The 5 Best Apartment Size Wall Hugger Recliners | Recliners That Well Suits Your Appartment

There is no such feeling as plopping into your cosy and comfy recliner at the end day after a hard day of work. As you know, a recliner is the second name of comfort, and if you did not get comfort into your recliner, then it’s not a recliner after all.

The main problem with a recliner is your apartment size because when a recliner opens, you need to kick back and hit the wall with a wall hugger and take a lot of space, and when that happens, you don’t have enough space in your room. Then you need to make space in your room.

In situations like this, you need the best apartment size wall hugger recliners. If you don’t have a recliner according to your apartment size, you clear the space for the recliner by pushing your other furniture and reassembling it again after getting up from the recliner. And you will do this all day whenever you use a recliner.

There is only one way to stop this nonsense: get an apartment-size wall hugger recliner. A suitable recliner for your apartment could solve your rearranging problems, and you don’t have to worry about all of that stuff anymore.

Apartment Size Wall Hugger Recliners

List of 10 Best Apartment Size Wall Hugger Recliners:

Image Product Details   Price
HANDY LIVING ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Material:  stain resistant 100% polyester

‎66.1 pounds

37.75 x 34.75 x 39.5 inches

Handy Living
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RecPro Charles Collection | 30″ Zero Wall Recliner Material: Polyurethane

‎170 pounds

37.5 x 30 x 39 inches

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Great Deal Furniture Teyana White Leather Recliner Material: PU leather with wood frame

 ‎‎64 pounds

26.25 x 37.25 x 40 inches

Great Deal Furniture
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RecPro Charles Collection | 30″ Swivel Glider Recliner Material: Wood, Alloy Steel

 ‎‎70 pounds

37 x 30 x 39 inches

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Recliner Power Lift Chair Wall Hugger Material: faux leather

Weight Capacity:
 300 lbs

30.31 x 30.31 x 25.59 inches

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1. HANDY LIVING ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner

The ProLounger divider hugger chair is canvassed in a tough, stain-safe 100% polyester dark microfiber and will give genuine solace while staring at the television, perusing, or leaning back.

The space-saving divider hugger configuration just requires 4-crawls of freedom from the divider to lean back or lift and uses less floor space when leaning back.

This recliner will perform the best role as an apartment size wall hugger recliner. This chair will be a welcoming expansion to a living room, bedroom, office, or tv lounge.

The chair highlights ultra-cushioned armrests and a cushion between the seat and the leg to help the legs to rest.

 Simple to open and easy assembly. Pads are loaded with thick foam, polyester fibre, and a freely wrapped pocket loop spring framework for solace and developed with an overlaid hardwood outline, firm spring seating, steel leaning back system, and protected spring cuts.

Having an available product with no tension of extra space, weight, price, appearance, and size will be the best choice for a person who is willing to buy a new recliner.

Have a look at the great features of this good product.

Key Features

  • This fantastic recliner is designed in a productive space manner. It needs only a few inches of clearance to recline. In this way, it will cover less space.
  • It is covered by a very durable, stain-resistant, and high-quality fibre. That’s why it is convenient to clean and use.
  • Cushions are available with the filling of high-quality and high-density foam that makes them cosy and comfortable.
  • Durable upholstery
  • Highly comfortable
  • Convenient assembly
  • New style
  • Stain-resistant
  • Enchanting colour scheme
  • A bit high weighed
  • Slightly expensive

2. RecPro Charles Collection | 30″ Zero Wall Recliner

This chair is an incredibly different option for people who want to feature seating but don’t want a sofa or loveseat. With these apartment size wall hugger recliners, you’ll get the maximum benefits of a high-quality product at a very modest price.

This chair is so effective that it saves the area with a divider embracing plan. This is incredibly sizable in a seat that can absolutely amplify so that you would possibly put it to use as another way to rest.

After a hard day at work, there’s nothing like lounging around in a comfy chair. As you know, a recliner is the second name for comfort, and if you don’t feel comfortable in your recliner, it’s not a recliner after all.

The biggest problem with the lounge chair is the size of the apartment. This is because when the chair opens, it takes up a lot of space by leaning on your back and hitting the wall with a wall mount.

