Are Recliners Bad for Your Knees? Tips to Follow in 2022

Working all day and after that coming home to your comfortable recliner to relax is an indescribable feeling. For that calm and relaxed feeling, you spend the rest of the day in that recliner, but most of the people who have knee pain are usually asking are recliners bad for your knees?

Well, the recliner is one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture out there in the market and saying that it is why your knees do not sound right.

Basically, a recliner can promote your health by the blood circulation to your knees and your legs which I have already explained in my previous article “are recliners bad for leg circulation“.

The pain can also depend on many factors, including activity level, severity, age, and knee pain.

As said, knee pains come from many reasons, but first, we define and explain knee pain, which is usually caused by many things and habits.

are recliners bad for your knees

What is Knee Pain?

Knee pain is usually known as a musculoskeletal complaint that definitely brings people to the doctor. Knee problems are often the case of elders who avoid mobility due to a lack of interest.

The knee pain has some significant reasons, including overuse injury, sudden injury, and an underlying condition that can also cause arthritis. You can also visit one of my articles based on recliners for arthritis suffers.

Who is at Risk?

Pain or disease can put a lot of people at risk. Some people are at huge risks, such as that knee pain, and those people are overweight or obese. Those are a really significant risk of knee problems.

According to a medical study that says that if you gain one pound extra weight, your knee has to absorb the pressure of four pounds of weight.

This means that if you are climbing or running, your knee must face the pressure of 4 % extra of your total weight. But if you lose one pound, then your knee reduces the pressure by 4 pounds.

Other things that can increase the risk of knee pain include body weight, some previous injury, age, and physical activity with inferior form. Physical activity is the option for those facing knee problems, but the knee finds the perfect way to balance both the activity and the rest of the way.

Is The Recliner Causing Knee Pain?

A recliner does not usually cause pain in your knee. As it misuses above, most knee problems can be caused by overuse, underlying condition, and injuries.

Being overweight is also the reason for knee pain. If you are using your recliner chair properly, you don’t need to worry about knee pain unless you have the above condition or risks.

Besides that, the recliner does not cause pain in your knees.

Are Recliners Bad for Your Knees? Let’s Div Inside:

Most people think that a recliner is bad for your knees, but in fact, recliners are not bad for your knees and may help you out from the pain of the knee.

A recliner is maybe the ticket to get you out of the knee pain if you use it properly. However, if you do not use it, then I may say it can be dangerous to your health.

According to the doctor’s recliners are a mixed bag. There are some things for which recliners are good but some of the other items in which you should use your judgments.

For example, when someone of you spends most of your day on foot and then resting in the recliner, maybe help him to relieve the stress from your body, mostly from knees and lower body.

While if someone spends most of the day sitting and sleeping, then using a recliner will not be ideal for him.

One of the primary and important flaws of the recliner is it encourages you to sit. Well, some people don’t need that encouragement due to the lack of activity which may be a source of knee problems in the first place.

Can You Sit In A Recliner After Knee Replacement?

Most of the users have a question in their mind that they can use a recliner after surgery of the knee. Well yes, you can use it, you can sit in a recliner after knee surgery. Well, most people maybe don’t know that but a recliner can help you recover from surgery.

There is a famous abbreviation of RICE which means REST, ICE, COMPRESSION and ELEVATION works in the recovery and treatment of your knee pain. In order to reduce swelling of your knee then you should elevate your leg from about your heart level then it well calms you.

Furthermore, if you are facing hip pain issue while sitting in your recliner, then check out a complete guide based on “Are recliners bad for your Hips?”.


The question which has been in your mind for a long time, which is “are recliners bad for your knees” should hopefully be answered. Know you just need to kick back and relax into your comfortable recliner.

As Bryan Kamps says very well that “A recliner which is a place in front of a television with a remote, in which you spend hours of your day, we’ll not be good for your health. But that is not the problem recliner but of the problem of your sedentary lifestyle.”

Your comfortable recliner is not the reason for knee pain so you should use it properly and if you have anything in your mind ask me in the comment section below. In the end, I just want to say that please take care of planet earth because it is dying. Protect it.

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