately explained below. 

Reclining Positions:  

Recliners that provide few reclining options have only a single motor which is used to control both the head and the footrest limiting the extended use of the chair.

On the other hand, recliners having infinite reclining positions lets you control the head and footrest independently, allowing the patient to lift the feet above the heart or make the position flat.


 Different recliners are available, providing different tilting angles. You can decide according to your needs whether to buy recliners having the primary two to three reclining positions or to buy the recliners that have an infinite number of positions.

That is the best fit for the patients as they will need to spend a comparatively large amount of time on a recliner, during which the body needs to change its positions at various angles. 


The size allocation to the chair in the room should be measured to buy the perfect fit, and measurements of the seat height, width, and depth should be taken.

The aim is to buy a chair that fits your body shape and gives you extra comfort and ease of getting in and out of the chair.

Inside your house, find the chair whose dimensions fit according to your body, and take the measurements of every part, including the back seat, armrest etc. 

Ease of Use:

 Ease of use is an essential factor that has a significant effect on customer satisfaction in the long term.

The factors of ease that most users should look for are how quick the position of the chair changes, pockets available for putting the remote and necessary items, USB charging ports for recharging of gadgets, and cup holders in the chair.

Apart from these features of ease, the operating of the software should be intuitive for older people. All these features available in a recliner increases its chances of being considered the best recliner for edema.  

Best Recliner For Edema, FAQs:

 Does the Recliner help in theTreatment of Swollen Legs? 

Yes. These recliners have the facility of elevating the legs of the patient above the heart, which helps in improving the blood circulation to reduce the swelling. 

Are Leg Cramps Caused by Sleeping in a Recliner? 

Resting in the recliners for a short period of time will not have any effects, although using it for a more extended period can cause hip contractures. 


 If you have medical conditions such as edema, it is best to follow a doctor’s prescription and change your resting furniture such as bed and chair.

Recliners for such patients are designed not only to provide the comfort of excellent rest but also to help in the treatment of disease. In order to buy the best recliner for edema, you need a proper guide to save time, money, and effort.

We have carried out research on various recliners designed for people with medical conditions such as edema and picked the best suitable products for your requirements.

While buying such recliners, you will need to purchase recliners with infinite reclining positions to let you elevate your feet above your heart and adjust flat.

Also, make sure that the recliner is easy to use and according to the latest standards. Taking measurements of the chair will help you find the best fit according to your body to increase your comfort level. 

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