Are Recliners Bad For Your Neck? Use Your Recliner In Proper Way.

Many articles on this website talk about the various body parts of which people wonder if a recliner is bad for them. People always say that a recliner is bad for their body, and also ask the question “are recliners bad for your neck?” but they are not bad for the human body if you use them correctly.

The primary and first job of a recliner for hip pain or neck pain is to relieve the stress and provide comfort to the user. But we can’t displace the concerns of those who think a recliner can cause pain in your neck.

However, we look in this article at some of the possibilities that a recliner could hurt the user’s neck. You also find the reasons why and ways to prevent oneself from happening.

Are Recliners Bad For Your Neck

Are Recliners Bad for your Neck? Let’s Deep Inside:

Recliner and Neck Pain:

According to gwosteopathy, an average human head weighs about 11lbs, but if we lean forward even slightly about the angle of 45 degrees, the weight of the human head increases to 50lbs. 

This weight is a lot for ahead and for a neck to support and inevitably leads to neck pain.

This pain is primarily the issue of workers or the people who use chairs or recliners for a very long time and sit with their heads at 90-degree angles for a very long time.

They usually sit for that long for work or sit in front of the computer to play games, watch movies, etc.

This is a very long time of 8 hours of supporting the head and sitting for an entire day. Just looking for 8 hours on a computer is a whole process and this is a lot of support in one day, which seriously leads you to some serious trouble.

Low Neck Support

If you use a recliner chair and you still experience pain in the neck, then the most accurate answer is that the recliner is not the main reason for your neck pain. This does not mean that a recliner could not be your reason for neck pain in a particular way.

The only reason that a recliner may be your reason for neck pain is that your recliner may not be appropriately aligned to support your neck.

This could be solved quickly to change the chair adjustment and make your neck align with the recliner.

If it does not ease your pain in the neck, then the recliner is not the main reason for your neck pain. I just want to say that a recliner is not bad for your neck, which is a fact.

There are other reasons that a recliner may cause your neck pain, and that is if the recliner does not provide neck support.

Meaning either they are smaller than your body or more extensive than your body. In both conditions, it may lead you to some big problems.

Furthermore, if you have hip pain and are looking for a recliner that can release pressure from your hip, check out the article’s best recliner for hip pain. Where you will find all the top-rated recliners which will help you with hip pain.

A Recliner is Built for an Average Height

A recliner or a wall hugger loveseat recliner is built for an average height, to fit perfectly. This means that a recliner can adjust 5,5 feet to 6 feet for users, and if you are taller than that or smaller than that, you need to fit a recliner to your body manually.

Many chairs can give you the best support through their ergonomic design and ease neck pain, but a recliner can also give you neck support, but you just need to follow some simple steps.

Ways To Ease Neck Pain:

If you use a power recliner for stretching and relaxing and are in discomfort from neck pain, you need to follow these steps if you want to get rid of neck pain.

Step 1.

You need a recliner that is fit for your body. A recliner would be best for your neck if it fits you perfectly.

Some recliner chairs come with a neck support cushion, which is best for you, but some do not have that feature, you can use some other cushion for your neck to support it and prevent you from neck pain.

Step 2.

Use a pillow or a neck roll for your neck. A neck roll is the best option in situations like these, and it will give extra support to your neck.

It gives maximum comfort, and it can fit perfectly under your neck. If you do not have a neck roll, you can make a neck roll at home with a towel and a rubber band. Just roll the towel around and tie it with a rubber band.

Step 3.

Ice packs are always very helpful in any situation. You can also use an Ice pack on your neck to ease the pain and give you some relief. It is the best option in case other things fail.

Step 4.

Exercise: exercise is essential to your body and even to your neck. It would be best if you did the daily exercise to get rid of neck pain.

Get a routine of neck exercises to ease the pain in your neck, and it will feel good. Neck exercises give you quick relief if you feel pain.

An average man needs to do 1 to 3 times neck exercises a day and make it a daily routine, giving him a healthy neck.


It was all the trendy query, are recliners bad for your neck? Recliners are excellent pieces of furniture, and you can use them to ease pain from the neck, lower back, hips, region, etc. They are best in terms of offering comfort and convenience.

The only problem with a recliner and the reason you may get neck pain is that it does not fit your body. It would be best if you found a recliner that fits your body.

You can also make them more comfortable by adding extra cushions and don’t forget to get a cushion for your neck because that is an essential part of the pain. 

It would help if you had an extra cushion for your neck to ease the pain in your neck. So best of luck, keep your country clean, and keep the Planet EARTH clean.

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