Are Electric Recliners Reliable?

Are you willing to buy an electric recliner but hesitant because of one question, “Are electric recliners reliable?”

Well, We are here to guide you toward the best purchase. Most people prefer the power recliner over the manual recliner due to its modern features.

But, power recliners also have some drawbacks because of their complicated structure and, therefore, more expensive maintenance. 

On the other hand, manual recliners have less expensive maintenance due to their simple structure, and all of their parts remain in good condition for a long time.

Keep on reading more details about an electric recliner’s pros and cons. You can have so much ease of use using an electric recliner, and move it in any direction you want, increase or decrease the temperature, apply different kinds of massages and much more. 

This guide will let you know every minute detail about whether you should buy an electric recliner or a manual one.

We will discuss in detail whether an electric recliner is the best for your requirements or not. Let’s look at the details down below. 

Are Electric Recliners Reliable

Are Electric Recliners Reliable?

Factors to take Care of while Buying a Power Recliner:

Give importance to the upholstery of the recliner, which means buying a recliner with quality material to maintain easily.

You can wash leather material fairly quickly, the stains get off with just a rub, and the material remains for a long time because of its thickness.

You can clean the cover in just a moment, remove it, clean it in five to ten minutes and put it back on. You can confirm the cushion density rating from the manual and make sure it is about 1.8 and can handle more than ten thousand washes. 

Speed of Recliner’s Movement: 

The speed of the recliner’s movement varies in different brands. The speed at which recliners recline back ranges from too slow to faster.

The slow movement will annoy you because you can’t wait 5 seconds every time you want to change your posture.

On the other hand, too quick movement of the recliners can also be stressful and cause damage to your body. Therefore, test it well before you bring the recliner home.  

Latest Remote Control: 

Every electric recliner must have a remote controller to adjust it according to your needs. The simple design of the remote will help you learn how to use it pretty easily and quickly. Ensure the remote is lightweight and you have no difficulty pressing its buttons. 

Must have Backup Batteries:

It would be rare to face power outage, but most electric recliners provide backup batteries so that you can move your recliner into a safe position.

There are different models of recliners like “Topform Ashley ”, which uses two times 9v battery, which gives you one to two emergency uses. Replace batteries every year to keep the recliner in good condition.  

Look for the Best materials: 

You will find leather, synthetic fibers, and top-tier quality fabrics. You will give it the highest ratings if you judge them based on their durability.

Leather is the most studied of all. Avoid buying a vinyl recliner if you are looking for a durable recliner. Vinyl recliners are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Still, they are made from materials that get teared up pretty quickly, and you will need to buy another or replace the covering. 

Make sure that it Fits in your Home:

● Ensure that you have enough area allocated for the recliner

● Have enough budget for buying the recliner 

● Have enough budget for the maintenance and repair 

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Are Electric Recliners Repairable?  

The answer is yes. Take your recliner to the expert repairing services and expect the repair cost to be between 150 and 500 dollars.

The cost of repairing depends on the type of parts you want to repair and the duration it will take to fix the recliner. Fixing upholstery in an electric recliner will cost you between 150 and 300 dollars.

Manual recliners have cheap maintenance. You can watch a tutorial on YouTube and learn how to fix the broken part of your manual recliner.

How long do electric recliners last? 

It depends on the time spent on the recliners and their weight. If you have to place your recliner somewhere casual, chances are that the lifespan of your recliner will reduce.

People will use it more than they should. Placing it somewhere not mostly visited will keep it in a tip-top shape.

It will get less dirty; the springs remain intact, and the upholstery remains sturdy. Also, do not exceed the weight limit mentioned in the recliner’s manual.

Putting extra weight on your recliner will increase the chances of it wearing out pretty soon.   

What are the good brands of electric recliners?

There are quite famous brands of recliners, but you have to buy them according to your requirements.

Caesar Electric Auto Recliner is the most common. It has top-quality leather upholstery, a sturdy chair, heating seats feature, and different types of massages are among its preferred features.

Chester Heated Massage Recliner is a great option to consider as well. La Z Boy is famous for its highly durable products, coming with pleasing aesthetics and modern features from heated seats to various massages.

Last but not least, we have the Pinnacle Platinum Power Lift Chair. It is expensive but still in demand because of what it provides.  


I hope that our efforts to guide you in buying the best deals were fruitful and you found the answer to your question, “Are electric recliners reliable?” Visit our website if you need any information about recliners or want to buy the best ones on the market. 

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