Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Power Lift Recliners

Are you looking for a power lift recliner that can lift the maximum weight without any problem? Then it can not be possible with a regular recliner. That is why we have compiled a list of the top 7 well-rated best heavy duty power lift recliners.

Power lift recliners are famous for their essential features; these recliners can recline at different angles to provide you with a better facility to destress your body.

Also, the power lift recliners have massage and heated features to relax your whole body in a few minutes to get you in a deep sleep.

But all these features would be useless if you are a heavyweight. But worry not, we have collected the best heavy duty power lift recliners which can lift your whole body. Also, these recliners are well constructed and have high-quality material that works for a long time.

We explain each recliner with the complete description, list all the valuable features, pros, and cons to make the selection easy for you.

Now I would not waste your specious time anymore. Quickly scroll down to get access to the quick list of heavy-duty power lift recliners.

But if you have enough time, then I would recommend you read each product in detail and then decide which one is better for you and comes under your budget.

Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Power Lift Recliners

Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Power Lift Recliners

Image Product Details   Price
Ashley Ernestine Upholstered Power Lift Oversized Recliner Material: Polyester, Wood

139 pounds

: 30.75 x 38.75 x 43 inches

Ashley Furniture
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Mcombo Large Power Lift Recliner Chair Material: Faux Leather, Steel

143 pounds

Weight Capacity: 

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DEVAISE OKIN Dual-Motor Power Lift Recliner Chair Material: Faux Leather

102 pounds

Weight Support:

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Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner Material: Leather

139 pounds

LxWxH: 40 x 35 x 42.63 inches

Signature Design by Ashley
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DEVAISE OKIN Dual-Motor Power Lift Recliner Chair Material: Faux Leather

82 pounds

Weight Support:

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Serta Horizon 652 Comfort Lift Chair Power Recliner
Material: Faux Leather

160 pounds

Weight Support:
 500 lb

Serta Horizon
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Mega Motion Superior Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair Material: Wood, Plywood, Steel

143 lbs

Weight Support:
 500 lbs

Mega Motion Superior
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1. Ashley Ernestine Power Lift Oversized Recliner


Ashley is an American furniture manufacturing company founded in 1945. Father and son own the company; with 76 years of experience, the company is still busy making quality furniture. 

It has a durable mechanism with 7 gauge steel which is strong enough to handle a large weight, also it has 2.2 hr foam to provide better relaxation while sitting on it.

To add more strength and durability to this recliner chair the company added bolts on both arms of the recliner. 

When it comes to the recliner material, it has pure 100% polyester, rich leather, which can provide you a soft touch. The overall frame of the recliner is steel made which can cover a large frame easily.

This heavy-duty power recliner chair has multiple recline positions which a remote can control. With one touch of a button, the recliner can provide you with better relaxation.

Besides the multiple recline positions and a heavy-duty material, this power recliner has a durable power lift feature for your comfort. Now you can use the power lift feature to stand your body without any assistance. 

This feature is very important for older people because the elderly can not sit or stand without external force.

So they can easily use the lift feature to make themselves more relaxed. Overall a well-rested and excellent recliner in our list of best heavy duty power lift recliners.


BrandSignature Design by Ashley
Item Weight139 Pounds
  • Great comfort
  • Well built
  • The overall structure of the recliner is solid enough
  • Assemble in few minutes
  • Better up and down feature
  • No firm support at the back

2. Mcombo Large Power Lift Recliner Chair


The Mcombo Large Power Lift Recliner Chair is TUV certified lift mechanism that is why this recliner chair is considered the best heavy duty power lift recliner chair for seniors.

The recliner has a very smooth and silent lift motor, which can easily push your entire body up without any difficulty.

If you need a massage facility, then you can fulfill this need with the Mcombo recliner chair through its 8 points massage feature.

The two massage points are located at the neck part of the recliner, two at the lumbar area, two at the hip, and two at the legs part.

In this way, the massage function can cover your whole body and can destress it easily. Also, there is a heating feature located at the lumbar part of the recliner; you can use it to relieve your lower back pain.

But if you want to activate the heating function without activating the vibrating or massage feature.

Then you can do it easily because the company designed this recliner to provide more comfort and not make someone’s life harsh.

When it comes to the overall size of the recliner, the company designed the backrest tall due to the tall people’s height analysis.

That is why the Mcombo company extended the backrest of the recliner. So the total height of the recliner’s backrest is 28.3 inches, and the total depth of the recliner seat is 20.1 inches to cover your whole frame.


MaterialFaux Leather
ColorDark Brown
Item Dimensions LxWxH35.4 x 39.8 x 44.5 inches
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
  • Very easy to set up
  • Excellent massage and heat feature
  • Durable USB ports to charge your mobile phone
  • There are side pockets tol hold your extra stuff
  • The USB ports are not so fast

3. DEVAISE OKIN Dual-Motor Power Lift Recliner Chair


The OKIN Dual-Motor electric lift recliner is one of the best heavy-duty recliners that can upgrade your home decor and can provide your proper back support to relieve your back pain if it is lower or upper back pain.

The recliner provides a dual lift motor, which is best for the elderly or individuals to lift their heavyweight with one touch of a button without any external force.

This recliner has high-quality and soft PU leather, famous for its air-breathing surface, which can provide you with a soft touch feeling.