If there is not enough space in the room, you need to free up space or buy a new one of small size.

In this situation, you need a folding chair the size of a wall-mounted apartment. If you don’t have a chair that fits in your apartment, you must try this latest version of our best recliner.

Key Features

  • It has very soft and durable leather that is easy to clean and highly comfortable. That’s why it is very convenient for long-term use.
  • It is a recliner with no swivel but has extra padded cushions, seating, headrest, and armrests. In this way, it will offer more comfort than a Swivel.
  • It is super comfortable and can be used in the living room or RV. It poses a very gentle colour scheme so you can enjoy the colour of your choice.
  • Adjustable
  • Ideal size
  • Affordable
  • Stress and stain resistant
  • Durable leather
  • Beautiful loo
  • No swivel
  • High weighed

3. Great Deal Furniture Teyana White Leather Recliner

There is no feeling like comforting on a chair before the television in the solace of your family room toward the finish of a drawn-out day.

Nonetheless, you will be satisfied to realize that there are a lot of intelligent little divider hugger chairs accessible that will fit flawlessly into more modest spaces.

Divider hugger chairs can be set near the divider, and as opposed to leaning back sponsorship, the seat really pushes ahead on tracks.

A divider hugger chair provides you with every one of the advantages of a standard chair without thinking twice about space!

The Teyana PU Recliner is an excellent expansion to any lounge, living room, or office. Accessible in various colour schemes.

This chair poses a good look, with Versatility in its style. The Teyana PU Recliner is a shocking decision if you are searching for Apartment-sized wall hugger recliners, giving a new, clean look to any decor.

It has very standard dimensions so that it can be an extraordinary wellspring of bliss to adjust it anywhere.

Made up of high-quality material and highly recommended features, this will be an efficient way to fulfil your comfort needs.

With a stylistic preview, this recliner Seat will surely help you to relax in, and it will add to the luxurious look of your home.

Key Features

  • It possesses a very smooth and high-quality PU leather that enhances its beauty as well as its comfort.
  • It is available with a lovely colour combination that can easily resemble the colour of your apartment or RV.
  • It has a very durable upholstery with a solid holding frame. It has Versatility in its style and structure.
  • perfect for small spaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fully comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Cross-functional
  • Standard dimensions
  • It may be expensive for you.

4. RecPro Charles Collection | 30″ Swivel Glider Recliner

While consolation or solace is one of the maximum and essential needs after the experience of a long hectic day or after a tiring workout, a comfortable attraction may even place your thoughts at ease.

The proper furnishings can do wonders for boosting your space, notwithstanding its smaller size. This is an even more incredible blessing if you reside in your RV or office for a prolonged period.

Furniture has a mixture in together with your comfort and style.

This Apartment-sized wall hugger recliner could make a fantastic addition to your residing space, providing the most consolation on your lower back and legs with superior materials.

The feature of extra padded seating and cushions will genuinely assist you with unwinding more advantageously.

If you find all the essential elements of your choice and your need in a single product, it will definitely be an efficient recliner for you.

You can check out the following features of this wall hugger recliner. It will help you to choose the best recliner of your taste.

Key Features 

  • This fantastic recliner has extra padded cushions for the purpose of more comfort and relaxation through its multiple reclining positions and a full swivel of 360 degrees.
  • It has a very contemporary look and a very consistent style. It will indeed be a luxurious addition to your living room or office.
  • It is designed as an available product with more security through the solid and sturdy holding frame of hardwood or metal.
  • Modern design
  • Stylish layout
  • Nice appearance
  • Cosy and comfortable
  • Convenient assembly
  • Smooth reclining positions
  • It may cover more space in your office or RV
  • Big size

5. Recliner Power Lift Chair Wall Hugger

The power lift Chair is covered with durable and soft leather resistant to dark stains and will provide absolute comfort while watching TV, reading, or relaxing. It takes less floor space when leaning back because of its productive space manner.

This chair will be the best extension as an Apartment size wall hugger recliner. This chair recliner has super-padded armrests and a full leg rest pad to help the legs.

Easy to open. The places are loaded with thick foam, polyester fibres, and loosely wound pocket ring springs for added comfort.

