Are Recliners Bad for Leg Circulation? | Latest Guide (2022)

A new trending query is arising in every person’s mind “are recliners bad for leg circulation?” which I have answered with a detailed guide.

The blood circulation problem is common these days, it may be the reason for a recliner that you have, but the leading cause behind the scene is that you are misusing your recliner.

Keep one thing in your mind; a recliner chair is perfect for taking a rest once in a while. Extreme usage or taking too much rest in a recliner can cause a leg circulation problem.

Sitting for a long time without any movable activity can decrease metabolism and cause several health issues.

are recliners bad for leg circulation

Are Recliners Bad for Leg Circulation? Lets Dig Inside:

A reclining chair is also known as a relaxing chair, but when positioned correctly. Sitting or lying well on a recliner can improve blood circulation; simply lying on your back with both legs raised slightly above heart level.

This posture removes the pressure from the veins while enhancing blood flow through the body.

Given that the total leg weight is approximately 18% of the human body, a reclining chair can help support the legs.

As the lower body’s pressure decreases, the blood circulation in the legs improves, which helps prevent varicose veins and other circulatory diseases.

There are many benefits to properly elevating your legs using a recliner chair while watching movies or just for taking a rest.

According to Satish Fayogela of the American Phlebology Clinics, elevating your legs while resting on a recliner not only provides pressure relief or is good for leg circulation but can also help reduce inflammation as well.

Benefits of Elevating Legs on a Recliner

Following are the benefits of elevating legs on a recliner:

  1. Decrease the symptoms of itching and weak leg muscles
  2. Reduce the swelling of the legs (which is a common problem for everyone) by increasing the circulation of fluids in your legs.
  3. It calms the nervous system when combined with regular breathing.
  4. Provides maximum relaxation by reducing the stress

However, the sign is not to sit for long periods. A recliner can cause bad leg circulation problems when misused and used all the time.

Imagine if you rested for 8 hours straight without any movement. Your muscles will feel weak and stiff from the inactivity.

So be patient with yourself, and take a short walk after some time to keep your body circulation normal. Do some exercise to prevent your leg swelling.

Some Essential Tips to Prevent Leg Circulation

Here I would explain some tips that would help you prevent your leg circulation, so follow all these tips and enjoy your life with some comfort.

Do Daily Exercise

Several exercises can help you to make your blood pumping great; it may be leg extensions, Yoga Lunge, Downward Dod, or even simple walking is known as the best leg circulation exercise.

Walk 15 to 30 minutes daily, which would decrease your extra body fats and prevent your leg circulation.

Furthermore, walking can provide many benefits for complex blood flow to the legs. Walking is beneficial because it promotes new blood vessels in the legs, which increases blood flow.

It is also a good exercise for overall cardiovascular health, as it increases the heart rate without posing too much risk or requiring strenuous effort.

Evaluate your Legs if you feel Bad Leg Circulation

As I mention in the first intro of the article, “are recliners bad for leg circulation” elevating legs is better to prevent bad circulation in the legs.

Elevating your legs for at least 20 minutes is a great way to improve blood circulation.

With the touch of a button, a recliner can lift your legs into a comfortable position, which relieves pressure on your joints and improves blood pressure, and is an excellent source of comfort.

If you find that you wake up often in the morning with swollen feet or ankles, keeping your feet elevated overnight in an adjustable bed can also be helpful.

Getting up and Sitting Slowly on the Recliner Can Prevent a Bad Circulation in Legs

We all set up an Alarm when going to sleep, but when the alarm starts, we make a common mistake by waking up quickly to prepare ourselves for the office. This is Wrong…!

Sitting or standing up too fast can cause you to feel shaky and lightheaded if you have a blood circulation problem.

So for sitting slowly and standing safely, it would be necessary to use a power recliner; it would prevent you from sitting and standing quickly. Make your life comfortable, not harsh.

Improve your Diet By Taking Some Essential Foods

A proper diet plays a vital role in our life; a better diet can dramatically improve low blood pressure problems. Try to eat some fresh fruits that are Pomegranate, and Blackberry which are rich in essential vitamins.

Take some nuts, Oily fish, Garlic, Ginger, and Spinach. These foods are rich in vitamins and can prevent bad leg circulation problems.

Proper Massage

To provide proper massage and relaxation to your body, I would add a point to your mind that there are several useful built-in massage recliners available on the market.

Here I mention massage recliners not only for body relaxation but it would also make your blood circulation too.


Now it was all about the query are recliners bad for leg circulation. Here I explain all the points about the leg circulation caused by the recliner.

I hope your search would end here. Avoid a long time sitting on a recliner; this can damage your leg muscles and veins.

Take essential food rich in vitamins, do daily exercise, and go for a short walk minimum of 15 minutes is enough to make your body strong and provide strength to your leg muscles.

Now, if you have an extra query in your mind related to the topic, feel free and ask me in the comment section. I would do my best to provide a piece of proper information in a short time.

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