Also, it has a well-padded sponge that is extra thick, will secure your body, and the steel frame will not touch your arms or shoulder to get it damaged.

When it comes to the reclining positions, this recliner provides different recline positions, so you can sit in the default position to get a short rest.

But if you want to get a short nap or want to sleep, this recliner can provide you with a 180-degree position to provide you with a better sleep position.

If you are heavy in weight and looking for a recliner that can support you, this recliner will be a perfect choice. It can support up to 450 lbs, which is huge enough.

Overall the OKIN Dual-Motor Power Lift Recliner is an excellent choice that completes our list of best heavy-duty power lift recliners.


MaterialFaux Leather
Item Weight102 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH37 x 38 x 41 inches
  • Very quite
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Very soft
  • It can lay flat easily
  • Large for 5.5 feet person

4. Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner

Large back and wide enough seating area are every person’s chooses to get proper back support and get a soft and short rest in a wide seating area, that is why we include the Ashley Yandel power lift recliner.

The company added both style and functionality to this recliner and made a one-package choice for needy people. It has an excellent power lift feature, now you can elevate your legs with one touch of a button. 

Not only the leg part, but you can also ease the back of the recliner, this whole thing can be done through a remote control which this recliner has. 

It has slow and quiet power movement, and that full cycle can complete in 110V, and what about the time it takes, it only takes 1 minute to recline fully, to provide you a better and more comfortable recline position.

When it comes to the recliner’s material, the company uses a soft upholstery, which is not pure leather, it is a thick poly fiber but works great for a long time to provide you a better comfort experience.


BrandSignature Design by Ashley
Item Weight139 Pounds
  • Very nice fabric
  • The leather is very soft and not sticky like vinyl
  • The lift feature is very helpful
  • Sturdy material
  • Excellent back support
  • Short legrest

5. DEVAISE OKIN Dual-Motor Power Lift Recliner Chair


It would be great to have a recliner with heavy-duty material but has extraordinary functionality to provide better comfort, especially for the elderly. Due to this reason, we have included this heavy-duty power lift recliner in our list.

To provide different recline positions, there are two buttons located at the side of the recliner. One button is used to recline the back, and the other is used to back the recliner into its default position.

Better functionality, you can take a short nap for a while, also best for book reading or watching the TV in a comfortable position.

If you have a back pain problem, do not worry; there is a well manufactured lumbar support at the recliner’s back.

You can relax back without any back problems. To provide you with a theater-like environment, the company added a cup holder on each recliner’s armrest. You can also put a water bottle inside the cup holder.

When it comes to the massage feature of the recliner, there are eight (8) massage points located at the different parts of the recliner to cover your whole body.

Also, the lift feature is best to lift your body, excellent for the elderly to use it and lift itself without any external force.


MaterialFaux Leather
StylePower Lift Recliner
Item Weight82 Pounds
  • The leather feels soft
  • Proper back support
  • Very attractive
  • Comfortable
  • Move easily from one place to another
  • Does not lay down flat

6. Serta Horizon Comfort Lift Power Recliner


Every heavy person needs to have a heavy-duty power lift recliner, the reason behind their heavyweight.

But do not worry, your wish will be fulfilled here, the Serta Horizon 652 Comfort Lift Power Recliner has 500 lbs weight capacity which can easily lift your weight without any further assistance.

When it comes to the recliner’s material, it has gel-infused, premium quality, known for its quality surface. This quality foam can be converted to any body shape and release pressure from each point of the body.

Also, this recliner has top-class heavy-duty fabric, which provides long-term comfortability.

There is a remote control which is included with the recliner package; you can keep the remote in the side pocket of the recliner to make it safe.

Through the remote control, you can recline the chair into multiple positions, or if you want to get out from the recliner, you can go through the remote as well.


BrandSerta Horizon
ColorJava Fabric
Item Weight160 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH37 x 46 x 44 inches
  • Awesome desing
  • Heavy duty material
  • Excellent back support
  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Not for short person

7. Mega Motion Superior Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair


Another heavy-duty recliner from the Mega Motion with three-layer back support. The recliner has wide armrests, which can quickly release pressure from your shoulders. The seating area of the recliner is wide enough and can cover a big frame.

It has a counterbalanced mechanism that can be operated easily, also a very smooth and quiet recline process.

When it comes to the size and weight of the recliner, it has 43.5 inches assembled height, 39.5 inches width, and 36 inches length, not a small nor large, medium in size.

BrandMega Motion Superior
MaterialWood, Plywood, Steel
ColorWalnut Brown
Item Weight143 Pounds
Back StyleSplit Back
  • Well made design
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Movable from one place to another
  • The headrest is fix, not adjustable


It was all about the best heavy-duty power lift recliners, which we cover all valuable features, complete descriptions, pros, and cons.

All the listed recliners are well rated and have high demand in the market. All of them are large and have heavy-duty material.

Keep one thing in your mind, size is not essential, but heavy-duty material. Large-size recliners will cover your body, but the recliner with heavy-duty material can hold your weight and work for a long time.

In the end, if you are still confused while choosing a perfect choice for yourself, we recommend you choose the Ashley Ernestine Upholstered Power Lift Oversized Recliner. This recliner has both large size and heavy duty quality material that will make your life comfortable.

Now I hope your search will end here, again; if you still have a query in your mind, feel free to ask a question in the comment section. We will reply to you in a few minutes to resolve your query.

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