Are Reclining Sofas Tacky? Get All The Points In A Quick Guide

While looking to buy recliners, buyers ask many questions related to recliners to find the best deal. The most common question they have is, “are reclining sofas tacky?“.

Well, the answer is yes, applied to the conditions. Recliners often become tacky if placed in a more casual setup, such as a living room.

On the other hand, If the recliner is placed in a less formal space such as a game room, the chances are that the recliner would not become tacky.

Recliners are well known as large-sized comfortable chairs, which you can lay down in after a hectic day and quickly fall asleep. But, they get dirty and worn off due to excessive use.

There are a couple of other reasons for the recliners to get tacky. They can get tacky if their size is too big, highly mechanical, and capture a large part of the room. 

Having some negative remarks about the recliners, it has excellent feedback from the users as well. Recliners provide several health benefits, such as recovering from back pain, providing better sleep while using a recliner, correcting body posture, and much more.

Are Reclining Sofas Tacky

Are Reclining Sofas Tacky? Let’s Get Inside:

There are many factors that contribute to the tackiness of the recliner. If you avoid the misuse of the recliner, you can prevent the recliner from getting tacky. Following are the factors that contribute to the tackiness of the recliner. 


Recliners are the most comfortable piece of furniture. People are easily inclined to jump into a recliner to rest their bodies in a more relaxed posture. 

This leads to eating and drinking while sitting in the recliner and reclining beyond its potential. Due to this misuse, the recliners become tacky earlier. 


If the recliner is placed in a formal room, such as a living room, etc., it gets used more compared to the recliner set in a less formal room—for example, a game room, etc. 

Recliners are mainly bought for the comfort it provides, and that’s why people would prefer sitting on a recliner rather than a regular chair. This is the reason reclining sofas become tacky. 

You can visit the proper about recliner placement in a room.


Large-sized recliners provide the facility to sleep for long hours. Laying in the recliner for long hours in a routine causes the recliners to become tacky, and the aesthetics are badly affected. The size of the recliner contributes to the longevity of the recliner. 

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Should You Sleep on a Reclining Sofa?

Doctors generally approve that sleeping in a recliner is not harmful. Recliners provide a comfortable sleep to people having back pain, apnea, and other posture-related problems.

It can improve body posture by naturally positioning the spine. However, excess sleep could cause fatigue and slow down blood circulation.      

How Frequently Should You Change the Reclining Sofa?

Before the seats get saggy and become unsupportive, the fabric of the recliner becomes worn off and stained, and the stand is broken down and makes noises when used.

These are the common symptoms of when you should change or repair your recliner. The average lasting years for a recliner to stay fit is between 8 to 15 years.

If you are willing to change some parts of the recliner and restore its functionalities, it is possible at a very reasonable price.

Which Material is Long-Lasting as a Cover for a Recliner?    

Usually, it is preferred to choose a leather material if you can afford the price. On the other hand, cloth seats can be a good choice, but it requires conditioning of the upholstery on a regular basis.

The leather seats need to be used very carefully for their sensitivity towards certain materials. 

Is it OK to Sleep in a Recliner Every Night?    

Sleeping in a recliner averts the problem of fast breathing in a flat posture of sleeping. The breathing tissues press the airways down, which leads to very comfortable sleep in a recliner.

The sleep recliner lets you sleep in a straight and upright position, which is why the throat tissue will never let press the airways. 

What is the best Reclining Sofa to buy?    

Several companies offer very quality products. Due to the high competition and to make you pick easily, I have chosen only five. These are: 

● Hogan Recliners was developed by Ashley Furniture( Famous for comfort).

● Seatcraft Omega Multimedia Sofa.

● Signature sofa by Asley(famous for aesthetics).

● Divano Reclining sofa(budget edition).

● Homelegance reclining sofa.

What do I need to know before Buying a Recliner?    

Take the measurements of the space you are allocating for the recliner. It includes three dimensions: width, height, and depth.

The space left empty behind the recliner should be 3 feet to recline all the way back. Measure your weight and check the weight limit of the purchased product. Also, make sure that the color of the recliner matches the furniture. 

How Long Does a Leather Sofa Last?    

A random sofa will last about 5 to 7 years with careful use, and a top-quality leather sofa has the capacity to last for at least 25 years if taken good care of.

Comparing a random reclining sofa with a high-quality leather sofa would take you to replace the random recliners five times more than a leather sofa. 

Therefore it can be concluded that leather sofas have the highest ranking when it comes to longevity. 


Recliners are the most comfortable piece of furniture that exists. You can easily fall asleep in a recliner after a long, hectic day.

It helps distress the body, get rid of the back pain, and increase blood circulation. It can improve the quality of your sleep.

But from a design perspective, recliners are often perceived as tacky. Buyers have the choice of either picking aesthetics or functionality. Most people buy recliners for their functionality and not their looks.

In order to avoid the recliner getting tacky, place the recliner at an uncasual place such as a game room. This will eliminate the excessive use of the recliner and protect it from getting tacky. 

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