It is developed with an overlapping hardwood profile, firmly twisted spring seat, steel backrest tilt system, and protected spring cups.

It has ideal size and standard dimensions; that’s why it can be easily adjustable anywhere and move quickly. You will get a very convenient assembly through this good product.

Please have a look at the hidden features; it will surely help you choose the one you want.

Key Features 

  • It has a fantastic feature of side pockets for your convenience in placing things of your need nearby. You can put magazines or remotes in these hand-distanced pockets.
  • It poses high-quality Faux Leather that will surely help you to relax in a super comfortable manner. Besides, it is stain-resistant; thus, you can enjoy a convenient cleaning.
  • It poses a stable structure with a cosy look. You can easily relax in its wide seat and ideal dimensions.
  • Friendly and soft skin
  • Durable leather
  • Aesthetic look
  • Versatility in its style
  • High-quality manufacturing material
  • Attractive colour scheme
  • It may be expensive
  • May cover more space.

Best Apartment Size Wall Hugger Recliners, Considerstions

Some factors are very important if you want an apartment size wall hugger recliner. As we mentioned, the problem in the above article would only be solved if you keep an eye on this factor, which is not here only to get you a suitable recliner but also to get you a comfortable and robust recliner that was well lost for years. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into it.


Size is like one of the main factors of recliners when we talk about apartment size recliners and when we talk about recliners in general.

Size has some aspects in a recliner, and you need to know all of them if you want a relaxing, comfortable and suitable recliner.

First, you need an apartment big enough to place a recliner with other furniture, and you don’t have to move the furniture to recline it.

Actually, a wall hugger recliner doesn’t have a lot of space from its backrest, but its feet can take space.

The second factor is the recliner space. If you have a small apartment, you need to have a recliner according to your available area.

It would be best to focus on buying a wall hugger recliner because it doesn’t take that much space when reclining it.

It would be best if you had a recliner that could open and close without hitting other objects in your living room. This can be solved by a wall hugger whose dimensions match the dimensions of the available space.

Required Weight and Weight Capacity:

The weight of the Recliner needs to be heavy enough that you can move with yourself or at least with two persons.

This is an essential factor because most of the time, you don’t have anyone to help you move your wall hugger recliner so you can do it yourself.

Every recliner has its weight capacity, and you want to purchase only one that has your weight limit and can bear your weight quickly.

Some people are a little bit heavy, and they really need to check the specification of the recliner before they make a purchase or order it.

The Requirements of Wall Depth:

Most of the wall huggers don’t have any set of inches to wall clearance. You need to clear some space between the wall hugger recliner and wall to make sure the recliner works just fine.

There are different models in the wall hugger recliners, and each of them has other functions. Some need less space, and some of them require a large room to open without impediment.

If you want your wall hugger to perform nicely, you need to clear the space behind the wall at least 4 inches, which will help you recline quickly and clearly.

Reclining Position Mechanism:

Many wall hugger recliners in the market can provide recline function so open that you can lay almost entirely flat, and another recliner can only open for partway.

You can also buy a recliner according to its reclining mechanism. Most of us only want a recliner to watch tv and read books and newspapers, but some of us also want to sleep in a recliner.

So, there are different types of recliners for both of these people, and they should need to check the reclining mechanism before ordering it.

Materials Which You Need:

A recliner is really needed to have a fabric of your choice in your upholstery. The upholstery is essential for a recliner. Some of the upholstery has Microfibers which are really soft and also easy to clean.

If you want a durable recliner, you need to have leather or faux leather upholstery that is comfortable and easy to clean. Leather is also suitable for those who have pets because pets can’t tear it.

There are also Nylon in the upholstery, which is really comfortable. The Nylon is light weighted and also easy to clean.

Final Thoughts:

Apartment size wall hugger recliners can offer and provide you with fantastic experiences for both small and big sizes. A recliner has only one problem: less reclining space, which is being solved by a suitable and compatible size wall hugger recliner.

A wall hugger recliner needs to have some essential factors, which are given in the above article, and you really need to have in your recliner if you want a suitable and durable recliner.

In the end, I just want to say that please clean your country clean and your planet cleaner.

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