Are Recliners Bad for Your Posture?

Most recliner users are curious about the usage of recliners and want to know are recliners bad for your posture? If you are one of them, stay with us to find out whether your recliner is terrible or not for your posture.

About half of the recliner users are older and reach an age in which back pain is normal, and they have bad posture, and then they blame the recliner for their bad posture. There is also some user who is lazy and unwisely uses recliner.

It would help if you didn’t blame the recliner for your lousy posture, but it’s your fault and your bad habits that lead to bad posture.

You should improve your posture while sitting in the proper position and use extra cushions that can give you recommended feeling of comfort.

Some factors affect your posture in both good and bad ways, which are discussed below, but before that, you need to know what good posture is and what bad posture is. So without wasting any time, let’s get to it.

Are Recliners Bad for Your Posture

Are Recliners Bad for Your Posture? Let’s Div Inside:

What is a Good Posture?

Good posture is related or connected to your spine, and you must keep your spine straight. Usually, a spine has three sections: the first is in your neck, the second is in the mid back, and the third is in the lower back.

A good posture will be to maintain the spine up straight. It would be best if you kept your head straight above the shoulder, which should be above the hips.

Most people say that you can’t keep your posture while in the recliner; you can keep the posture in most situations.

What is a Bad Posture?

Poor posture or postural dysfunction is sitting in an unnatural position while your spine gets all the load. This type of sitting lets joints in the spine and related muscles get the stress that it doesn’t need it.

The wrong posture is not a result of sitting in a recliner, sofas, or chair but is purely the result of sitting in the wrong position.

The Factors that are related to Bad Posture.

There are some factors involved in bad posture; it also doesn’t need to be a sitting problem, but other problems increase lousy posture in the long run.

Avoiding mobility thought your daily routine. This will increase the chance of bad posture, not at that time but slowly and gradually.

Age is also one of the major factors in the increase of poor posture. This is one you can’t control, and it will happen to everyone, sooner or later.

Carry heavy-loaded bags in daily routine. The loads will cause you back problems sooner than you expected, and then that leads to poor posture.

Depression and stress cause tension, which is a primary reason for back problems and bad posture.

Things that improve your Posture in a Recliner:

As you know from the above discussion, the recliner is not bad for your posture, but it’s your fault. A recliner will help you to improve your posture and let you sit in it while having proper posture.

There are things you can do to get a proper sitting position while sitting in the recliner, so let’s get to that.

Avoid Setting in Slouching Position:

You may think that what is slouching, well, slouching is a sitting and standing position. A person sits or stands in a situation where his pelvis is rotated, and his head moves forward while the rest of his body shifts backwards.

This setting position is one of the major reasons for poor posture, no matter your age. It would help if you avoided it by sitting in a position where your back touches the backrest of the recliner, and your neck has to touch the headrest without any gaps.

Avoid Hunching:

Hunching is the same as slouching, but it is a little bit different than that. In hunching, the person has only one shoulder raised while another one is lower than the usual height. This will put a lot of force and load on the back.

This also puts pressure on the abdominal muscles and the back, which becomes strained. Then it comes in the shape of slow blood supply, weakness in the lower back, and truck.

That’s why it is essential to sit in a recliner in the proper position and posture, and you can do that by ensuring that your back and neck touch the backrest and headrest of the recliner. This will keep the pressure off your spine in every part.

Lumbar Support:

Typically a recliner and sofas seem similar, but it has a lot of difference, and one of them is lumber support.

Lumbar support is one of the best things to improve good posture. Besides giving you good posture, it has many other advantages, like proper comfort and relaxation.

If you have a recliner that doesn’t have proper lumbar support, I recommend you get some extra cushion or lumbar pillow.


Most people think that are recliner bad for your posture. Well, it depends not only on the recliner but also on the user of the recliner.

A person’s bad or poor posture is total because of his lousy sitting habits, which could also be why he misuses chairs or recliners.

You should not worry about bad posture; if you use the recliner properly and sit in it the way it is, you will be fine.

If you have any questions on this topic, then ask me in the comment, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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